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Cheerful Beings of Light
Changa (Smoked MAOI & DMT)
by Miki
Citation:   Miki. "Cheerful Beings of Light: An Experience with Changa (Smoked MAOI & DMT) (exp104789)". Erowid.org. Sep 21, 2016. erowid.org/exp/104789

1.5 bowls smoked Changa (plant material)


I was sitting in my boyfriend's dark bedroom, on his bed, feeling very content. Although I had relationship troubles on my mind, my mindset was positive and my setting was very comfortable. We had just acquired a bag of Changa DMT [smoked MAOI & DMT], and spontaneously decided to try it. This would be my second time breaking though on DMT.

First, I took a tiny hit. I was transported into a mini psychedelic world where I was being led through these rooms by a Chinese tattoo style cat, who was floating and showing me around. I was led outside where there were lots of light beings, they seemed to be celebrating. They were jumping down and flying explosively, and they were singing unlike any music of this earth, sort of a ticking sound. Spirit music. They were zooming and celebrating on an upwards golden waterfall, it was almost like they were wishing me a happy new year.

Then it was over. So I smoked some more.

So... I took the hits, and kept inhaling... Sitting cross legged on a bed. I just breathed in, and I looked in the mirror.

I looked different. My face was blurring into nothing and I was disappearing. When I looked down at my arms, they were disappearing too, time to close my eyes and zoom into the other world, so I breathed in and in, until I lost myself, I forgot I was even holding the bong or lighter, I just left my body completely. My eyes were closing and I lost control and got sucked right in. That's when it saw everything.

I was in a different world, going through really fast, zooming through a kind of portal, a bright tunnel. The beings kept asking me If I was ready, THEY asked MY permission :) they kept saying 'are you sure you want to do this? Are you sure?'
'are you sure you want to do this? Are you sure?'
And I answered 'yes, I'm sure' (but none of this was actual speech, I heard it with my mind and not my ears, like telepathy) and when I told them I was sure I wanted to do it, I was pushed through the tunnel completely, and set free to the other side.

Then, I found myself at a kind of initiation stage of the trip, there were tiny mischievous beings surrounding me, they were touching every part of me, scanning me. They brushed against my skin, looking me over and sussing me out. They were very intrigued by me, especially my stretched earlobe which they kept prodding and touching. It was almost like they were saying 'what is this? What is this?' Excitedly. They accepted me and let me through to the next stage- which is mostly a blur to me now. All I know is I saw so much complex things... So many beings, swirling, doing their thing.

The tiny beings were back! And this time they were flittering around my face, they were pushing up the corners of my mouth into a smile. I thought this was really funny so I smiled, and the more I smiled and laughed, the more golden white light rays shone everywhere! So beautiful and radiant. Light was shooting from my smile and I was informed that I need to smile more.

I zoomed through tunnels and past psychedelic walls, and past me zoomed evil entities, scary looking entities which I knew were evil but I wasn't scared, we were not bothering each other they were just zooming past. I came to the last room eventually, and that's where I saw a God.

I saw the god, sitting there beside me, it was huge!! I saw it but not its face. He kept pointing up with his hands, telling me to look up and see his face, so I sat straighter and straighter and craned my neck up to see him, but he was so big, I could not see the face. He seemed to grow taller and greater the higher I looked. It was so good to me though. It taught me everything I need to know.

All I was left with was the knowledge that NOTHING MATTERS. That's what I kept saying- 'nothing matters aye'. None of these trivial things matter, everything is ok. It's all just part of the story of my life and I need to just go with the flow and not worry.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104789
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 17 
Published: Sep 21, 2016Views: 2,517
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Changa (816) : Entities / Beings (37), Combinations (3), General (1), Alone (16)

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