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5D World Mrs. Broomhandle and Whiskers
LSD, Cannabis, Alprazolam & Hydrocodone
by Pinkoffloyds
Citation:   Pinkoffloyds. "5D World Mrs. Broomhandle and Whiskers: An Experience with LSD, Cannabis, Alprazolam & Hydrocodone (exp104634)". Jun 18, 2018.

1 mg oral Pharms - Alprazolam (daily)
  1 cup oral Caffeine (liquid)
  1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  1 tablet oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  10 mg oral Hydrocodone (pill / tablet)
  5 mg oral Pharms - Zolpidem (pill / tablet)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
    repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
    repeated oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine (liquid)
  3 tablets oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  10 mg oral Hydrocodone (pill / tablet)
  .5 mg oral Pharms - Alprazolam (pill / tablet)


I got pretty wired yesterday (3 days ago) I had a pretty difficult experience with LSD. I am a common user of the drug and other psychedelics. First off I would like to clear the air with a bit of personal information-

I am somewhat of a psychonaut, very intrigued by drugs and their different effects and induldge in almost anything recreational. I also have a very addictive personality (which in my case of being a psychonaut can get me in serious trouble) I am already 100% dependent on primarily Xanax. I have been taking Xanax since I was 16 and I am 21 now; I do not use my Xanax recreationally either it is strictly for my 'flashbacks' and morning/afternoon panic attacks and constant paranoia.

I also used to be addicted to smoking & snorting Methamphetamines (from ages 18-20) and am still recovering from the damage dealt to myself while consuming this- and many other substances constantly for several years. I am also prescribed 10mg Hydrocodone for Chronic back pain & use it only when I cannot bare pain. And rarely (like this trip report) I will use more than needed.

My previous drug experience is like hundreds of other reports you will find online, very deep and I might even be leaving something out but to give you a general idea of my experience with drugs- I have willingly ingested LSD hundreds of times (even though to this day I feel the 'magick' of the drug is leaving and becoming futile to me as a spiritual and learning tool) I loved acid more than almost anything and took it everyday with a friend who sold everything from windowpanes, liquids and blotter out the ears. He lived at my abode for over a year and the entire time we were smoking Ice (meth) and taking boatloads of acid.

I have also been a huge fan of Psilocybin Mushrooms, picking them from local fields here in Texas is perfect as it is always humid and this is pretty much Cattle City down over yonder. With LSD & Mushrooms being my primary 'go-to' psychedelics if I want to have a spiritual adventure.

Other drug experience: I smoked Cannabis every day since I was 11, tried cocaine more than a handful of times and hated it, alcohol, GHB, MDA & MDMA, Salvia Divinorum, DOI, DOM, DOB, 2C-B, 2C-E, 2C-P, Ketamine, MXE, PCP, 5-MeO-DMT, MIPT, 25B-NBOMe, 25C-NBOMe, 25i-NBOMe, Nitrous, Synthetic Cannabis, Oxycodone, Morphine (anally), Belladonna & Bath Salts.

REPORT: (will not give times as the day itself was hard to keep up with, plus time was not a necessity for me so I had no way to keep track once the acid picked up)

That morning I took my morning dose of 1mg Alprazolam (my coffee)and smoked a bowl or two of cannabis on my porch. I had also ingested a small dark-green blotter tab. It was a bit thick but did not worry as I have come across pretty much any form of acid from then til' now and was excited to have a little day-trip going soon.

The tabs were not too strong, I could easily take 1 and go about my daily tasks after the first 2 or 3 hours with a lingering bodily stimulation/weirdness and a rather clear head. Great feelings of introspection and reminiscing of childhood. I would reach a ++ once it peaked (after around 2 and a half hours of taking the blotter)

The first effects felt was a cool buzz from the Xanax, generally a feeling of moderate sedation with slight euphoria and a sort of care-free 'I do not give a fuck' kind of feeling. The Cannabis syncs well with this as it replaces the I don't give a fucks with a sensation of something resembling the after-glow of a powerful psychedelic experience. Everything was cool and I was feeling zen as can be. The wind was blowing smoothly and the sun was out, shining with radiance through the trees and the whole street just seemed lit-up with the light of the sun in a way I had never seen before. I usually trip at night and have only experienced day-tripping maybe a few handfuls of times so this was a special feeling.

The acid was kicking in and I noticed the first effects by a moderate feeling of miss-coordination. As if I did not know what I was doing for a second, I found myself going from sitting in my lawn-chair holding onto the arm-rests and crossing my legs frequently as the coming on was hitting. (aprox 1hr after ingestion) After the bodily effects started to become apparent, (mainly a buzzing in the extremities, and a relaxed feeling in the chest, moderate stimulation of the body and mind, my thoughts seemed to pour out all over the place and this made me even more dizzy and uncoordinated)

Things first started getting trippy once I went out to the back yard to sit under a pecan tree with my dog. I was laying in the grass and the grass began to breathe in the distance. Like small hills were starting to protrude and shrink in the distance, the wood grain in the trees started becoming more define and seemed to be drawn by some great-artist.

