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Testing Its Potential and Method
Morning Glory Seeds
by Kuro418
Citation:   Kuro418. "Testing Its Potential and Method: An Experience with Morning Glory Seeds (exp104989)". Jan 1, 2017.

100 seeds oral Morning Glory (tincture)
  2 oz oral Alcohol - Hard  


LSA experiment

5'11 130 lbs

2 FL Oz 50% (100 proof) vodka
100 seeds

I created a tincture by finely crushing seeds using mortar and pestle and then soaking in 2 fl oz of 50% vodka for 3 weeks, shaking vigorously every couple hours the first day then every 12 hours for 19 days. The 20th day I strained using a metal coffee filter and the removable dripper from a coffee maker. Let settle again and strained off once more the next day.

I chose this method after reading a lot about solubility of the individual materials and all active ingredients of morning glory seeds, as well as many preparation methods. I had a failed acid base extraction due to confusion, it but may still be a viable method, polar/non-polar extractions seemed unnecessary as polar goes to polar and non polar goes to non polar so why do both if only the substance I want will be extracted by the polar solvent. Alcohol is a polar solvent and LSA is soluble in alcohol so it was a 2 for one especially since some of the less desirable portions are also soluble in water (another polar solvent hence the solubility) but not alcohol. It was simple to do and I felt it would produce enough results to prove the viability of LSA.

First attempt was 25 seeds to be cautious and to test for allergies. I felt it thickly in my stomach and created a sensation in my tongue but little else, I noticed a slight change in perception but it could have been placebo or the alcohol so I dismissed it.

After preparing another batch of 50 seeds (3 weeks later) I tested again seeing no reaction allergic or otherwise from the last batch so I felt comfortable taking it. This batch I did not notice it in my stomach nearly as much but I definitely noticed a change in perception, an increase in the vibrancy of light and color, and again thought perhaps it was the alcohol, but the duration of a single dose of alcohol, in this case about 2 shots worth, is about an hour. The effects I felt lasted maybe 5 hours or so till I went to bed. I had couple instances of brief thought looping and the color intensity was much more noticeable but no trails. Thought patterns were slightly changed and I felt spacey and relaxed, just zoning into things. I felt like it wanted to be more intense but it just wasn't enough but I knew it was worth the experimentation based on these results. So...

100 seed preparation. There was more seed pulp in this mixture I couldn't quite strain it all off, there was a cloudy white substance at the bottom of the liquid and mixed in slightly with the tincture. I had considered casting off some of the cloudier portion, but I was unsure if it was the active ingredient. It shouldn't be, as what I read states the LSA is alcohol soluble and the less desirable ergot substances that are soluble in water are not soluble in alcohol. To be safe I allowed a portion of this very cloudy liquid that couldn't be decanted into the drink and ditched the rest. I theorize this was a mistake and I should junk all that cloudy crap and use a syringe or pipette to separate instead of just trying to pour off the top.

I drank it at 12pm I had eaten a very light breakfast about an hour before, I don't feel an empty fasted stomach is any better than a full stomach personally. I was in a fairly relaxed state and trying to be open to what ever occurred, I was a little excited to see what happened but not nervous or anxious.

It caused some stomach discomfort that came and went in waves, or rather intestinal discomfort. It was sort of nausea but it was in my bowels and not my stomach so the actual need to vomit wasn't there, and I was very aware of where the substance was in my tract. It really just made me want to lay down and relax more than run to the bathroom I was a little disappointed because I was hoping to work on a few things while in this state.

The trip was very tactile in a sense. Touching things was quite pleasant. It did leave a filmy feeling in my mouth and mixed with the alcohol it seemed to burn the back of my throat slightly, sort of like a cold starting which made for uncomfortable swallowing for the first hour and awkward nasal type drip. Within 30 minutes I could feel it coming on as I played some video games.

1:00 definitely tripping, mild but tripping, I wouldn't notice how much till I was done with a round of the game I was playing and then the light seemed thick as if I could see it actually interacting with the air molecules as I changed my focus. No trails but vibrant and alive. I get up and walk around and feel it in my body, my muscles feel strange and wavy but no disorientation. Similar to LSD.

1:30 is when the digestion issues actually started, coming and going in waves, a slight burning that felt like an empty starving stomach or 100% alcohol hitting my empty belly. Again it was my intestines though. I also started to have the filmy taste increase and flavor of the substance slightly metallic and increased salivation with a slight gooeyness. Again not to unlike LSD. Perhaps a little more intense though.

2:00 I go to sit back down and watch some TV. I had something paused on the TV, the trip was still continuing its peak as I walked in the room, I stopped but the scene on the TV was a hallway and for a moment I felt like the hallway was moving towards me from the TV, like it was actually there and I was entering it. Threw me for a loop. It was at the point I determined the experiment a success.

3:00 still peaking I decided to do a banishing ritual and I meander back and forth between rooms trying to figure out what I wanted to do specifically and keep changing my mind on the order, or if I actually wanted to do anything. Tactile sensations increase, I touch different things and am very aware of energy especially in the navel chakra. The intestinal discomfort still comes and goes in waves but has planed off as far as level of discomfort.

3:30 decide to take a shower.... god that was a great shower... the water washing over me closing my eyes and seeing my energy blue and white being cleansed by the energy of the water a pinkish hue. It seemed to ease my guts a bit. Not sure if it was a long shower or not I stopped paying attention to time after this point. I was aware of the energy in my back where its injured, cold and dark not like the rest of my body, warm blue and white. I could see it being great for healing work and also for mental therapy sessions.

I did my ritual after that, it was very intense as I vibrated words and drew symbols in the air. With the heat from the shower, the swirling in my guts, and the energy flowing it was a little dizzying so after it was done I immediately sat down and thought about things for a little bit. I thought of my GF who was at work and that whole world, and how it affects her and how much of that world is her world and controls her view of reality. How it stains her energy and traps her just as my work world does mine. I was a little concerned about the clash of our energies as she should have been on her way home but I would deal with it when it happened. She had checked up on me to make sure I hadn't died from the concoction I drank so we were chatting but I could clearly see the energy of her return in my mind. She didn't get home till about 9 that night.

I had gotten up to go to the bathroom and ended up looking at my face in the mirror as I often do when tripping because it's a trippy thing to do. Shadows played across my face and caused some morphing. I think I was done peaking at this moment maybe at 4ish. I watched anime for awhile just enjoying the trip and for previously stated reason I didn't feel like moving about. By 8-9 it had fairly well toned down, but still had the enhanced light and color going on with some body buzz still going and my guts had totally settled. I had thought by 9:30 or so after eating a late dinner it had completely subsided but then there was a reflux of in the intensity that lasted another few hours and I didn't go to sleep till about 3 am. The reflux wasn't intense but the perception change was noticeable. I am writing this the next day and feel perfectly normal.

Overall a very pleasant experience. There were never any trails but there was light dripping on several occasions as well as many other small incidents that are hard to explain. I would say it was comparable to a half hit of good acid. I look forward to further experiments, I will try 200 seeds, removing the tincture using pipette or some other means to reduce the granule content that I am sure caused the intestinal distress. I am also considering slow air evaporation of the alcohol to leave LSA on its own, as for me a habitual non-drinker the vodka is a little rough and contributed to the throat discomfort. I imagine those white granules also play the more major part in the throat burning and mouth filminess but we will see. No headaches or fish eye/tunnel vision that I have read in other experiences.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104989
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35 
Published: Jan 1, 2017Views: 6,761
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