Sparking Well-Needed Happiness
Citation:   Phantom. "Sparking Well-Needed Happiness: An Experience with AL-LAD (exp104647)". May 6, 2015.

300 ug buccal AL-LAD (blotter / tab)
I had a small tolerance because I had taken mushrooms the night before. But it didn't affect my trip in a huge way. Total trip time was 8hrs before I fell asleep (Slept for a full 8hrs). After the last entry, my trip was more of downhill, so I stopped recording my thoughts and enjoyed the rest of it. Lost visuals at around 6hrs, but enhanced mood lasted until the next day.

No edits, this is just me typing how I feel while I was tripping.

Bucal injest 300mcg
Start the movie 'Saving Woodstock'

Face feels flush and my palms are sweaty. Stomach starting to feel a small twist.

I'm finding myself gritting my teeth. Set back perception. No visuals quite yet, but this movie soundtrack is starting to stand out.

Shadows are starting to dance in my peripherals. Slight shift in brightness. Headache? Not really, but something different starting to push through the center of my skull and frontal lobe. The acid scene came up in the movie and started the moving and dancing of my visuals. Its slight, but its there.

+2:00(Where I noticed I was definitely not sober)
I can still walk straight. Feels good to stretch out, even though I have a slight discomfort in my neck.
Movie ended, so I can get up and fix my contacts. My face has that goofy look to it in the mirror and the sink has a nice pastel swirl to it. Hue of life is lightening up and I feel a breeze of happiness start to come in.

Yeah. This is the feeling I remember and the feeling I love. It seems slightly different from LSD and I can't tell how. I feel uplifted like I'm on a cloud pondering upon simple things. As for visuals, all of the colors I see are lit up, bright, but plain in a pastel way. Very blended, but defined at the seams. The shadows seems to be breathing with the earth, or me? Its hard to see my keyboard with the crosshair of light coming from them.

I keep gritting my teeth like I'm trying to hold back this awesomeness that is life. But the music keeps pulling me back to the bliss of my imagination. I'll be back, but let me relax in space for a bit

What time is it? Uh. The music kind of slipped away from me, so I think I'll warm up some food and put on another movie. Standing up and moving around makes me realize all of the flowing patterns I was missing. This carpet is zigzagging and then bubbling away.

The colors look similar to that of 3D glasses. The blue and red behind everything. Fantastic. I've never eaten while tripping, but it really seems to be fueling it. Every bite is a new journey feeling the different textures and tasting everything mixed together. The food doesn't look appealing, but oh does it make me feel alive.

Holy fuck! I'm sweating. Can't feel my heart so idk if that's good or bad. 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds' by The Beatles really set me off when it played on Pandora. OEV of neon tracers.
I actually had to take a look out of my window. I got a little paranoid for a second because I shot up so fast. My keyboard looks like water.
I could do more.

Personal thoughts from this journey:

I just want to give an anxiety warning out for anyone who hasn't tried psychedelics before and is deciding to try this substance.
Start with a low dose (150ug). I've tried a few different types of psychedelics (LSD, Psilocybin, 2C-E, 2C-P, DOM, DMT, 5-MEO-DMT 25c and 25i nBOME), and for this trip I was safe in my house, but still got a bit worried at the 3hr-20min mark because I kept tripping harder and I thought the climax would be around 2hrs then slowly fade, but it lasted much longer.

I had OEVs where I saw patterns (and their shadows) dance with the music at 3hrs. CEVs were growing weird beings and bouncing to the thump of my music from 2hrs. I feel like my next planned dose of 450ug (no tolerance) will make me not see the room for about 45 minutes at the peak.

Everyone asks about body load for this particular analogue, and I felt much better than LSD or Psilocybin. A slight headache, but it didn't even compare to a mild alcohol hangover. My bones at their joints felt like they needed a bit of lube, but after the day progressed and I drank a good bit of water, and these after effects were gone. Of course this is all circumstantial on your body type, habits, and what you've eaten.

I've also seen a few people state how different it feels coming up compared to LSD, and I would say that this is much more easy going (for me). I didn't feel like I was being shoved into the door of reality, just coaxed in with a hand on my shoulder to ease my tension (Although I caught myself slightly gritting my teeth coming up).

I felt very grounded after this trip. It was definitely something I needed so I could have 'me' time. Perfect for getting my mind away from work and the daily grind to focus on creativity and spiritual aspects of life.

I definitely want to up the dose. I was just afraid for some reason. But, 300mcg with my experience and setting, No problem. I could probably push this into 600ug if I put my mind to it (and had a sitter). 450ug won't be a thing (hopefully) and probably will be my next planned trip.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104647
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: May 6, 2015Views: 6,482
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AL-LAD (603) : General (1), Alone (16)

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