I was sweating a little and my mouth was completely dry with a lingering taste of some kind of substance (like I had a mouthful of pennies or copper) These symptoms only seemed to get more exaggerated until I was out of it for a little while. I was listening to Riders on the Storm and the wind blew the grass perfectly, I felt the wind go through me as the sun beamed its radiant light down on my body. All I did was give a long drawn-out sigh of intensity and relief at the same time.

Things in my peripheral seemed to be glowing brightly and there were trails behind any movement. I got up and did a dance, but the dance seemed to come from some higher authority that had commanded my body to do such-

I was dancing in circles around a tree and humming to myself, eventually ending in a native-American like chant. I do this often while peaking on psychedelics as it feels great to let go of yourself and let the drug do its work. I was having a Pink Floyd moment, Everything was so alive and beautiful, with a touch of pain and that need to 'Freak out and let go' or as I call it - the acid edge.

The edgy paranoia I get occasionally from acid turns into an episode of letting go of my ego and speaking in the language of what I can only think of is the higher consciousness, and the acid is letting me tune in to it.

There were starry patterns in the grass and they glistened like diamonds and gleamed with colors of vibrant greens, glowing goldish-yellows and some faint hues of red, especially in the trees.

I took a few deep breathes and went in the house after spending around 2 hours outside. I plugged in The Final Cut by Pink Floyd and cried my eyes out to The Turning Away, but they were tears of forgiveness to myself and anyone who has wronged me, I felt slightly responsible for all these things, even things that were completely out of my control. But inside me I felt somehow I could change things and manipulate them into being in perfect harmony. But this was the painful part for me- realizing there are things that are going to happen in my life without my control and I needed to find a way to bare with it, or find a way I can help as many people as possible.

After smiling til my jaw hurt I lay down and called my buddy George who was going to pick me up.

I took 10mgs of Vicodin to dull some pain I was experiencing in my lower back. LSD was giving me a strange sensation of electricity which was cool and reminded me strangely of mushrooms.. I was happy and high. Smoking weed began to become a real chore as I did not feel like fiddling with the utensils and the weed itself as it was a challenge to do this as I am completely awe-struck and already in a perfect place.

I put another .5mg of Xanax in a small baggy with another 10mg hydrocodone. I also took 5mg's of Ambien for no reason what-so-ever. I would save the Hydro and the Xanax for the comedown.

Once George picked me up the acid was almost long-gone. It had only been around 5 hours, I was still tripping very very slightly, the visuals came to a halt other than things seemed a bit four-dimensional still, the colors were still greatly enhanced as well as my mood. George and I were about to head to a friends house to hang out for the rest of the day and night, we picked up 2 12 packs of Shiner Bock on the way with my ID as George has no ID.

The Hydrocodone came on well and relaxed my tense back and legs. We strolled to a friends house (Aaron) and we began to smoke out. We smoked 4-5 bong bowls between 5 people and two joints. We also each took our own 'personal' hit out of Aarons homemade 7 footer bong which resulted in hot nasty smoke and a lot of coughing. I was stoned and relaxed, the edge came back a bit after smoking though but I could speak coherent sentences at this point.

I forgot to mention at this point I had been chain-smoking American Spirit cigarettes. I typically go through about 40 cigarettes when I am on LSD. This is bad too, not only because im smoking cigarettes but the mucous production becomes very, very hard and nasty. Especially by the end of the trip I will be finding it hard to breathe from my nose without trying to cough up a huge mucous ball.

We were listening to Living Out Of Touch by Kingdom Come and I decided to hop on the wagon with my friends who had already started drinking. I grabbed a shiner and slammed it in about 3 seconds before grabbing another and plopping on the couch in Aarons backyard to converse with another friend Dawn & George.

Before we even got there George had been calling around for a gram or two of DMT but was unlucky and decided to take Acid with me, he offered dawn 2 tabs of the same dark green blotter, she put them in her mouth and spat them out after 10 minutes. She did not trip. George had 6 more tabs and offered 2 to his younger brother Kai who abstained from LSD many years ago. He rejected and Aaron had already headed to sleep as he had been awake working 2 days in a row high on amphetamine and nights of consistently slamming beer and smoking reefer.

So George said fuck it its just you and me man as he split the 6 hits down the middle and handed me 3. He took his 3 on the spot, as did I.

