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Spiritually and Emotionally Beneficial for the Most Part
Citation:   Hippie Jeff. "Spiritually and Emotionally Beneficial for the Most Part: An Experience with 25i-NBOMe (exp104613)". Erowid.org. May 8, 2019. erowid.org/exp/104613

1 hit buccal 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
    smoked Tobacco (daily)
Multiple Experiments with 25i-NBOMe

My girlfriend and I have taken single blotter hits of 25i-NBOMe on multiple occasions since the beginning of last year (usually spacing our experiences at least 3 weeks apart). Normally, we took it and hung around talking and listening to music for a little while until the effects began. It would make us feel very euphoric, easily sexually excited, and prone to huge bouts of laughter, but the most we had ever attained via the drug's hallucinogenic qualities were some tracers and perhaps an occasional glimpse of something out of the corner of our eye. Besides the occasional episode of increased paranoia—I'm a bit on the paranoid side to begin with and I have a very active and wild imagination—those effects were the gist of our earlier experiences.

Later we became more interested in the introspective qualities of 25i
we became more interested in the introspective qualities of 25i
and turned our trips into what we termed 'psychology sessions' where we took off into the forest and sat around a campfire—an environment we are both comfortable in and greatly enjoy—while on 25i, and discussed just about everything under the sun. We also utilized this time to explore the spiritual qualities of 25i.

In all of these prior experiences the first effects of the trip usually began being felt about 15 minutes after initial ingestion (normally as light-headedness), with more intense effects beginning about 45 minutes to an hour after ingestion. It was usually around this time that jitters would start along with a period of mild anxiety (e.g. the need to get-up and do something or move around) and a characteristic false feeling of having to go to the bathroom which we termed 'a passive feeling rectum' (a feeling which normally comes and goes throughout the majority of the experience). The effects would typically culminate with a peak at around the two hour mark that would sustain for anywhere from an hour to two hours. This was followed by another 2-4 hours of waxing and waning effects, before starting to come down, which normally did not take any longer than 6-8 hours after initial ingestion.

In June of this year we went on another of our outdoor excursions and I had the bright idea that we should set-up our camp (we were staying for a week) while on 25i. It was hot and sunny out and we hadn't eaten much and were both likely suffering from dehydration. It took no more than 15 minutes for either of us to begin feeling the effects and we both agreed that they were somehow slightly more intense at the onset. Every effect we had previously experienced seemed to be more intense and the effects seemed to come on quicker.

Halfway through setting up our camp we both paused, and that is when it hit us. Neither I nor my girlfriend had ever experienced such grand hallucinations! The entire forest came alive in what can only be described as 3D, or rather we were no longer just observing our environment but perceiving it as if it were sharing our conscious experience with us – like the difference between observing people and perceiving them on some deeper level, but with your senses. It was like our five senses were not just connected to the faculties of our minds anymore, but also connected to the faculties of our hearts; that is, both seeing and feeling through the eyes. We weren't just in the forest but in a relationship with everything.

I looked out across the clearing and everything just blurred together. I saw humongous chamelion-like green snakes all throughout the ferns and the ground-cover. They were extremely long and fat, and their bodies twisted throughout the forest. Each individual blade of grass and every plant and rock breathed and moved slowly and gently as if alive. It was an experience I will never forget!

No sooner had we both reached a glorious place than I began to go down the wrong road. A storm began to move in and it was expected to be very severe rain and thunderstorms, so I began pushing for us to finish setting up camp. To make an extremely long story short, I eventually got to the point where I was freaking out because I wanted to get the camp set-up and my girlfriend was simply not in that frame of mind. Within an hour I was standing naked in the rain, sweating profusely, and holding a very large stick in an open field with thunder and lightning all around – not good. Needless to say, I am now fully aware of 'why' one should make certain all preparations are made BEFORE using psychedelics.
I am now fully aware of 'why' one should make certain all preparations are made BEFORE using psychedelics.

Eventually I calmed down and we had a very pleasant end to the night and the experience, which lasted much longer than our previous experiences – about 10-12 hours. The next day we discussed the unique effects and determined our experience was more intense because of one or two things: severe dehydration (we didn't realize just how dehydrated we were until we actually drank something) and/or vigorous activity. We resolved to experiment and find out what the cause was.

