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Psychedelic Rollercoaster
25I-NBOMe & Cannabis
by rini
Citation:   rini. "Psychedelic Rollercoaster: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe & Cannabis (exp104874)". Erowid.org. Dec 18, 2018. erowid.org/exp/104874

T+ 0:00
1 hit buccal 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:20 1 hit buccal 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:10   smoked Cannabis  
I was staying at my friends for a couple of days, who's a very experienced tripper and has taken 25i-NBOMe a handful of times. I'll refer to him as K. We prepared quite well for the trip, downloaded a few films, music, and made sure that we ate about half an hour prior to tripping, since it's difficult to identify hunger.

We both take one tab each, which is approx 1.5mg. I put it on my gum behind my lip and head over to the laptop to put some music on. It tastes quite bitter, as if I'd licked a rusty pole, so I try not to swallow, as I'm told that this would diminish the trip anyway.

K is feeling the effects, he starts laughing and puts some tinted sunglasses on because the lights are too bright. Iím feeling normal, no effects, so I cut off another tab and place it underneath my tongue, later flipping it over onto the top.

Iím sat on the couch looking around the room, K has a cluster of artwork on the walls which appear to start bubbling and warping, I keep seeing flickers in my peripheral and thereís a pinkish tint to everything, like wavy from being sleep deprived and in a dim room. When looking at a blank white wall I realise what people mean by fractals; They can only be described as clockwork looking spirals which twist and warp, and they multiply. They respond to sounds and I could sort of move them with my mind. At this point though theyíre still a pattern within the wall, of white. I then realise that whenever anything moves, theres a trace that follows it, multiple copies which lag behind the objects. Waving my hand in an eight/infinity motion was absolutely mesmerising.

K and I are sat on the couch in tinted sunglasses, absolutely in stitches because everything is amazing. Iím trying hard to focus on my surrounding but keep getting lost in the fractals, which are by now very potently green, red, and pink in colour. It feels like once I look at a spiral it immediately sucks me in, multiplies and warps like I'm floating through a pure psychedelic universe. K's talking to me but his voice is like a dirty drawn out echo, like when you hit a microphone with your palm. The boundaries of the room also keep shifting, at one second itíll look really long and spacious, and then weíll be back in the room but at another angle, all this time there are electricity droplets everywhere, sparks and steam rising from random points on the floor. K passes me a joint and it takes so much effort to grab it, since with everything having many copies itís hard to differentiate where the physical object is.

K decided that we should create some art, which I find hilarious. Picking up three crayons was the most overwhelming thing, so K takes over and places a red marker in my hand. He's telling to to colour but leave spaces between each line, as the visuals will warp and respond to it. This takes me about ten minutes to comprehend, as it was so hard to see and focus on reality from the overwhelming number of fractals everywhere. This made everything ridiculously funny, I can't stop laughing. Thereís a feeling of euphoria everywhere, and it almost seems like the patterns and effects around the room are dancing.
I can't stop laughing. Thereís a feeling of euphoria everywhere, and it almost seems like the patterns and effects around the room are dancing.
Due to the warping of the walls, it's near impossible to locate the edges, everything merges into one.

This is where I start zoning in and out of reality, I start to get lost within the trip. I donít like this since I canít respond to my friend, hear what heís saying or see my surroundings. I start fighting what Iím seeing, trying to focus on things, which I'm feeling is causing me to peak more and more. We then decide to go outside, so we go downstairs and itís taking me so long to put my boots on because I canít see what Iím doing. Itís like being able to see the air in intensely coloured pattern form, right in my face. K's trying to break down what I need to be doing, but all I keep saying is ďwhereís my jacketĒ, and then ďhow many times have I said thatĒ. He keeps telling me ďjust the oneĒ, which is fucking me up because heís saying it in the same tone which Iím sure Iíve heard a number of times already. It felt like the scene just kept repeating over and over again, and I wasn't sure which one was real. So then eventually we lay in darkness on his bed, and everything looks ten times more insane. Weíre both there like, pointing in the darkness, saying 'look at thatĒ, and somehow know what each other is seeing. Basically, in the darkness the colours are luminous, like cartoon arrows warping around words and tessellating images.

I can't remember finally getting my shoes on and going outside, but I suddenly come to terms with us walking through the streets. The trees are running with electric currents, bushes and shrubs have Fibonacci type patterns that are morphing. Iím in the limbo of freaking out because I literally canít walk straight, and being mesmerised by the gorgeous light currents and patterns in the sky. This is when I start to slip into a bit of a bad trip looping thoughts of where K was, whether I was losing my mind and the fact that I was letting myself get scared. I was just totally overwhelmed, although unable to verbalise what I was feeling, the best I could do was say half a sentence, then either go back to silence or get distracted by new patterns. All the time there was a really low frequency buzz in the air which seemed to add to the whole negative vibe. I heard violin music playing, and my mental thoughts of 'I'm tripping too hard' seemed to echo into my ears. At this point I'm also annoyed because of all the activities we planned, but extent of which I'm tripping would make focusing on anything virtually impossible.

I realise that we're back home, on the couch watching the film Cool Runnings. Iím feeling really thirsty, like Iím sweating and wet but dry at the same time. Iím coming down though, more aware of where I am, though with the people on the screen still leaving traces, thereís a bunch of eyes everywhere. Time is very hard to keep up with, mainly because I was merging between psychedelic surrounding, to which I felt almost blinded, back to my physical surroundings which were also dancing around, extending and morphing. I keep apologising to K because Iím seeing mud everywhere on the cream carpet, though heís reassuring me its still the fractals. I then decide to go take a shower because Iím then convinced that Iíve peed myself (apparently these thoughts are really common, it's important to know that). From looking in the mirror my pupils are like plates, my skin looks yellow-ish and everything is still warping and patterning. Having a shower is amazing though; the condensation looked like multicoloured snowflakes. It was still difficult to collect my thoughts though, luckily K had laid everything out for me, but even then I really had to focus.

This was the nicest part of the trip, we both sat watching Adventuretime, which is perfect. I'm in a much happier mood, able to discuss what I was feeling beforehand, and I the slightest thing made me smile. Everything in my peripheral was swirling in rainbows, random sparks shooting everywhere, and I was feeling really cosy, watching the swirls gently bubble and rainbow currents trace around the edges of things.

I felt no nausea at all. Although I had a pulsing, dull headache, just plain fogginess which made it an effort to move. I eventually went to bed at 06:00 and slept until 2pm. We made sure to drink and eat lots, as my urine was bright and chemically yellow, a sign of dehydration. I eventually left K's house in the evening with no recurring visuals, just the sense of being hungover.

I would not take more than one tab as things get intense quite quickly. I would have been able to deal with the pre-peak phase; being surrounded by colours, patterns and morphing/tracing images, but the experience of losing touch with reality was very overwhelming, especially since I didn't expect it.

Overall this was a very positive experience, it opened the door to psychedelics for me, although I doubt that I'll be taking NBOMe in the future, as it does have somewhat of a 'dirty/synthetic' feel. It's also best to trip with someone who is experienced, who can look after themselves as well as me.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104874
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Dec 18, 2018Views: 3,141
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25I-NBOMe (542) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2)

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