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The Geometric Spinning Machine
DMT & Cannabis
Citation:   IndigoGirl. "The Geometric Spinning Machine: An Experience with DMT & Cannabis (exp104993)". Erowid.org. May 15, 2019. erowid.org/exp/104993

3 hits smoked DMT
I have been studying psychedelics for a while and I recently attended a conference. It intrigued me because I am so drawn to spiritual development and for some reason it was calling me. I first wanted to try a more earth like plant type substance like ayahuasa but I wasn't in the amazon I'm in SoHo NY. I then try my luck at attaining psilocybin but my medical marijuana Dr. couldn't find a reliable source. I did however find nnDMT from my cousins dealer who seemed to know absolutely nothing about the substance but had a connect and at the time I was desperate. I grabbed a large supply not knowing what to expect.

I put a lot of effort into my set and setting.
I put a lot of effort into my set and setting.
My setting is a beautifully decorated environment with natural colors colors of aqua greens and browns, crystals, incense and meditation music. I felt that the calm soothing environment would bring a more earthbound effect to the very chemical nnDMT experience. Boy was I wrong.

It was Halloween day. I lit a white candle and before smoking the crystals I smudged the apartment and myself. I sat on my comfy white bed and I made my intention to learn from this spirit. To grow and try to expand my mind help myself and others through this mystical journey and I inhaled what seemed to smell like hippies and incense. Maybe it was all the sage and incense burning but I thought hmmm thats what I smell every single time I go into a psychic and tarot shop. I took in 2 pulls from a long glass bulb pipe on a bed of cannabis and experienced complete peace and tranquility and the feeling of love but I definitely didn't break through.

I didn't necessarily wait that long to try again and I put back on my meditation track and took a large long hit of the crystals I felt funny automatically. I felt this weight on me and my body felt heavy I couldnt move from my bed. I could hear a crackling noise in my ears and remembered from McKenna this was a sign I have ingested the substance properly. The room was spinning in shapes but I kept on smoking. I close my eyes and see a mandala chrysanthemum I realized from McKenna that this was a hallmark sign of the trip and he said to smoke one more hit to break through further. I did. The mandala was spinning in my third eye in shades of amber gold orange copper and brown. I remember thinking how beautiful how absolutely wonderful! I had this feeling of intense love and peace again. So intense I had to put my hand on my heart and cry. I opened my eyes and the air's atmosphere turned liquid and I could see things through this liquid and I was in awe of how my apartment turned into a dimension made of geometric spheres and cubes and cones and diamonds and cylinders and cubes all spinning like a machine and letting off this energy and vibrations. Oh the vibrations being let off by this spinning energy force was orgasmic. Waves of light in shades of blues and greens and fractals oh the fractals. I closed my eyes and saw a beach at dusk orange and beautiful I have seen this place before... Weird.

I opened my eyes again and then I saw these dots all around. The dots were shaped like little alien grey heads and I thought huh this weird but ok and slowly I saw the dots move together and forming these superpositions and HOLY SHIT I'm SEEING THE WORLD ON A QUANTUM SUBATOMIC LEVEL! I had so much fun and its was awesome I was really getting into it and loving the experience until I felt a strange weird dare I say alien presence. I was not alone anymore... The geometric shapes had turned into an energy force so intense the alien head formed and just smiled. Waiting for me to see it. Everything felt like I was looking at a hologram. It communicated with me telepathically that I was so silly... Silly humans they think they know it all who do you think created you? Why cant you become Gods like us and live in peace and evolve already. Your time has come. I was shit scared and paralyzed with fear. An alien encounter was the LAST THING I expected I did my research but for some reason never paid too much attention to how many people kept describing it as alien I didn't think I'd be face to face with one on Halloween. I felt like I was in my apartment that now looked like a spaceship?

I felt very sexual vibrations from this alien being and it took its tentacles that looked like wisps of smoke it was transparent and it made contact with my brain and went in my brain and started going through all my thoughts scanning my brain like a computer with its tentacles. HEY STOP THAT! THAT STUFF IS PRIVATE! I thought back at it. I was getting really scared really quick and I just wanted to stop seeing this damn Alien. I no longer felt in control and that is when I started flipping out a little. I looked the clock its been 30 minutes why am I still feeling this doesn't it only last 15 minutes? I kept looking at the clock. I couldn't take it I any longer and whether I closed my eyes or opened them, they were everywhere. I turned on really crap TV and loud pop music to drown out the aliens they are still everywhere its been over an hour. Finally after and hour and a half to an hour 15 I stopped feeling most of the effect left feeling utterly dumbfounded weak stupid and afraid. Scariest experience of my life for sure.

The following weeks and months are being spent learning.
The following weeks and months are being spent learning.
I have a sudden interest in quantum mechanics and meditation and self healing and geometry. The knowledge I have gained is unimaginable and so massive but the experience was so terrifying. I am so blessed to have downloaded this information from the alien contact however it will be a looooong time until I want to go back into DMT space because it was so alien, I had no control and I thought my mind would stay like this and I'd be stuck in this dimension crazy forever. A week after DMT I started feeling peoples energy and GOSH ITS EXHAUSTING sometimes. And a few days ago I had my first premonition dream. It was so literal. I'm very interested to see how else I can evolve.

Yesterday I sat in while my friend had smoked the nnDMT and all he kept saying alone in the room was this is amazing and when he came into the living room all he said was that the room turned into a spaceship and that's all he could really say about it. He couldn't speak much he just seemed in awe and said it was the single greatest psychedelic experience of his life.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104993
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 27
Published: May 15, 2019Views: 860
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DMT (18) : Alone (16), Entities / Beings (37), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2)

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