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The Way it Looks When a Mind Comes Apart
Citation:   Doctor_Scrambles_MD. "The Way it Looks When a Mind Comes Apart: An Experience with AMT & 25I-NBOMe (exp104783)". Dec 17, 2014.

T+ 0:00
35 mg oral AMT  
  T+ 0:00   oral AMT  
  T+ 0:00   vaporized AMT  
  T+ 0:00 550 ug sublingual 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:30 550 ug sublingual 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
I want to begin my report by stating that a dear friend and I had acquired 2 sheets of these enigmatically horrible 25i and roughly 140mg of IT-290. After twelve consecutive experiments with the 25i I flushed the remainder of the sheet down the toilet, proclaiming never to unleash the psychosis-terrors of its effects on ANY MORE poor souls. This is my initial and most intense experience, presumably resultant of the combination of 25i and the IT-290.

We began our experiment with the desire to consume the IT-290 but it had proven to be quite an unworthy batch and very low in potency. I am going to, for the purpose of alleviating perplexity, begin the T:0 mark with the moment in which we decided the IT-290 was poor in quality and dosed with the 25i. My friend (Cain) and I (Abel) weighed a dose of 35mg each of the IT-290 on a scale and encapsulated it for oral administration. Noting the slow onset of effects, once we reached the three hour mark and noticed minimal changes in perception and apathetic breathing of the walls, we chose to consume the rest of our supply through oral and inhalation means [Reported Dose: probably 80mg (total) AMT]. Aside from ruining a good pipe and our taste buds, these efforts proved fruitless. This was when we had decided, ‘fuck it’ and took one tab each of our 25i. (Each tab had 550µg on it) noting the dose was a rather light/above threshold amount.

(T+00) We put one tab of 25i on our tongues and, due to extensive research, allowed the paper to marinate in our saliva under the canopy of our tongues. This material has a HORRIBLE, outright atrocious taste to it which made my saliva take on a stained quality of penny-sucking metallic drool. Additionally, aside from my tongue going numb, the air which entered my mouth through talking and the like, had that same bitter and altering metallic terribleness to it. Abominable.

I had phoned a companion (known from here forward as Tickles) and her sister (Midge: abbreviated for midget) who was a longtime friend and a formidable ally during my psychonautic endeavors. She had arrived at my house quickly and we were off. I reckon that we had brought with us an additional pair of 25i tabs in case we wanted to do more.

(T+15m) By this time we had begun to take note of the creeping effects on our visual perception. I do not refer to these effects as hallucinations (a hallucination is something I experience on Datura or I'm Ketamine whereas I know the shifting etc of LSD and the like are not happening in reality). The outlines of the bodies of people we were with grew jumbled and colorfully twisty: like drunken juggling. Cars passing had that swift whirring of mechanical types and seemed slowly fast in whatever way that can make sense. Thinking was still close to baseline and I grew radiating feelings of wellbeing in my torso. Upon coming to a Wawa (type of convenience store) where Tickles and Midge had ventured inside to get munchies, blunts, and whatever else, Cain and I chose to cross from threshold to heavy in the dosing realm.

(T+30m) We ate another 550µg tab, bringing it to a dose of 1100µg. At this point everything began to grow hazier and the most poignant memory I had was the returning of the dreadful metallic stain on my tongue and mouthfuls of air, which it had seemed I just fucking got rid of. Tickles returned with a drink for Cain and one for I. I had been given a strawberry Gatorade, or punch or whatever, and upon drinking it I tasted strawberry not at all. All I had tasted was red and it was FUCKING NASTY. I have tasted purple and orange before, both highly pleasant and purple had become my favorite color since then. Red was an angry and metallically bitter color/flavor and I refused to drink more of the liquid. I could not even smoke my cigarettes due to the awfulness of the taste in the air.

The effects of this chemical were very quick in gradation and onset.

(T+45m) By this time, my bodily sensations became outright fucked, along with my sanity and uncanny ability to remain calm under stratospheric doses of psychedelic materials. (Eg, I usually take 500µg to 800µg doses of LSD and have endured as much as 3500µg) So to say that this material left me feeling concerned for my physical wellbeing is saying something alluding to the true nature of the chemical itself. Specifically I noted dramatic palpitations and tachycardia. I (as my pseudonym is Doctor Scrambles) carry a plethora of medical equipment with me during experiments and most commonly I use an oximeter. Discreetly I checked my heart rate and found it to be rather elevated (140bpm resting) which was of concern but I’ve endured 180bpm before so I wasn’t too disturbed. First I had noticed a psychedelic phenomenon of…well I’ll put it this way: I could feel the inertia of the turns in the vehicle, yet my field of vision was delayed and moved slightly after feeling the turn in waves of frames. It felt somewhat robotic and was more unnerving than it should have been. Overwhelmed I became, so I squeezed my eyes shut to marvel at the closed-eye-visuals which resembled fractal/geometric patterns with a subtle similarity to mescaline though not as profound. They moved quickly and took my mind away from the terrors with haste.

