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Starting Small
by dissososo
Citation:   dissososo. "Starting Small: An Experience with Methoxphenidine (exp104885)". Sep 14, 2015.

60 mg oral Methoxphenidine (powder / crystals)


Being sitting contemplating taking this roughly 60mg dose of mxp I've got for most of the day. But have now decided ill do it in around 45 mins when my food should have digested, I have a fair amount of experience with 'k' and mild experience of mxe. Not sure what really to expect with this mxp. Also note that my mum is asleep upstairs thinking this could cause anxiety maybe paranoia but still going to go ahead with it none the less. (starting with half 60mg, if feeling is nice or too mild, will take another 60mg)

Taken: roughly 60mg+ dissolved into a small shot glass of water and swallowed. Will report back in 30 mins.

Half taken, decide to put a movie on called legend never seen before seems like a dark movie, hope this doesnt effect trip lol.

10 minutes on already thinking that I should of left food to digest longer as feeling pretty full. 15 mins in, receive call from friends who had ingested 50mg of bk-2cb and 90mg mxp each. Gave me a laugh but felt desperate need to get off the phone.

30 mins: so thirty minutes in, not sure what I feel but don't feel completely normal placebo maybe? Struggling to focus on movie, not even looking at tv, sat staring at wall. Soundtrack in movie becoming unsettling making me feel on edge will turn off soon.

1hour: hour in, feelin something. nothing too intense. a feeling I would associate with ketamine. head keeps getting a really spacey feeling, not sure how to describe it. Seem to be finding joy in rolling around in different positions stroking my body (kinda the way you do on mdma) so far relaxed and mild effect. Definitely feeling something though! Moving my head the room seems to be moving as I move my head side to side similar to something I experienced on k and kmx (unsure on chemical name).

1 hour 30: after initial rough dose of 60 mg feeling nice and relaxed getting lost in movie avatar, xbut some points cant focus keep getting lost in my head about problems I have going on at the moment seem to be effecting experience anxiety levels arise feeling somewhat paranoid possibly because my mum is upstairs and may well come down at any Time was this a stupid idea to take while not home alone will my mum come down and realise I've taken something? Scared!!, really want to take rest of dose as experience is enjoyable but cant take yet in case mum comes downstairs, feel as though atm I could handle briefly speaking with her if she just walks through living room for food. But couldn't speak to her for long.

Not sure how long has passed now, still only consumed 60+mg. feeling really paranoid. friend coming over to collect money I owe him which has put me on edge yet again. feeling as though they are not only coming for money but also coming to tell me something else maybe to do with my ex? Feel I took this mxp at a total stupid time!! I should only take this when in completely relaxed environment!! Could be really enjoyable but think I should have took it when I had less stuff going on physically and mentally

Still not sure how long has passed: effects becoming less apparent but still their! Sorry for such shitty report definately kind of substance that needs to be taken in right enviroment and when I don't have lots of stuff running through my head in life, maybe that's just me being overly paranoid...

Could really imagine this being a fun substance at the right time I just made stupid decision to take it at a stupid time.

Althhough I only took a small dose I felt under serious effects mainly due to paranoia. Next time I'll be carefull with this substance and take it in the right enviroment! Could imagine alot going wrong with this so please be carefull!

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104885
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Sep 14, 2015Views: 4,189
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Methoxphenidine (629) : Alone (16), First Times (2)

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