At this moment I am feeling:
- somewhat apprehensive of the effects to come
- body is relaxed yet a lingering electric-stimulation
- stoned and high as a kite
- head is a bit cloudy now due to the combo of 4 downers I attribute it to the completely random Ambien dose as it seems to usually make my imagination run wild to the point im thinking myself to death before I pass out from pure mental exhaustion.
- happy and euphoric, kind of messed up from the alcohol and pills

Over all so far I am still sitting at what I consider a +1 on the Shulgin scale, I can still slightly operate but not 'tripping nuts'

After a hour of more drinking and smoking (aprox. 2 more beers and 4-5 more bowls from a glass bong) passed between around 6 people now as Aarons brother and girlfriend had come into the circle.

I began to feel very inebriated. The LSD was becoming very, very apparent and making its presence known to me- and George. George was laying flat out on the ground (looked like he was playing twister, you know, that sexy game for kids) his hands were lopsided all over the place and he had one leg that seemed to be all the way behind his head- he looked up at me and his face was distorted slightly and there were whiskers growing out of his blackheads. He said in a very drunken voice 'They're Fuckin Flatuating' he repeated it 3 or 4 times and I began laughing hysterically at him.

His eyes went into slits and his mouth opened up to a huge smile and he started laughing harder than I. I had a flash of imagination- like a picture of what I was REALLY seeing but it was strangely exaggerated and colorful.

The flash I saw was George, still like he was- but his lips turned into the rolling stone lips and his teeth were elongated like some cartoon character (example: Courage the cowardly Dog) and took up his entire mouth to where I could not see in- His Mexican Afro was curling around and moving freely about the area around his head- there was a green aura highlighting most of his body and blended into parts of his skin.

There were hundreds of moments like this and that is what makes it hard to put time together from this point as I went from nearly sober (in my sense of the word sober) to completely, out of it in an hours time.

The music was shredding through me and I could literally see cartoon guitars and cars, randomly playing and zooming down the road in my imagination as the strings would unwind from the guitar and become some crazy 3D image that resembled an hourglass except there were two eyes on opposite sides and the thing seemed organic and real, alive. It was a very light blue and the eyes were like that of a cat. Yellow ovals with small slits for the pupil.

I was still looking up but focused on the walls, they were breathing really hard and part of the ceiling seemed to be flipping into itself over and over again as my thoughts did the same, my head felt completely clear but at the same time it didn't. I had more imaginative and whimsical thoughts than anything and they were repeating over and over again yet at the same time it wasn't. It was around this time I felt time was spiraling out of control and I became focused on the energy building inside me.

I got more nostalgia of mushrooms in this trip, visuals were similar and the body feel- this was the first time I had taken LSD in a pretty long time (only about 2 months really)

More starry patters, mostly on the white walls and ceiling. Glistening with a confetti like light all over, but they were taking shapes and forming patters. Very detailed and confusing and incomprehensible Persian carpet patterning was experienced with eyes open and closed. More prominent with eyes closed but same could be achieved by staring at carpet or walls for an extended period. It did this at its own whim and I liked the surprises! it happened very frequently in my peripheral, even if I was in a completely dark room.

George was still laying there.. he still had some crazy mickey mouse whiskers coming out of his blackheads.. and we were now just sitting with Dawn, Aarons Mom and Kai.

Kai was wasted, he had drank around 8 beers since he had been there and since Aarons mom came upstairs we all got prepared to get bombarded with tons of Whiskey. She had a bottle of Canadian Mist (Yuck) and was passing the bottle around to us all. Of which I drank around 3 swigs straight out that bottle when it came to me.

Kai and Aarons mom began to make jokes. Which I do not think would be funny if I wasn't fucked up in some way shape or form. I nearly do not remember any of them that were told but all I can say to this is two things- one. we all had a really badass time and laughed til our chests hurt for hours and hours straight and or sang drunk songs (that we made up)

and two.. I actually remember (partially) one of the jokes about Kai's imaginary wife named 'Broomhandle' which is pernounced with a high pitched British accent. And that she is a real pain in the ass, and she fucking loves sweeping...wait that makes no sense really. You should have been there :) This is one of those moments you have to experience and be completely unintentionally immersed in to find hilarious.

I had to piss multiple times and had what I call 'a bathroom experience'

I went into the bathroom and it was completely filthy, toilet paper strung about and spiders in the corners of the room. Colors are penetrating my eyes and I have to blink a few times to get the trippyness off my eyes for a second but it barely works. 'its broken' I announced unheard. I laugh to myself and began to feel mischievous.. It was suddenly completely quiet and very serious.

I couldn't help but blurt out and laugh even though I was trying not to. It was like if a little kid came and peed on the floor over and over again just to piss his parents off, and even though they tried to tell him it was bad and he needs to be more mature- he just blurts out laughing every time.