(T+1h) At this point these time references are hearsay and guesswork due to the COMPLETE ANNIHILATION of the passing of time, which was slowed so very slow. At one point I recall looking at my cell phone to check the time and seeing that it was (either 8:24 or 9:24pm) didn’t see much wrong and invaginated my phone into my pocket. Feeling distant in time from that action, I chose it was a suitable moment to recheck the time. Upon looking, I was alarmed to find it wasn’t 8:26 or 9:26…it was STILL FUCKING 8:24 or 9:24!!! How had not one hour passed in the last minute?! My mind was fucked, psychotically raped by the chemicals which tore at my mind and reality with vicious tenacity. I turned my gaze back to the moving environment around me, and was delighted to see the branches of trees wriggling and thrashing like Medusa’s serpentine locks. I gawked. Remarking at this to Cain, I said “dude do you see how the trees are dancing?” and he replied “dude everything’s dancing.” There was uproar of violent psychedelic laughter from all parties.

(T+1.5h) my mind was coming apart. Some other psychonaut I’d heard before described a chemical as turning his mind into a ‘hallway full of doors. He’d open a door to find another hallway full of doors’. Eeeeegahhhhh! It is a place in the mind described by the Shulgins as ‘flooding’ or being bombarded violently with excessive and overwhelming notions, concepts, and mindfucks from different parts of the universe and god only knows where else. It was like watching my brain get blown out and spill down the walls in a plethora of foreign colors and being entranced by the sight. Music was distorted into disproportionate oscillations of insane magnitudes and I constantly found myself asking Tickles if the song playing was the original version, typically being answered with yes and not at all seeing how that was possible. The flooding continued and was chaotic: far more chaotic than the frenzy of an LSD experience. I was mentally lost and perpetually perplexed. It was carnivorous thinking, in the sense that it was all-consuming of every molecule of your being. I was practically paralyzed by the intense thought bombing: I couldn’t look up and there was no such thing as down. The vision to my left and right was warped by narrow tunnel vision and I had no idea where I was at that time, all I knew was that I didn’t want to go back. Fortunately it ended and I was returned to the panicky state of realization that if an EMT was evaluating me, they’d be very concerned. The unknown and inexplicable sensation of surging cardiovascular discomfort through my chest and left arm/leg and side of my neck was hugely disconcerting. But I quelled myself and cyclonically used mental affirmations that I knew I was going to be okay, it was just a horrible chemical, and it would be over before I knew it. I also let myself know that even if I were to die from this, to not divulge into a bad trip over it and die a happy man.

(T+2.5h) I returned to a state of, well, the nearest state of tranquility I reckoned possible. This was with the help of the outside world. Tickles began remarking at the snow beginning to fall softly around us. Cain, nor I, could make it out: the air had folding colors from all across the visible spectrum with interlaying patterns and although translucent, was too thick for us to discern the falling snow. Eventually, we made out the specs of snow which did not fall in a manner accustomed to falling snow. This made us feel accomplished and victorious. I had also now devised a system which I use to date while experimenting with psychedelics for managing to keep track of time: I constantly had a cigarette lit and in a type of holder in my mouth which freed my hands and allowed me to determine that if I was smoking the same cigarette it couldn’t have been more than 5-10 minutes. I was a genius.

(T+3.5h) The waves of being concerned for my health faded in and out. Most of the time I was still being bombarded with notions which were so copious I couldn’t even make out what it was I was thinking about: thinking so much that thought was rendered impossible and I was no longer thinking but I was still thinking. Ohkayyyyyy. We came to a path in the woods where we exited the car and the snow had 3-D shades of red and blue appearing as an iridescent haze inside it. The branches of trees were disappearing and reappearing in different sections on the tree in a strobe-esque fashion and it was so mesmerizing I was hypnotically locking into it like a mirror on LSD. Tickles must have felt the cold which neither Cain or I could, and we went back to the warmth of the car.

(T+4h) We ascended to a place up upon a hill on a neighborhood street we call ‘The Grid’ due to its perch one can see the surrounding town’s streetlights and it looks like a big grid. It was both creepy and profound and also very nice to look at. This was the point which the peak had finally passed and I began a slow descent down the hill and back into normalcy. It was very welcome due to the nature of the experience but for some reason accompanied by the nostalgia of a fleeting disconnect from the merriment of a psychedelic state and returning to reality. Cain and I were dropped off back at the point where we’d began our journey, my house, and returned to my bedroom to stare at a TV and gradually grow into baseline state. Although the ‘peak’ was more than clearly over the visuals which remained for several hours were that of a strong psilocybin peak and were nice to gawk at while enduring the sleeplessness which usually accompanies an excursion into a sea of psychedelia.

(T+5h) Cain and I passed the time by laying in my bedroom in the darkness and watching Planet Earth. Only we had it muted and were blaring Grateful Dead on my iPod which was unmatchable in its profound sense of amazingness. The seals and ‘Eyes of the World’ flowed in such a grandiose and humorous way we had many bouts of laughter. We concocted the mantra ‘mute whatever you’re watching and put Grateful Dead over it’ and found it direly amusing.

All in all, this chemical was absolutely terrifying and menacing and gave me a nefarious feeling that my body was invaded by a chemical which was in no way worth the taxing toll it took on my mental state, physical comfort, and health. The only reason I believe we continued to engage in eleven more experiments with it were these: we had 200 hits of the shit and we concluded our initial experience was likely altered by the addition of IT-290. Like I had stated initially before beginning the articulation of this experience (which any language does justice in any way, mind you this is probably the best I could do) we abruptly decided to destroy our supply and never take it again after twelve experiments when we concluded the malicious nature of the material. After that experiment, 25i was never taken or shared by us or with anyone we know.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 104783
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Dec 17, 2014Views: 9,860
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25I-NBOMe (542), AMT (7) : Combinations (3), Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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