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Bad Yet Good Trip
Citation:   Carlies. "Bad Yet Good Trip: An Experience with 25i-NBOMe (exp104623)". Jun 13, 2016.

1.5 hits   25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
It was a lovely sunny day, I had planned the trip a few days in advance, and I was going to take 1― piece of blotter with the substance. I was home alone; my mother was in town and my sister with her friends.

14:10 I take the drug, while listening to some music. It tastes bitter.

14:50 the effects starts to take place, I feel all right, although the bitter taste the blotter left on my tongue was horrible. No visuals, just a weird feeling.

15:10 Visuals start to occur, everything seems blurred, and I feel nauseous. I canīt seem to relax, and I walk around the house trying to find a comfortable place to sit.

15:20 I try to meditate and I feel bad, I walk to the bathroom and vomit (really disgusting vomiting, the worst I have experienced, going for about three rounds). I wash my face and take a sip of water (water tastes and feels awful in my mouth for some reason), and go to my bed again.

15:30 my mom calls me, telling me that my dog has run away and that someone found her and that I need to get to town and retrieve the dog. I am tripping balls at this point, and I can hardly talk. I decide to not do it and lay down some more. I listen to some music and try to calm down, find a relaxing position and just let go, but I can't.

15:?? I call my friend (the guy who sold me the drug, let us call him Frank) and tell him I'm feeling really bad. I ask him if he could pick up my dog, and bring it to me. He agrees and I wait for him.

15??-16:10 Waiting for Frank feels like an eternity. I call him three times, telling him how I feel, I still can't relax.

16:10 he arrives with my dog, he has his female friend (let us call her Stacy) with him (I didn't know Stacy at all, she was a complete stranger). We go inside my house and we talk a bit. I can see purple snowflakes on Frank's face, and all the glasses in my kitchen are blue.

16:20 my sister gets home, so Frank, Stacy and I decide to leave.

16:20-17 Things are getting scary, on the way to Frank's mom's house I get a time distortion (I think it's known as a loop?). I will try to explain it: we were walking and time went on, but inside my head, it went back and then forward again (I canīt explain it better). It was scary as fuck.
we were walking and time went on, but inside my head, it went back and then forward again (I canīt explain it better). It was scary as fuck.
I think Iīm panicking now, yet I keep my cool. All the way there I have to clench Frank's hand (we looked incredibly gay), because I was afraid that I might disappear if I didn't have a 'link' to this world. We later stopped, and he told me to hold Stacy's hand instead, since that was less weird (again, I didn't know Stacy, and now I have to hold her hand).

17:?? we arrive at his house and I can't feel myself, I have now lost my inner monologue (try imagining not knowing who you are). Frank's mom asks if I'm ok, and if I'm feeling all right, I tell her yes, even though I'm super scared.

18:00 : I go to sit in Frank's room, and I continue to tell him: 'I have surpassed the point where I feel good
I have surpassed the point where I feel good
Frank' (my exact words). Frank then tells me he just wants me to feel better, and will do whatever for that to happen. I then ask Stacy if I can rest my head in her lap (I thought that perhaps that would calm me down, and turn the trip around). She luckily agrees, and Franks buts some nice relaxing music on. This is the first time since I took the drug that I actually feel all right. I completely forgot about the world, as I rested in Stacy's lap. I disappeared into another world. I had the trippiest dreams, and everything was really nice.

19:?? : the worst visuals had disappeared, and I felt normal again. I could finally feel myself again, but it wasn't completely over. I laid down again and relaxed until about 20:00.

Notes: This was perhaps the scariest, and at the same time one of the most life-assuring experiences of my life. This experience was also proof that circumstances is EVERYTHING when taking mind altering drugs. Please, if you read this follow these rules: Never do LSD or other mind altering drugs alone. Never go into it with a negative feeling, and always have friends to help you if needed (friends that aren't on drugs that is).

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104623
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Jun 13, 2016Views: 1,938
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25I-NBOMe (542) : Difficult Experiences (5), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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