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One Typical Morning
by TheDopeyDwarf
Citation:   TheDopeyDwarf. "One Typical Morning: An Experience with Heroin (exp104721)". Sep 20, 2022.

  IV Heroin
    IV Tobacco - Cigarettes


The sun is shining through the windows, not a cloud in the sky. It's chilly outside, but not terribly cold in mid march. I wake up, and realize I'm not too sick yet, I only slept a few hours since my last shot. My dad's out at work, and its only 9 am. I smile, knowing that I have a half tank of gas and there's about $50 in my dad's change jar. I get up, which seems to slowly activate the sickness. Its not terrible, just some slight nausea in my stomach, and the usual cold sweats. I go upstairs, grab the jar, grab my keys, and out the door I go. My spike is in the car already, so I'm ready to go. I hop in the car and begin the hour drive to the hood.

I make my way to the highway, getting more ill by the second. I can't finish a cigarette, I gag almost every time I take a drag. I look at the time. 9:30. Its gonna be another 45 minutes at best, but I feel like I'm fucking dying by now. Sweat is pouring off my forehead, and I'm stuck in the usual traffic. I turn on the radio, which only irritates me. The same top 40 songs on every station. I try opening the window to cool down, but as soon as it lowers I feel like I'm getting slapped in the fucking face by jack frost. It's not even that cold outside, the cold sweats are just really dicking me over this morning. The sickness is driving me nuts, I just wanna get high, my mind is racing, my shirt is cold and wet from sweat, and time seems to be at a standstill. I can't speed down there, the highway is always littered with cops, so I'm stuck in the usual morning commute traffic. Everyone's headed to their usual, dull, spirit crushing 9 to 5's, and I'm stuck behind them in a personal panic to go get heroin.

I'm now 20 minutes away, driving through a neighboring town to the hood. I used to live here, there's a lot of nice cars and expensive houses. Its a nice looking town, but it has a lot of bored, wealthy suburban teenagers who end up doing drugs, probably because its so easily accessible.

I stop in a local grocery store to get cash for my change. I walk in, avoiding all eye contact and friendly 'hello's, I'm in no mood for good morning bullshit. I get to the coinstar, click yes, yes, cash, yes, and then dump my jar into the tray and sift my change into the machine. I wait for it to catch up, and it turns out I'm taking away $52.34. Terrific. I take my voucher over to the cashier, there's only one person ahead of me: an old lady cashing in every fucking lottery ticket she bought in the past two months. I'm dying, my stomach is killing me, my bones feel like they're gonna snap, my body is flashing through temperatures
my stomach is killing me, my bones feel like they're gonna snap, my body is flashing through temperatures
quicker than a strobe light and this bitch has nothing better to do on a Tuesday morning but cash in fucking lottery tickets. About 10 minutes later I'm finally up. The cashier doesn't even say hello, just gives me a dirty look and cashes in my voucher. Shit, I wouldn't say hi either by the looks of me.

I get back to my car and my friend calls me, let's call him D, which isn't out of the ordinary to hear from him, but being that it's early in the day, it is. I answer.
'Yo! You around by any chance?' He asks.
'Yeah, why what's up?'
'You going down? Ill throw you like ten if you can take me'.

Shit, I don't like having someone come with me, it sketches me out. Cops won't usually bother me if it's just me down there, but if they see a couple white kids in a predominantly black area, they usually figure we're up to no good.
'Yeah I guess, where you at?' I answer reluctantly.
It's not often I get to see my friends from this area, so I make an exception.
'At the station, when u gonna be here?'
'5 Minutes'.
'Bet, see you then' he says.

I hang up, feeling uneasy. Its early in the day on a weekday, so we should be okay when it comes to cops.
I pull up to the gas station where he works and he gets in. I used to hang out here all the time, so its kinda nostalgic picking him up here.
'What up pimp?' He says with a smile. He's obviously as sick as me, he doesn't shoot dope, he sniffs it. Just like me, his hair is greasy and his face is spotted with zits. Neither of us have showered in days.
'Chillin dude, how much you want, I'm calling it in'.
'I need a bun bro'.

