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The Perfect Night
MDMA & Cannabis
by Syconot
Citation:   Syconot. "The Perfect Night: An Experience with MDMA & Cannabis (exp104727)". Oct 5, 2019.

T+ 0:00
  repeated smoked Cannabis
  T+ 0:00 1 capsl oral MDMA
  T+ 1:00 1 capsl insufflated MDMA
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes


I finally had the chance to try MDMA two weekends ago. I acquired 2 capsules of MDMA crystals that were tested by my new friend/supplier. They were said to contain 120 mg of MDMA. I was a bit nervous to take them but set aside a Saturday night with nothing to do the fallowing Sunday to enjoy the experience.

I smoke pot daily for the previous 9 years. I'm experienced with LSD, LSA, mushrooms, salvia, DXM, ketamine, nitrous, oxycodone, pot at extreme edible doses, and opium.

I had a very busy Saturday as we had a garage sale at my house then I went golfing with friends (don't really enjoy golf too much but I like to smoke pot on the course). Note I was very tired before consumption. Also I would like to add that I've been on a strict diet of all natural whole foods and consuming raw fresh vegetable juices for added nutrients. I've been doing this for about two months consistently and have felt the best I've felt in years. Just want to let you know where my head and body is at.

9:15 I dropped my friend off and instantly took my first capsule. I got back home about a half hour later and wasn't feeling much. I planned the experience to be just me and my wife (who is very supportive but was skeptical to take MDMA because she is on antidepressants; a smart move on her part). I tell myself if I don't feel anything by 10:15 I'm taking the other one. Please note I've been smoking pot all day
I've been smoking pot all day
on the golf course and took huge bong rips with my friend before I dropped him off. I smoke a lot so that's pretty much my baseline but I though it should be mentioned.

10:15 feel a little anxious like something may be starting to happen but it's nothing like a read about, no dilated pupils. At this point I'm like I don't want to waste this so I'm going to take the other one. I told my wife I was going up to the attic (my smoke spot) to smoke but I had other intention. I emptied out that capsule onto a glass picture frame, chopped the crystals into a line and snorted it. Holy fuck did it ever burn. I felt a little rock I wasn't able to fully crush hit the back of my nasal passage and like absorb right there. It burned so bad and tasted bitter as the remaining MDMA dripped down my throat.

10.25 or so. Holy shit I've gone an done it now. My wife is in in the shower and I'm coming up fast. It's hard to put into words the sensations I felt next. It was if I was shot out of cannon, I was getting higher and higher I felt like it would be too much to handle. I had these weird electronic sensations that seemed to start in my soul and radiate outwards and leave my body through my finger tips. I had a bit of disorientation and was nervous that I took too much. All while my nose still burned and drinking water didn't help. Then it leveled off into the most intense carefree bliss I ever experience. My wife comes into the room about 10:40 to me with the biggest smile on my face. I look into the mirror and boom dinner plates. I'm rolling finally.

At this point the timeline is useless as I didn't notice any change in these effects for several hours. I felt completely open and honest with my wife. We have a great relationship but I really opened up to her about my feeling on everything. I've been somewhat of a recluse lately as people just tend to annoy me. But this night I saw the beauty in humanity
this night I saw the beauty in humanity
. We're all on are own journeys but we're also all connected. I texted old friends and told them what they meant to me. It wasn't like a drunk text type thing but more like me telling people how I really feel without all those social barriers in between us. I smoked a menthol cigarette and it was the single greatest sensation I've ever experienced. It was like I was sucking through a frosted glass tube that was covered in dry ice and pulled out of a freezer. My cat jumped in my lap and I petted him for what seemed like hours. I then became obsessed with touching everything. Everything felt amazing. I had a huge smile on my face which amused my wife. I had no desire to have sex but I was really interested in hugging my wife. I could feel the energy exchanging between our bodies. We connected on a whole different level. She soon went to bed and I spent the rest of my night with headphones and a visualizer. I took frequent cigarette breaks outside looking up at the stars. I was so a peace with everything. I finally tried to lay down to sleep at 6am. It came pretty easy and I awoke at 12:45 Sunday feeling rested and back a baseline.

This happened two weeks ago and I felt a little groggy for 2 or 3 days after but felt normal for about the last ten days. I've acquired 12 more capsules and I plan to repeat this experience once every two to three months. It was the perfect night.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104727
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Oct 5, 2019Views: 1,157
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