Lovely, But Very Dose Dependent
Citation:   Azari. "Lovely, But Very Dose Dependent: An Experience with 3-MeO-PCP (exp104700)". Oct 24, 2014.

T+ 0:00
10 mg sublingual 3-MeO-PCP (liquid)
  T+ 0:49 10 mg sublingual 3-MeO-PCP (liquid)
  T+ 4:51 5 mg sublingual 3-MeO-PCP (liquid)
My doses were properly weighed out and volumetric dosing was used for accurate and easier sublingual. 3-MeO-PCP is _NOT_ a chemical to be exploring with if you do not have the proper methods of measurement. This chemical requires a very accurate dose and can very easily be brought to an uncomfortable level with a difference of only a few milligrams.

In the following report of taking 25mg sublingual, I feel I dosed more than I needed to (this trip totaled to 25mg over the night) and my trips after this one were generally in the 4-12mg range.

I found the best way to set it up was volumetrically at 4mg per drop. I feel that 4mg is about threshold, 8mg for a 'Strong' experience and 12mg for 'Very strong'. I've experimented with about 400mg of the substance and my average dosing was 4-8mg. I apologize for starting the report off with all this info but I feel that this is the most important part of my report, the retrospective dosage recommendation.

I have seen many, many trip reports or personal experiences with 3-MeO-PCP this year that ended up being very uncomfortable for the users simply because they were not aware of the proper dosing, or they assumed it to be much more forgiving. You won't be experiencing the full spectrum of effects until about two hours in -- Not to say the 'comeup' is two hours, id say it is about an hour, hour and a half.. but the trip takes a few changes throughout. I would not suggest redosing for at least 1hr after initial dose to properly gauge this stuff.

DO NOT DOSE 3MEOPCP WITHOUT PROPER MEASUREMENTS. This is to ensure your safety, AND the awesomeness of your trip :)! Some people who have tried 3meo LOVE it at 4mg and hate it at 8mg. I've also seen somebody get a fresh order in the mail, open up the bag and take a keybump. That night was not very enjoyable for them. Overall, 3-MeO-PCP is a lovely substance, I would prefer it over DXM and MXE for general use, depends on the scenario of course. I have not tried PCP or Ketamine to compare it to, but have a lot of experience with DXM and MXE.


SETTING: Calm summer night, my house, the next two days to relax (after a somewhat stressful and busy week, had been feeling like I had a lot of weight on my shoulders, ready for a day to clear my mind and explore). Music on the stereo (dis playlist ready), vidya (dat WoW), chatting with friends ingame and on voip. A ton of anticipation. All systems: go.

T 0:00 10mg sublingual

T +0:18 The dissociative effects begin. Warm, fuzzy body feeling. Not yet truly out of body or anything fully dissociated. Tongue is pretty numb. I feel a slight stimulation, its very comfortable, only in the mind and not really on the body at all. My body does feel very light though. I can really feel the air when i move my arms around and it feels pretty effortless.

T +0:28 Still feeling at about the same level as 10 minutes ago.. visual field is a bit more bold for colors, vision while walking around seems a little choppy like it was moving in frames, but only for a second or so. Going to dose another 10mg in a few minutes I think.

T +0:34 Effects starting to grow a bit, holding off on the redose. Feeling a bit more 'whole' in the body, with the wholeness growing from the inside. A lot more solid than I felt 20min ago, when I was feeling light. Getting a little heavier i guess now.

T +0:44 Heavy feeling grew to something similar to 1st plateau DXM I would say.. and has stayed so far. My head feels the heaviest though, significantly more heavy than the rest of my body. I feel a little bit of pressure in the head atm but nothing uncomfortable. Music is slightly increased, nothing like on DXM or MXE so far though. Headspace is somewhat dissociated but very underwhelming for what I expected so far.

T +0:49 Another 10mg insufflated (making the total dose 20mg now), going to lie down on my bed and listen to music. A very harsh burn when insufflated.

T +1:03 Rolled around in bed for a few minutes, feels like being on DXM but the headspace is so much clearer. It is much less guided or directed. I feel a lot more in control. I am perfectly dissociated in my head, not fuzzy or anything, but the body feels fully match that of a good dxm trip. MXE doesnt have body feels like this at all, mxe is much more in the head. Body is very heavy. Sound is slightly enhanced but my thought process is too crisp to really drone out to it like I would on dxm. Similar body feels, much clearer headspace. very interesting.

T +1:23 The body high is amazing. Really chill, mellow headspace. Not throwing me for a loop or anything, very clearminded. Definitely dissociated, but not quite to the point where you get that 'looking out your eyes like they are a window and you are standing behind them' feeling

T +1:28 Listening to Aphex Twin, quite a bit of euphoria. Enjoying this a lot. Extremely comfortable, makes me very interested in my video games (WoW nd such), chatting with friends, making plans for next week. Feeling overall very good about things.