I was fried. I watched myself in the mirror and my long hair was flattening out and extending like I had two squares of hair on the sides of my head. 'I do not look like that' I thought. Maybe this is how other people see me at first glance. Or maybe this is just someone else. That cannot be me. I looked kind of evil, it doesn't help half the people I know say I look like Charles Manson. My shirt was waving around like a flag and my skin had become a bronze-like skin. I looked Herculean and mighty in a way as well. My aura was completely gold and There were rays of light shining all around me.

Finally I walked to the toilet and the first thing that caught my eye was the afro sized ball of pubic hair sitting on top of the overflowing trash can. 'that's nice' I think. And begin to pull out my penis as I feel the rush of urine begging to be released.
I stared at the wall and it seemed to zoom in like a microscope and I was seeing the wall buldge and move around like the surface of water.

The urine traveled through me with ease, it smelled rank. I was disgusted all of a sudden. First this bathroom, then my looks, and now my pee I think arrogantly. I began to feel disgusted with myself, as if I had defiled the purity of this horrendous bathroom by having out my penis. Why the hell would I pull out my peter in my friends mothers house?? I contemplated the thought for a while and it ended with me laughing all the way out of the bathroom and back to my seat where the thought kept repeating about 10 minutes and I giggled about my 'secrets'

Things were getting very intense and I was a mess, talking was gibberish, I had not eaten in probably 40+ hours and was holding my stomach as it hurt from having nothing but a belly full of acid and brews. My back was also starting to hurt again, but I do suffer chronic back pain and sitting in an abundance of awkward positions on acid can really do a number on your lower back.

I had not taken a drink in around 2 hours and was not really feeling the alcohol too much, I usually can drink like a fish on LSD as it seems to overpower everything for the most part. We passed around 2 more joints and 1 more bowl from a pipe instead of the bong (Aarons glass bong has a small ass bowl it sucks) and there was less people so we could get more stoned.

After a while George and I grew silent other than laughing at eachothers inside jokes and sitting around with Aarons mom and Kai who were getting along real well.

I did freak out at some point but it was only because everything was too alive and strange for a second like I was completely going crazy. It ended after sitting through the feeling for about an hour or so and not telling anyone the way I felt because I had been to busy thinking to myself about it and felt it took long enough just to do so. I had gone through all my cigs too and my mucous was blocking up my sinuses.

I did at this time take my 10mgs of Hydrocodone and the .5mg of Xanax as I looked at my phone for the first time that night- didn't even realize I had it. It was around 10-20 minutes past 5 in the morning and it seemed so- I was pretty exhausted from a long day.

I told George I was walking home (its around a 15 minute walk through a ghetto) and invited him to come with if he wished. He said he was going to drive me home and I declined his offer. I know we would be okay but I said 'Id enjoy walking through the fresh air before I lay my head down' he nodded and asked if I was sure- I said 'nah, im calling it, it's always fun with you man. Love you brother' as I hugged him and he hugged back and said 'Beau it's always good chilling with you too but ima walk with you' (George is twice my size and muscular build, he acts like a bodyguard half the time. good friend to have) I joked about this to him too.

I hugged everyone bye and we were out the door each smoking a cig we received from Kai. I was starting to feel a mild sedation from the combo I took and was feeling ready for laying down comfortably. But I was also in no hurry to go inside as we slowly moseyed down the road. We talked about not too deep stuff on the way back but nearly there.

I was really relaxed and opening my mouth a lot more, I was actually a chatterbox at the time and I don't think George was keeping up with me, but he was trying to listen. We got to my porch sitting upon my pecan orchard and we sat outside with my table and chairs for a while staring into the wilderness before the first shed of light would make its presence. We smoked one big fat joint to ourselves at that time and truly felt stoned.

We were sore and worn out, George also told me at this time that he had also been up already for a whole day on a casual dose of amphetamines (aprox. 30mg Adderall IR)I felt bad for him in a way.

We parted ways and when I went inside, everything was bliss and so beautiful. My house was clean and nice, the furniture was beautiful and the rooms dim- it really fit with how I felt. I made up my own little song while sitting by the window at an ivory table about how there was no place like home and I felt like I was a different person- like I had gone back over 18 years and was truly a kid again who was new to everything. It was all fascinating and loving.

I laid in my bed as the sun came up and I did find it a bit hard to sleep even with all the sedatives and opiate in me. I was comfortable and felt like I could roll over and sleep - and I did, but with some effort. I awoke no more than 6 hours later and still felt a little 'high'

I felt as if I had smoked already that morning. I took my 1mg of Xanax and went on my porch and everything was still beautiful but I was no longer in the depths of a trip. I had transitioned from that point and was now in the grasp of one of the most beautiful afterglows I have had.

The whole day was great and I ate like a horse.

Will write more reports in time on other substances.
Love to all things. Peace to all people.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104634
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Jun 18, 2018Views: 2,165
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