Subsequent experiments with intentional severe dehydration proved to be effective, but they did not take us back to the same level of high we had achieved on that June day, so we decided it must have been the vigorous activity which caused the effects we had experienced.

Now, before I get into this last experience I feel I should provide some additional information because I feel the experience I am about to relate is extremely important, and I want to make all potentially contributing factors quite clear.

I am a big guy. I am 6'-1' and I weigh about 270 pounds. I am a large guy, but I am also very physically active. I can easily walk ten miles through rugged forest terrain while carrying a heavy pack and my job entails unloading 53' truck trailers by hand. I don't play video games and I don't watch television, I find it difficult to just sit around and not do something. Despite this fact, I do have a few varicose veins which are probably due to the fact that I am a heavy smoker and also quite the drinker for at least two decades now (I am pushing 40 after all). My heart is healthy and my blood pressure is within normal range. Besides having varicose veins and being overweight I am in perfect health.

I had only had about 4 hours of sleep the night before which is less than I normally require. I hadn't eaten a lot but I had eaten. I had drank coffee that morning and that afternoon, and I had not drank much water before ingesting the 25i, but I had drank enough water that I did not feel any ill effects of dehydration so I likely was not very dehydrated. I had not drank any alcohol that day either.

Anyway, it was in late August of this year that my girlfriend and I set out to test our theory on the intensified effects of 25i-NBOMe being caused by strenuous physical activity during the time of initial ingestion
my girlfriend and I set out to test our theory on the intensified effects of 25i-NBOMe being caused by strenuous physical activity during the time of initial ingestion
. We hatched our plan and headed out into the forest about 2 hours before nightfall with our daypacks and one hit a piece. We were in good spirits, as usual, and excited about having another experience.

We reached our destination which was about a half mile into the forest and set down our packs, but apparently we did not learn from our prior experience and we made no real preparations for the upcoming nightfall (i.e. we did not dig out our lights and we did not gather firewood). We each took one hit by blotter. I placed my hit between my lower gum and lower lip like a dip of chewing tobacco (as I always do), and my girlfriend placed her hit under her tongue. Immediately after placing the blotters in our mouths we began to hike up the nearby trail in an effort to get our blood pumping.

As usual, I did not smoke any cigarettes while hiking, so that should be made clear. Although I do always smoke while 25i is in my mouth and throughout the duration of the entire experience, however, smoking has never been an issue with me concerning 25i. If anything, I feel that smoking has no effect whatsoever on the 25i experience.

We hiked up the trail and in about two minutes we were walking quite vigorously up a mountain. We both got our hearts pounding and we paused about ten minutes into the hike to have a breather. Our experiment seemed to be a success! We were both feeling the initial effects rather intensely already, so we decided we had better hike back down the trail to our camp before it really hit us. At that moment we were on the side of a mountain, in the middle of the woods, about two hours prior to nightfall, and we had none of our equipment with us. The terrain was very rocky, very uneven, and very dangerous. We did not want to get caught in that position if we were to achieve the high we had achieved in our prior experience.

We began to head back and about that exact time the effects began to hit us much more severely. My legs began to get heavy and by the time we had made it halfway back to our camp I started to feel as if I was trying to walk drunk. My entire body and mind and the very feeling I began to have at that moment was one which can best be described as the feeling one has when one is drunk. By the time we had reached our camp I was having the feeling of being falling-down-drunk
I was having the feeling of being falling-down-drunk
, and I simply had to sit down. My girlfriend said she felt the same and we both quickly sat down as soon as we got into camp.

By this time, just about 20 minutes into the 25i trip, I felt as if the experience was becoming overwhelming, and I was beginning to get worried that I may have pushed my experiment way too far. I was seriously becoming very concerned with the effects I was experiencing. My heart was pounding and I was yawning a great deal. I was extremely tired and felt like I should lay down and go to sleep, but I was afraid that doing so would not have a pleasant result, or even worse. My speech was slurred and I was having difficulty trying to explain to my girlfriend what I was experiencing (although she was probably in no condition to assist me anyway) because my words were coming out all jumbled and scrambled.