T +1:31 Rolling waves of body euphoria.. Fuzzy feels to the bassy aphex twin drone sound. mmmmmmm.. questing.

T +1:38 Very heavy body feels, is nice.

T +1:45 Feels like a much cleaner, much stronger body high MXE. aw yiss.

T +2:52 Still feeling the same strong dissociation. No need to redose. Goin strong.

T +2:56 The effects seems to be getting a bit more cloudy now, everything is muuch more dis, especially since i got up to go to the bathroom.. walking around kind of reminded me how dissed I am. Very very heavy body feeling, headspace is getting a little more fuzzy than before, but it all feels great and is very entertaining.

T +3:11 Trip has gotten very heavy as time goes by. Very dissociated still. Music is becoming more and more on par with a dxm trip as the heavier dissociation sets in. It is strange how much this trip changes throughout.

T +3:26 My whole body feels soft, fuzzy and heavy. This is what i would imagine ket would feel like (I have yet to try) and it is much different than dxm. 3meo has more of a wonky feel to it, wobbly, not directed though like with dxm.

T +4:29 Effects still going very, very strong. Extremely heavy body dissociation now. I dont really want to get up and walk around at all. I'd probably get dizzy. Sitting here at the computer is not a problem at all though, very comfortable. Listening to music, music still not quite to the extent that dxm takes it but still enhanced... my body feels like its warping in random locations and my head has some strange pressure in some points. It has a sort of plasticy synthetic feel to it. Very heavy. Choppy vision. Playing world of warcraft, chatting with friends.

T +4:35 Lots of pressure in my head, not sure why. Going to get up and walk around for a bit, grab another glass of water maybe. Possibly eat something.

T +4:46 Feels like I hit a new part of the trip. Everything is very.. the same now. And its staying this way. Very heavy body feels, probably similar to what pcp feels like I assume. I feel like going for a walk. Going to go see what I can see.

T +4:51 Dosed another 5mg sublingual before I leave for the walk.

T +5:45 Back from walk, feeling excellent, the heavy effects have been slowly increasing and steadily rolling waves of euphoria are coming back again. There was a bit of a plastic feeling for the last hour though. I can definitely tell this is synthetic. It's not necessarily a bad thing though; Just different.

Written the morning after.

After trying 3-MeO-PCP last night for the first time I have to say it is very.. interesting. It's nice, but it's not perfect. I would say it has a little 'manic' behaviour with it but only when you get to the higher levels of dosage. After last night I realize I may have taken a bit more than I needed, and will try for a smaller dose but taken all at once rather than spread out, because the comeup for this was MUCH longer than I expected.

It almost seems to change a bit throughout the first two hours as you ride through. The manic behavior is not bad at all- almost a good amount, just enough to let yourself have fun and not be worried about anything but not enough to cause me to make bad decisions. Not even really manic, more like a lot of proper spontaneous excitement.

It is definitely different than other dissociatives though, and I assume that 3-meo is similar to the way that regular PCP feels. I can feel the kind of dirty dissociation behind it, but it also feels like there isn't too much dirtiness in the head- for the most part the head is very clear. I did feel a LOT of pressure in my head during part of the trip though.. A lot. It didn't really fade at all throughout the night- It almost concerned me at one point because I figured it would build up then release as I peaked or something but nah it just kinda made my brain feel like plastic for the night.. wasn't bad enough at all to take away from the fun though. (note: doses after this no longer had that pressure but the 'plastic feeling' still kind of happens. Pressure may have been unrelated to the chem but I feel like I should list it as it was a unique feeling of pressure)

Now, the day after, I still feel a good bit of residual effects. Just like the DXM afterglow day after. No more pressure in my head, just a very comfortable body high and my mind is still a little hazy but in a nice relaxing way. I'm actually surprised on how much more sober I feel after sleeping a few hours, considering how high I was last night. That is very reassuring for me. A few days ago I was pretty stressed out, just about life in general, the whole existential crisis blah blah, but I can definitely feel some antidepressive effects from the 3-meo that are lingering well past the day I used it, my mind is much more calm today and I am more easily able to focus on appreciation for the little things and not be concerned about things I shouldn't be (yay anxiety). I would say I feel a lot different than the consciousness before I had taken the 3-meo last night.

My mind is slightly stimulated in that I can think clearly about the task at hand, but in the larger picture I feel a little disconnected from the universe and a little more individual. Not a bad thing if you realize it's happening while it happens I guess.

3-MeO-PCP is an interesting chem indeed.. I think it may be a little more 'mind closing' than the other dissociatives, as in it allows you to focus on the task at hand rather than anything else in the back of your mind. Much more pushed to the front of your consciousness on what is happening right now and less able to scroll out and view the whole. Sometimes I want that though.. not always trying to think about the whole universe, shit gets heavy, you know?

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104700
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Oct 24, 2014Views: 30,990
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