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Has Done a Decent Job of Potentiating
Buprenorphine & Tripelennamine
Citation:   Entheogenerator. "Has Done a Decent Job of Potentiating: An Experience with Buprenorphine & Tripelennamine (exp104587)". Erowid.org. Nov 13, 2019. erowid.org/exp/104587

20 - 75 mg oral Tripelennamine (capsule)
  4 - 12 mg sublingual Pharms - Buprenorphine  
    vaporized Nicotine  
Tripelennamine as a Potentiator

Subject is a young (early 20's) adult male weighing approximately 81kg (~180lb). Subject has extensive experience with many different opiates/opioids as well as a vast array of pharmaceuticals, 'research chemicals', stimulants, dissociatives, and psychedelics. Subject maintains a daily buprenorphine habit, typically 8-16mg per day. Subject is also chemically dependent on nicotine, so nicotine was administered periodically throughout each experiment via 'e-cig' vaporizer.

These experiments were conducted several days after administering a small (~1mg) dose as an allergy/personal sensitivity test. (And yes, I definitely laughed at the irony of performing an allergy test with an antihistamine.) After that small doses were administered, starting with 5mg, gradually titrating the dosage up until I began to get an idea of the dose range for the compound.

Experiment 1
-8mg buprenorphine was administered approximately ten hours prior to this experiment.
-1mg etizolam was administered approx. four hours prior to the experiment. The effects had mostly subsided.

T+0:00 ~20mg tripelennamine HCl was administered orally, in a gelatin capsule, at 9:45 PM. 4mg buprenorphine was administered sublingually at approximately 10:00 PM.

T+1:30 Noticeable but mild sedation, slight mood lift, some analgesia, some degree of the warm sensation that is often associated with full-agonist opiates.

T+2:00 Effects seem to have plateaued. The sensation is relatively mild, but undeniably present. Definitely a pleasant state. I might compare it to 30-40mg oral hydrocodone or oxycodone [NOTE: I have a naturally high tolorance to opiates, to some extent. Even when I was younger and completely opiate-naive, 30+mg hydrocodone was required for me to experience any euphoria at all]. The only drawback thus far would periodic urges to push the dose higher, similar in character to the mild cravings that a sober opiate addict might experience.

T+3:00 Effects seem to be slowly subsiding. Still experiencing a pleasant and calm opiate-like feeling. Mood is very positive and I feel like I am more quick to perform little mundane tasks that I might normally put off for a while, i.e. washing dishes, reorganizing bookshelves, etc.

T+4:00 Effects are definitely fading. All in all this has been my most successful experiment with this combination. A very pleasant state was achieved and maintained for a couple of hours. Higher doses of the tripelennamine HCl will be explored.

Experiment 2
-Experiment 2 was conducted the night after (~25 hours) Experiment 1.
-4mg buprenorphine was administered sublingually approx. eight or nine hours prior to experiment.
-1mg etizolam was administered approx. 3.5 hours prior; effects have mostly subsided.

T+0:00 ~35mg tripelennamine HCl was ingested orally, in a gelatin capsule, on an empty stomach at approximately 8:30 PM. 8mg buprenorphine was subsequently administered sublingually.

T+1:00 Effects kicking in. Beginning to feel mild analgesia, sedation, and the onset of the so-called 'opiate warmth'.

T+1:30 Effects becoming more pronounced. Walking about two blocks and interacting with people (strangers) presented no problems of difficulty. Since the tripelennamine dose can be assumed to have been completely absorbed by this point, a medium-sized meal was consumed.

T+2:30 The effects are in full force. Very enjoyable sedation, analgesia, drowsiness, and mood lift. The effects are quite typical of the standard 'opiated' state, but with some unique added character. Not necessarily what I would refer to as 'euphoric', but my mood is markedly lifted. Feeling positive and care-free. The results of this experiment have been very promising thus far. I get the impression that if I were to continue pushing the tripelennamine HCl dose up a bit more, I might even be able to catch a nod from this combination. The same would likely be true if 1-2mg etizolam were administered, but this could be potentially very dangerous.

T+3:00 Effects still very much present, though possibly beginning to fade. Some difficulty focusing/writing during the peak of the experience (roughly T+1.5 through T+2.5 hours), but the fact that I only slept for a few hours the night before could very well be contributing to this. Moderate urge to redose.

T+4:30 This combo seems to fade slowly and gently. Some effects are still present, but definitely decreasing.

T+5:00 Effects have mostly subsided. Currently hovering somewhere slightly above baseline.

Experiment 3
-Experiment 3 was conducted the night after (~24 hours) Experiment 2.

T+0:00 ~50mg tripelennamine HCl was administered orally, in a gelatin capsule, on an empty stomach at approximately 8:45 PM. 12mg buprenorphine was administered sublingually shortly thereafter.

T+0:45 First alerts becoming apparent- mood lift, analgesia, 'opiate warmth', etc. Slightly more talkative/enthusiastic than usual.

T+1:30 Effects becoming more apparent, onset is slow and gradual. coordination slightly altered, analgesia is becoming apparent.

T+2:00 Conversation is slightly awkward, being out in public causes anxiety. Sedation and 'opiated-ness' really just starting to take hold. Mild urge to redose, despite the fact that I am still only experiencing the onset of effects.