I had the jitters and I was rather twitchy. I was jittery and yawning, confused and unable to speak correctly, and I was feeling extremely weak and tired. For the first time in my life I had reached a point where I felt I was actually losing control of my body, and I was actually afraid of what might happen to me. Traditionally, we had let our blotters in our mouths for one full hour (it was just our thing), but at about the 30 minute mark I pulled my blotter out of my mouth and tossed it in the firepit.

'I'm done,' I said to my girlfriend. 'Something is not right.' She tried to inquire as to exactly what I meant and she could see the concerned look on my face, but she was going into space herself. I grabbed my water and started to drink it. 'I know its too late to stop this and I'm just going to have to ride it out. I know it probably didn't do me any good to take the hit out at this point, but I'm done.'

I decided I needed to fight whatever was happening to my body because I was truly concerned at this point. I mustered all of my mental strength and just told myself that I was still alive and fine, that I knew what I had done and what I had taken. I knew how long it lasted and I knew it would eventually end. All I had to do was ride it out for two long, unending and possibly horrible hours. All I had to do was wait it out and not fall asleep.

I sat and drank water and kept working on keeping myself from going somewhere bad in my head because I figured with the effects I was feeling a really bad trip might just be a horrifying trip, and I didn't want that. I had the presence of mind to try to get the drug out of my system. Now, I don't know if that is physically possible to do with this drug or if it is one of those things that just does what it does for as long as it does it regardless of what you do, but I started to drink lots of water and I began to force myself to get up and walk around. Whatever the truth, it worked for me! After about forty-five minutes from initial ingestion I was no longer feeling quite as bad. I was walking around, drinking water, and carrying on a conversation with my girlfriend, and myself, and the trees, or whatever, in order to keep my mind from focusing on the ill feelings I was having.

About an hour into the trip the ill physical feelings I had been having had subsided. I no longer felt that I was losing control of my body and I was actually able to explain to my girlfriend what I had been experiencing. Apparently, she knew I was concerned but had no idea what I was going through.

It was about an hour before sunset and we decided we needed to gather firewood before nightfall, but neither of us felt up to the task, so we dug out the lights and hung around the camp talking and enjoying our trip until sunset. By sunset we were two hours into the trip and we were both coming up on our peak, which consequently lasted for about 4-5 hours.

During the peak we had deep conversations and did quite a bit of laughing. The forest came alive, as if 3D again, and we began to hear the trees talking (or voices whispering in the forest). We saw faery lights, saw UFOs and stars moving everywhere, and had other audio and visual experiences. At one point when I was on a roll talking as I do, my girlfriend said she saw a bunch of stars light-up above my head as if they were my muses. She had to stop and comment on it because it intrigued her so much.

Other experiences we had were the typical side effect of jitters and the occasional need to move around, as well as the feeling of needing to make a bowel movement, but as usual the latter was a false feeling. I also felt some pain and thumping in the leg I have varicose veins on, and I assume this is due to the vasoconstriction side effect of the drug. We had one short and minor paranoid episode when we were gathering firewood and standing in an area where the sound from the interstate some five miles and a mountain away echoed just right into the valley we were in. I thought I heard a bear (I had experiences running into bears in the past) and I caught a scent in the air that coincided with that of a bear, but after a few minutes I realized that the sound was from the highway and the scent from a nearby swampy area. Other than that the trip was an excellent one!

We ended up hanging out in the middle of the forest until about two hours after midnight because neither of us felt capable of walking back to our car, nor did either of us feel we were capable of driving, let alone driving safely until about 3 o'clock in the morning – a full 9 hours after initial ingestion. After 9 hours we packed out of the forest and headed back to the car, but we still didn't feel like we had come down, so we headed to another campsite and hungout there for another hour or two. From about 7 hours into the trip until about 10-11 hours after the trip we were going through the coming down phase where the effects tended to wax and wane. It probably took a full 12-14 hours for the full effects of the trip to wear off.

For the most part I have enjoyed my experiences with 25i and I feel they have been spiritually and emotionally beneficial (I have had quite a few personal insights with this substance). However, I feel others should be aware that extreme caution should be exercised concerning engaging in intense physical activity (or anything which might greatly elevate the heart rate) during the ingestion of 25i-NBOMe. Peace!

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104613
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 38
Published: May 8, 2019Views: 1,409
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25I-NBOMe (542) : Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53), Relationships (44), Glowing Experiences (4), Difficult Experiences (5), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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