Taking Bullets Up the Nose
Phenibut & Cannabis
Citation:   Igriega. "Taking Bullets Up the Nose: An Experience with Phenibut & Cannabis (exp104961)". Erowid.org. Jun 21, 2022. erowid.org/exp/104961

3 g oral Smarts - Phenibut
    repeated smoked Cannabis
    smoked Smarts - Phenibut
  1 bump insufflated Smarts - Phenibut
I had been looking for a new intoxicant for a while when my roommate mentioned that he had purchased Phenibut (I am unable to remember which brand/vendor) which some people had reported feeling extremely fucked up after taking a higher-than-recommended dose. I have always been very skeptical of legal highs and so I was very skeptical about Phenibut. Nonetheless, on a Friday night at home with nothing to do, I took an initial dosage of six 500 mg Phenibut capsules (3 g) and waited to feel the effects. My roommate did the same. We waited around for a while and smoked some immeasurable amount of weed, and we both conceded that maybe my roommate had wasted his money on this Phenibut. We felt high, but we felt it was just from the weed.

After about 90 minutes, we decided we would try something different. We got the idea to take some of the Phenibut and roll it up into a joint with some of our weed. Honestly I think that this was a function of our drug-induced reasoning that we thought this was a good idea. I have to say that in addition to feeling absolutely disgusting due to the taste of the inhaled Phenibut smoke, I noticed that I was definitely intoxicated from the pills we had taken earlier. My roommate turned to me and said “I feel crazy”, which I didn’t think much of until later in the night. I am not exactly sure how much was in the joint but it was definitely less than 500 mg. We got back inside from smoking that disgusting joint and I saw that on the table there was some leftover Phenibut from when we rolled the joint.

Initially I could not fathom why my roommate was not interested when I suggested snorting the remainder of the Phenibut. I drew out a line for myself and cut off a piece of straw. I should have taken my roommate’s extreme hesitancy as a sign. I started insufflating the Phenibut, and I simply could not take more than the smallest bump. It was almost a negligible amount of Phenibut. But when it entered my nasal cavity, I thought for a brief period of time that I was going to die. When I say that, I don’t mean that I “felt like death”. I actually thought that I had just done something that was going to send me to the emergency room. I had not read anything prior to taking the drug that snorting it would be so painful. I thought that I was going to end up overdosing based on the tiny amount I had snorted, which made me panic a bit. However, eventually the physical agony subsided and I no longer felt that I was facing imminent death. This probably lasted around 10 minutes, though it felt much longer.

I went and laid down because I felt horrible. I was completely trashed at this point. I have never taken another substance which I could reasonably equate to how I felt in this moment. I felt that my thoughts within my head were becoming disorganized and slurred, somewhat like what I experience from an Ambien binge. My entire body was shutting down and I felt completely locked into my bed, similar to my experiences with trazodone. However, there was something about this experience which I could not pin to any previous experience I had. I felt that my entire experience of the world was fragmenting before my eyes. Every time I closed my eyes, I would open them several seconds later, feeling as if I had not been experiencing life in the time that my eyes had been closed.
Every time I closed my eyes, I would open them several seconds later, feeling as if I had not been experiencing life in the time that my eyes had been closed.
The experience of this fragmented reality was very consistent. It might have been cool under other circumstances, but I was honestly too uncomfortable and distressed to take any joy from this experience.

I really think what went wrong is that the physical trauma from the extremely painful insufflation was shocking to my body and nervous system. My nose never really stopped hurting even after the excruciating torture of the first 10 minutes subsided. When I was lying in my bed, my eyes were comfortable neither open nor closed. I could not fall asleep, but felt much too spent to do anything while awake. The effects that it had on my visual experience of the world around me were unexpected at first, but soon became predictable and somewhat nauseating. I lost my initial sense of impending doom, but never became completely certain that I would not require emergency medical attention from how I was feeling. The experience was not trippy or enlightening in any way. I did not feel relaxed at all which was originally what I expected the experience to be like.

I finally fell asleep and felt terrible the next day. Honestly when I woke up which was a full 12 hours after the initial dose of Phenibut, I still felt somewhat intoxicated and incapable of completing simple routine tasks. I learned my lesson.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104961
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Jun 21, 2022Views: 1,317
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