I call my guy, which D doesn't like because he'd rather walk to the corner in the hood and cop there, but I call the shots because I have the car.
'Wassup bro?' My guy, S, answers.
'What's up man, you around?'
'Yeah what u need?'
'Two buns'.
'Ight, I'll be on 1st and main in ten'.
'Ok' I hang up.

It's gonna take less time to get to the spot than ten minutes, as I'm pulling into the area already.
'How long?' D asks.
'Ten minutes'.
'Damn, you know that means 20 dude!'

I pull up to a curb where he said. He's usually pretty good when it comes to time, I'm just very impatient when I'm sick. Five more minutes. Me and D make the usual small talk and bullshit about what's new in our junkie lives. There's not all that much to talk about, we're both fiending for dope. I see S walking down the street. It's a good day, it's actually him. I didn't see random people walking by asking me if I'm good or yelling 'yo!',and he didn't take forever and I didn't have to call him a hundred time, it's just S with our wonderful package. I roll down my window, he puts the dope in my hand and takes the money out of the other with a quick 'what's up?' And walks away. I count the bags real quick. They're all there. I hand D his, and hide my own.
'Word, lets find a bathroom' D says with a smile.

Over the years we've done our drugs in various public bathrooms in the area, so switching it up is getting harder to do. We decide on a CVS across town. My stomach is bubbling, I'm excited. The ride there is a sketchy one. We're paranoid because of cops, but we're too sick to care. We get to the CVS and walk to the back. One of us has to use the women's bathroom, which I go in because who really cares? I lock the door, hearing D giggle in excitement as he goes in the men's room. These are great bathrooms, sliding locks, one person only, it's perfect. I empty out my pockets and take off my belt, sucking up water from the sink in my needle. All my worries are about to be eliminated, I'm shaking with anticipation. I sit on the floor and dump a few bags of the brown powder in a bottle cap. Someone knocks at the door. 'Occupied!' I yell. 'Is that a dude??' I hear the woman say. 'Yes, someone's in the men's room, I had to go!' I say back. I hear the woman grunt with displeasure at the fact that she has to wait. Sorry bitch, but my dope is more important than your bladder right now.

I mix the water with the dope in the cap, and drop in the cotton. This is gonna be a big hit, I put in more dope than usual. I draw back and see the brown mixture suck up into the spike. Here's the fun part. I tie off my right arm and slap it a few times. My favorite vein collapsed and my second favorite is all sorts of fucked up, but I think I can get a hit.

I'm nervous and excited, biting my belt and poking my needle into the vein. I draw back, nothing. I try again. Nothing. I'm gonna fucking lose it in a second. I try again. AHA! Third time's a charm! I watch my blood get sucked into the needle, mixing with my dope. This is it, I push it in, then draw back, still see blood, push it down, and done. I rinse out my needle counting the seconds until impact. As I'm putting my needle away I feel it engulf my body. Heavenly euphoria. I couldn't feel any better, everything's okay now, all my worries are dismissed. It's hard to describe the feeling, it's like feeling relief from everything in life, even if I have no worries. As close to heaven as possible, engulfed in love and pushing the brink of an orgasm times a million.

I smile, that's some lovely dope indeed. I leave the bathroom and walk past the woman giving me a dirty look. I couldn't care less right now. As I walk to the door, seeing my friend outside, I'm vaguely reminded of the disappointment I'm causing my family, breaking their trust. I don't know how I'm coming up with money tomorrow either, but I brush off these ideas. After all, I don't wanna ruin my high.

[Reported Dose: 3 bags]

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104721
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Sep 20, 2022Views: 367
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Heroin (27) : General (1), Addiction & Habituation (10), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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