Powerful Trip
Citation:   Cartoons. "Powerful Trip: An Experience with 25D-NBOMe (exp104931)". Erowid.org. Mar 18, 2016. erowid.org/exp/104931

3.2 mg buccal 25D-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
I obtained blotters with 25D and having experience with 25C I will compare this compound to 25C. Also I am writing this post-trip but it will be accurate because I remember the trip almost entirely.

Put it in my gums and about 35 minutes later I began feeling the effects. There was a feeling of sedation and my body got warmer in contrast to 25C where I got a dirty adrenaline rush and my feet got cold throughout the trip, I was happy there was no vasoconstriction with 25D. Really the sedation was crazy I could get up but I felt kind of a stoned couch lock. It wasn't bad.

Finally visuals, but they are out of control. The most powerful visuals I have ever seen in my life. The world is practically a cartoon, I'm laying in my bed, warm. I was staring at my ceiling laughing uncontrollably at the ridiculous pictures I was watching. Colors began to change and the more I was going with the images the deeper out of reality I was going.

Peak. Pretty long peak. During this time period many things happened. Music began to sound like GOD. It hit the soul so good! I could feel the emotions of the artists, I could hear the very very slight background noise in professional music.

RUN, RIVER RUN, RIVER RUN, RUN RIVER, RUN... This sounds ridiculous when I write it here but while taking psychedelics I always hear this, not in words but in sounds. By reading this you will not get the sound but the pitch the sound makes. Throughout the peak this was happening. Time was distorted. I began to talk on the phone but I could not pay attention to what the person was saying, but I was too focused on my ceiling watching eternity pass by and laughing, when I did say something it was random or a mumble. The person on the phone was saying I'm weird and I kept trying to act normal. Nope, can't act normal during the peak. Impossible. No matter how hard I tried.
Nope, can't act normal during the peak. Impossible. No matter how hard I tried.

Food was really good and I drank a lot of water. Water was amazing! I went to the bathroom frequently because of the water so I would sit down and observe the new scenery. I would look at the hair in my legs. My hairs would stand up and look like palm trees. Waving, they did not look like complete palm trees they still looked like hair but the hair on top was spread into like 5 hairs. I would put my hand on my thigh and the hair would fall down and be normal again only to do its wavy palm tree movement when I took my hand off again. Some bizarre shit. And finally the most bizarre. I was looking at my chest hair in the mirror, it was growing out and it seemed like I was aging. My skin was aging too. I looked like I was in my early 40s. Scared the living shit out of me. I was not very amused by that visual but it was pretty cool. My mind did drift to dark stuff at times too but I kept bringing myself out of that realm.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]
I felt like I was able to drive. So I began to drive. Honestly this was very stupid and I advise against this because throughout that whole time I couldn't see turn splits in the road so I had to guess if I was able to turn left. I drove normally though. There were no crazy visuals at this point just slight color intensity and some distortion but I felt like I needed to go out.

Here the visual effects were going away but my emotional effects were taking over. Harsh words really hit the soul and I could understand how words could hurt a person again. Since I have grown out of being hurt by words this really brought me back, not in a bad way. Sleep was impossible until 12:00. I stayed up all night and needed to go to work 2 hrs later so I forced myself to sleep and finally fell asleep at 12:00. I was thinking about how I have no money and if people think I'm a loser.

Woke up for work 2 hrs later. I did not feel too bad. I had a smile at work and I was making conversation with people. I looked more friendly and less depressed. I feel more motivated to work also. Overall pretty good experience.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104931
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Mar 18, 2016Views: 2,400
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