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Great Effects Until Overused
Etizolam & Cannabis
Citation:   theobserver. "Great Effects Until Overused: An Experience with Etizolam & Cannabis (exp104836)". Jan 27, 2015.

  smoked Cannabis (daily)
    oral Etizolam (pill / tablet)
I will keep my report brief yet informative. I am a fan of benzodiazepines and similar substances, and a daily user of cannabis in various forms. I have smoked weed for around 8 or 9 years now, and while I used many stimulants during my teen years I have more recently taken to using other types of substance that are more suited to my current lifestyle and needs. I have used diazepam quite alot of times this past 6 months, really enjoying its effect on me but making sure to never use more than two days in a row at any time. This is a personal choice and was not from any official medical advice, just something I felt would be sensible while trying to keep tolerance down as much as possible.

After struggling to source diazepam for a while I was introduced to diclazepam which seemed to be more easily available. Its effects I found similar, but much more sedating than anything else and the next day I was still groggy and sluggish, which was never the case with the trusty valium I had been taking. I decided not to use those again and try out something else, which is when I was offered some etizolam. A friend had a heap of 2mg pills which were pink/red in colour, small like diclazepams and more or less tasteless in the mouth.

I took two on the first night one hour apart, allowing them to dissolve under the tongue. I was told 2mg would feel similar to 20mg of valium. This proved to be somewhat accurate in my experience and I felt pretty damn good. The next day I woke up feeling positive, a little drowsy but not the groggy daze the diclazepams had given me. So I decided I wanted to get some more to have in the draw and maybe pop a couple more that evening. What actually happened was this. I left my bed with the relaxed calm and positive approach I had already identified and felt comfortable with, I rode my bicycle to a friends house where we both ate the last two etizolam I already had (2mg each), we smoked a joint an then spent around 2 or 3 hours just relaxing chilling out as normal. Once I felt less sedated I could feel myself definitely wanting to maintain the effects, as I had come to really start enjoying myself on these pills, so I decided to head off on my bike again (not a good idea) riding about 3 miles to collect another 10 of these pinky red beautys.

About 3 quarters of the way there I fall off my bike. Not a bad fall but enough to shake me up as I never fall off my bike despite riding everyday, I had cut my hands a little on the concrete but was relativley uninjured. This woke me up slightly however from the hazey state I was in, and made me realise I wasnt being as careful as I thought. Soon after I reached my destination, picked up my ten pills and headed back to my friend's making sure to be extra careful this time. When I got back we went through a binge of eating 5 each while smoking a number or large joints. By the evening we were seriously under the influence, I have very little memory of what we were doing other than hysterically laughing and rolling around drifiting in and out of something that felt like a dream. The next day I woke up much later than normal even though we figured we must have gone to bed before midnight. I had things to do which I already knew before letting myself take this many pills and yet somehow the idea of being back in the real world was too much to take in. Anxiety was flooding my thoughts and my whole body felt uncomfortable. I could not think straight and soon found myself in a complete panick. It took me the rest of the day to calm down and battle through and I feel sure I would have taken more to get rid of the misery if I had more on me.

Luckily I had ran out of etizolam and just smoked the usual few joints but I did not realise how long this 'comedown' type effect would last. It took me about 3 days to let my anxiety settle and a further 7-10 days for my memory to start working properly. I found my memory was hugely impaired an not just regarding the previous two days of etizolam either, I suddenly managed to realise that I couldnt remember ALOT of stuff that would normally require no effort to recollect. This concerned me but I kept myself calm and clean for days until I noticed it was gradually going back to normal.

In short, these pills work VERY well indeed and gave me personally a huge sense of relief/euphoria/anti anxiety much more intensely than I had experienced with valium. However they seemed to create a craving for more almost immediately and without discipline and control I imagine these could cause problems for many. A strong benzo like high, but as with any substance be vigilant and dose with care!

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104836
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Jan 27, 2015Views: 21,800
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