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Decided It Was Safe to Try
bk-2C-B & AL-LAD
Citation:   Jack_of_Hearts. "Decided It Was Safe to Try: An Experience with bk-2C-B & AL-LAD (exp104555)". May 5, 2015.

T+ 0:00
300 mg oral bk-2C-B
  T+ 0:00 150 ug oral AL-LAD
  T+ 0:00   oral Caffeine
  T+ 10:00 .5 mg oral Pharms - Alprazolam
I have much experience with psychedelics and taken both of these substances before individually and with other combinations and, seeing that there is no record I can find of this specific combination, I feel compelled to log this.

First of all, this combination is safe. It is useful when taking newer compounds such as AL-LAD and BK-2C-B to compare them with other similar combinations. In this case, AL-LAD is very similar in effects and chemical composition to LSD and BK-2C-B is obviously and analogue of 2C-B . Having researched that these substances have had safe interactions together in other users, I decided it was safe to try. I experienced no negative discomfort bar my usual psychedelic comedown neck-ache. If anyone has a remedy for this, please share it with me.

I took all of the substances at once orally, I mixed it with a caffeinated energy drink by the name of Lipovitan. This was at 05:00 in the morning in northern Thailand. I laid in bed half dozing and experiencing the introductory effects of the chemicals at about 30 minutes in. These feelings were of slight jitters, excitement and the body euphoria that is well known to me from BK-2C-B began to take affect.

As I rose from bed, I felt the blood rush about my body and tingle throughout my limbs. I began my morning yoga stretches as the AL-LAD effects began to take hold. AL-LAD is identical to LSD in my opinion and I personally prefer AL-LAD as it has a shorter duration where as LSD can leave me in a state of limbo where I am not tripping or not sober and generally feeling imbalanced. AL-LAD has this also but it is far shorter, 1 hour tops.

01:30 approximately.
I consumed another energy drink and packed my notebook, tools and soymilk in preparation for a bike ride into the jungle. The sun was beginning to rise and I as I saw the light shining about the cloudy skies of rainy season, I myself felt as if my mind was rising out of myself. This is a pleasant experience that I accredit mostly to the BK-2C-B. BK-2C-B is a substance I am highly functional on. There is very little intoxication percieved by others and felt by myself. I am able to conduct myself as if I were sober, I usually receive comments of being 'on it' or 'cheery' when I am under the sways of such a substance. The mental euphoria is present but not overiding. AL-LAD pronounces a lot of hallucination states within me personal, visual warping, fleeting shadows and closed eye hallucinations take minor effect at this point. I welcome them as it is my mind that has the capacity to create this and I enjoy my familiar shapes and forms of a spiralling manner.

It is now light enough to ride. I mount my bicycle and head forth down the jungle road. I begin to feel disconnected from the humans around me. I feel this very often since taking the path of a psychonaut (one who experiments for sake of learning and self-exploration in ones mind). It is hard to relate to a lot of the trivialities others can hold in their seemingly simple lives when one can comprehend and comb all facets of ther experiences, memory and cognitive ability - this combination has given way to that. The disconnection is bitter sweet, whilst alone I am exceptionally creative, motivated and content but around others I am without connection as I seem only to find the simple in thoughts who would rather converse about how spicy their lunch was or how good the weather is. This leads me to trip alone in the jungle.

I arrive at my jungle clearing, an unused patch of earth where I have constructed a very basic shelter, easel for my canvases and a shrine akin to that of a buddhist shrine seen all over thailand. However my shrine pays no homeage to spirits, buddhas or such. It is simply an artistic outlet I enjoy playing with. I leave my bike hidden under vines and small bushes. and begin work on applying a plastic tarp over my tent frame. I build all these things with things i take from the jungle, rubbish from the side of the road and bamboo I have cut down with my machette - my tools are cheap and basic. But I find this empowering on the narcotic combination. the capacity to create a home, or more accurately a check point, in the jungle that only I know of from string, a 20 baht hammer and some nails is fantastic to me. I notice I am better at problem solving my way around fastening the bamboo and other materials together thanks to the psychedelic perspective.

I lose concentration and find myself too intoxicated to labour at moving on to building a chair for myself so I lay a trashbag on the floor of my new shelter and meditate. I find myself heavily lost in a spiral watching the race of humanity kiss, beat, rape, carress, love and hate through the ages in a never ending tornado of bodies flesh and fluids. It is as disgusting as it is attractive to me. I am not arroused or repulsed but I feel the triviality of thinking myself above any other being on this planet as I have come from the same forms of conenction reproduction and education as those creatures of my species I saw earlier working in the rice fields, my students at school and my friends. The feeling of Oneness takes me before I am able to raise any mental self defence. I am relieved but miss being able to define myself as unique and special in any way.

Quite some time has passed any many of my meditations have been lost to me as is the case when in these hyper-alert states. I was broken from my meditations by the realisation of needing to hydrate and eat. I then percieve the rain battering my new shelter which has only the one leak. I am pleased that I am able to easily remedy is by application of improvised patching with the plastic bag. I head out and enjoy the rain.

I am soaked through and have returned home. I do enjoy the storms though, I enjoy being part of the spectacle and feel as if the rain is washing me away like sand across the sea floor in a strong current. The AL-LAD no longer feels present and my most loathed side affect of psychedelics visits me. Neckache. The BK-2C-B seems ever still present and I take a liberating shower and settle down to write for the evening.

10:00 the BK-2C-B is on its last legs, I decide I am done and take 0.5 mg of Xanax to benzo-out and sleep.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I wish that Lady Fortune favour you in your trips brothers and sisters.

- The Jack of Hearts

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104555
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: May 5, 2015Views: 4,974
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bk-2C-B (618), AL-LAD (603) : Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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