Synesthesia in the Lavender Void
DXM, Cannabis, 2C-I & Nitrous
Citation:   Herpes_Trismegistus. "Synesthesia in the Lavender Void: An Experience with DXM, Cannabis, 2C-I & Nitrous (exp104717)". Oct 23, 2023.

Bottle oral DXM (liquid)
  Repeated hits smoked Cannabis (flowers)
  Repeated hits inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
In terms of background, my housemate at the time and I had a solid 5 year history of experimentation with anything we could get. We'd been best friends throughout our entire drug-taking careers, and everything we tried, we tried together. No real point in going into the list of things we'd tried, because it had pretty much gotten to the point where the real fun was experimenting with combinations.

It was an average night, both our schedules were wide open, so it only made sense that we try something interesting instead of just watching entire seasons of King of the Hill again. We decided to do DXM as it had been about 6 weeks since we last took it, and we were big fans. We drank a large bottle of Robitussin each, and not being strangers to the effects of quaffing thick, repulsive, warm syrup that tastes like fuck. We of course had plenty of weed nearby for the nausea.

We drank our bottles, smoked a joint and some cones, and within half an hour we were coming up. After I puked (I always end up puking, my stomach is very weak), we decided we should get the bus into the city to pick up some nitrous cannisters. We'd done DXM with nitrous a few times and were incredibly excited about it.

We were waiting at the bus stop and being out of it, I asked my friend when the taxi was coming, to which he laughed and said there was no taxi because we were getting the bus. I denied ever mentioning a taxi and we ended up just confusing each other more and more. About 5 minutes later, a taxi pulled up at the bus stop and the driver told us our bus had broken down so the company had sent out free taxis as a replacement! We were absolutely gobsmacked that my stupid drug talk had become reality. We get in the taxi. It was all incredibly surreal.

Anyway we got to the city, bought a lot of nitrous, and headed back home on a real bus this time. Once we got home I wandered into my room to explore my belongings in a very DXM fashion. I don't think I found anything overly interesting, and when I came back out my friend informed me he'd taken a dose of 2C-i. This was incredibly huge news to me at the time which I could barely begin to fathom but I quickly decided, yes, I wanted to be a part of this too. The comeup was relatively fast and we decided to smoke some more weed because why the hell not.

It was tame enough at first, my heart was racing pretty fast and I was a little nervous, but nothing out of the ordinary. I put on the album Screamadelica by Primal Scream, and the nitrous binge commenced. This is when things got incredible. I loaded up a bunch into a big balloon and huffed and puffed away. Felt nice, but nothing I hadn't encountered before. We took turns doing this and eventually halfway through the album I did another 4 at once, and this time everything around me just left.

Suddenly all I could see was a lavender colour, and I was completely weightless. My senses suddenly caught on to the music and suddenly there were lines of different colours floating past me in the lavender void. I realised that each coloured line was representative of one instrument in the song, and each line split and maneuvered in accordance to its melody.
My senses suddenly caught on to the music and suddenly there were lines of different colours floating past me in the lavender void. I realised that each coloured line was representative of one instrument in the song, and each line split and maneuvered in accordance to its melody.
This went on for quite a while. This was truly the one point in my life where I believe I experienced full synesthesia, and it was just as amazing as I'd always imagined.

Once I left the lavender void and opened my eyes, I was still far from baseline. I looked at the room around me. It felt like the seat I was in was wheeling around the room, and I could feel it physically moving too. Things folded in and out of each other, and the only way I can describe it is sort of like one of the fold-ins from a Mad Magazine. Once it felt like I had stopped moving, I examined the wallpaper on our walls. I'd seen it melt downwards or upwards on psychedelics, but this time it was scrolling sideways! It was so, so surreal and even somehow sinister in a way, as if my mind were well and truly bent in a very unique and unexplored way.

Once I could talk, I spoke to my friend and my other housemate (who was sober). I asked them how long I'd been quiet. Both of them agreed that I had been 'away' for 15-20 minutes, and that neither of them had ever seen me so completely far gone and drugged out!

We spent the rest of the evening watching my favourite show, Xavier: Renegade Angel, smoking lots of cones, and finishing off the nitrous. No subsequent whippets gave me any tremendous effect, at least in comparison to the one I mentioned. I do remember coming down and feeling quite 'off'. Everything still seemed sinister and I was just down on myself in general. It was nothing too unmanageable though and I moved past it relatively quickly, maybe an hour. All in all I would rate it as a worthwhile experience.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 104717
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 23, 2023Views: 26
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