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Navigating Electric Euphoria
5-MAPB & Kratom
Citation:   Shpongleton. "Navigating Electric Euphoria: An Experience with 5-MAPB & Kratom (exp104643)". Oct 16, 2014.

T+ 0:00
40 mg oral 5-MAPB (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:00 3.5 g oral Kratom (plant material)
To start, I have no experience with any psychedelic amphetamines, not MDMA, not methylone. I have only a year and a half of 4-FA use and extensive psychedelic use. So with that in mind I weighed out ~40 mg, swirled it in water and swallowed. The stuff has a very strong indole-like smell and almost a sweet taste, with a light brown or tan color to it. I had used some 4-FA a few days earlier.

Immediately after swallowing I felt a pressure in my stomach and I got really anxious. Within 30 minutes I was definitely coming up. A wave of energy came over me while at the same time I felt very incapacitated and I quickly realized just how psychedelic this would be. By about an hour I was feeling an electrified body buzz, so much energy I did not know what to do. Meanwhile my room started to assume various hues and tactile sensations started becoming very apparent. I felt warm except for my hands so I placed my hands on the back of my neck. My skin felt so good. I put some music on to focus myself and I decided it would be best to go lie down on my bed. I looked in the mirror and my pupils were quite dilated.

Around this time (1 hour) the stimulation was all becoming a bit much. The euphoria was present but a little hard to feel with all this happening around me and so I reached for my kratom. I took about 3.5 grams of Red Vein Riau, a moderate to strong variety that I have a lot of experience with.

My thoughts were very scattered at this point, kind of uncontrollable, very unlike the calm, crystal clear pleasantries of 4-FA that I am used to. Anyway, after the kratom I began to relax. I lie back down on my bed and began to enjoy some of the visuals. I could make out extremely colorful, static, geometric patterns on my ceiling. The music I had playing seemed to last an eternity full of bliss. For the next hour or two I had a hard time deciding what to do. My mind could not even begin to focus on a show I was trying to watch.

About 2.5 hours after ingestion I could sense I was beginning to return to baseline. It's possible I killed the high with kratom. It's also possible I lacked some of the euphoria due to 4-FA use in the week leading up to this. Overall though, it was quite a powerful experience that I would like to continue to research with. Nothing about the substance felt particularly alarming on my body even though it probably was a bit rough.

The day after I felt a bit out of it, but nothing too terrible. I was getting some minor residual visuals in the form of little balls of light that would catch my eye every now and then. No brain zaps that I was aware of.

I feel this substance has a wealth of potential, but I am not sure how comfortable I would be increasing the dose. Sure, I am a lightweight, but something felt a bit concerning to me the way the stimulation combines with the psychedelic overtones. I did not particularly enjoy the feeling of being mentally incapacitated with uncontrollable thoughts despite the positive feelings.

In the right set and setting, with the right company, I see a lot of potential here. While I cannot draw comparison between this and other psychedelic amphetamines, I see no reason not to give it a go. It's a very worthy substance.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104643
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Oct 16, 2014Views: 31,134
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Kratom (203), 5-MAPB (624) : Alone (16), First Times (2)

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