T+2:30 Effects seem to be coming and going in waves. One minute I feel as though I am returning to baseline, and the next minute I feel remarkably opiated. Nicotine seems to increase the effects, to some degree.

T+3:00 Experience seems to be winding down. Sedative and analgesic effects fading.

T+3:30 The effects of the tripelennamine seem to have almost completely worn off, for the most part. 1mg etizolam administered sublingually to help induce sleep.

Experiment 4
-Experiment 4 was conducted the night after (~23 hours) Experiment 3.
-1mg etizolam administered sublingually approximately 2.5 hours prior to experiment. Effects are fading.

T+0:00 ~75mg tripelennamine HCL administered orally, in a gelatin capsule, on an empty stomach at approx. 7:45 PM. 12mg buprenorphine administered sublingually shortly thereafter.

T+1:30 First alerts felt. Experience seems to be ramping up gradually, in a manner consistent with previous experiments (sedation, analgesia, 'opiate warmth', etc.). Another sensational element is present, but this characteristic is difficult to describe. Perhaps slightly reminiscent of the sedate/dissociated state catalyzed by low-dose arylcyclohexylamines.

T+2:30 I feel suprisingly close to baseline considering my previous experiments and the increased dosage. Perhaps the brain/body develops a tolerance to the sedative effects of tripelennamine very quickly when it is administered multiple days is a row? [Turns out it does: Richardson GS et al. 'Tolerance to daytime sedative effects of H1 antihistamines'. J Clin Psychopharmacol. 2002 Oct;22(5):511-5. ] The effects I am experiencing at the moment are quite mild and subtle compared to those which I experienced two and a half hours into Experiment 2.

T+3:00 Analgesic effect may be more present than I had thought, seeing as it appears I have cut my left index finger on something without even realizing it. Sedative effects still extremely mild, if at all present.

T+4:00 Feeling very tired; I only slept for a couple of hours the previous night. Sort of nodding in and out. Experiencing some mild lingering effects from the tripelennamine.

T+6:00 This experiment was, as a whole, remarkably underwhelming. Future tests will be spaced apart with a couple of days in between to avoid tolerance.

Experiment 5
-Last dose of tripelennamine HCL was ingested ~48 hours prior to experiment.
-35mg 2-fluoroamphetamine ingested orally >7 hours prior to experiment.

T+0:00 ~50mg tripelennamine HCL administered orally, in a gelatin capsule, on an empty stomach at approximately 7:15 PM. 12mg buprenorphine administered sublingually shortly thereafter.

T+1:30 First alerts felt some time around T+1 hour. Effects consistent with previous experiments, and continue to be building gradually over time.

T+2:00 Definitely feeling more of an effect than I did from Experiment 4, despite the lower dosage.

T+3:30 hours: Effects more significant than those of Experiment 4, which was the fourth day in a row that the tripelennamine + buprenorphine combination was administered, but still pretty subtle/minimal.

Experiment 6
-Last dose of tripelennamine (50mg) was administered ~72 hours prior.
-1mg etizolam administered approx. 1.5 hours prior.

T+0:00 ~50mg tripelennamine HCl administered orally, in a gelatin capsule, on an empty stomach at approx. 7:15 PM. 12mg buprenorphine administered sublingually shortly thereafter.

T+1:30 Beginning to feel first alerts. A slight 'Opiate warmth' is beginning to surface.

T+1:45 I am in a decently altered state at this point. Sedation, mood lift, 'opiate warmth', and analgesia are all present. My current state is really quite pleasant.

T+2:15 Effects definitely seem to come and go in waves. This is consistent with previous experiments. A ~25mg 'booster' dose was administered orally in a gelatin capsule.

T+3:00 Pleasant effects remain steady. Thus far, this experiment has been markedly more successful than the last two. This leads me to believe that ~72 hours in between doses is enough time for any accumulated tolerance to dissipate.

T+3:45 Effects beginning to subside. Still feeling quite pleasant.

T+4:30 Effects have, for the most part, faded. 1mg etizolam administered orally to help induce sleep.

Now, I don't want anyone going into this combination expecting an experience comparable to high-dose morphine or IV heroin. The effects of this combination are relatively mild in the grand scheme of things, but still quite pleasant. Tripelennamine has proven to do a decent job of potentiating buprenorphine to the point that it produces quite an enjoyable experience. I would imagine this to be the case with other less euphoric opiates/opioids as well. I am eager to try combining tripelennamine with O-desmethyltramadol, MT-45, and kratom some time in the future.

Unfortunately, tolerance to H1 antagonist antihistamines develops quite rapidly; as rapidly as it does with most psychedelics that act on the serotonin system. For example, a person could take 200ug LSD-25 two nights in a row and the effects they experience on the first night would be much more significant than those they experience on the second. The same is true for tripelennamine and other first generation H1 antihistamines, in regards to their sedative effects. In my experience, it seems that it takes about three days for a developed tolerance to tripelennamine's sedative effects to dissipate.

Well, I hope that this post proves useful to at least a few of you out there. And I of course cannot emphasize this enough:


Much love <3

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104587
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Nov 13, 2019Views: 3,188
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Pharms - Buprenorphine (265), Tripelennamine (898) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Combinations (3), Various (28)

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