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Anti-Anxiety Oasis
Citation:   Weiss. "Anti-Anxiety Oasis: An Experience with Aniracetam (exp105004)". Apr 29, 2019.

300-700 mg oral Aniracetam
  700 mg oral Vitamins - Choline
In the morning after breakfast I mix equal amounts of aniracetam and choline bitatrate powders into 4oz of juice, it doesn't really dissolve the aniracetam, but it's easy to chug.

Starting at 700mg of each, the effects were good, but caused a fishy body odor soon after because of the choline. A dose of 500mg had the same effects and less issue with body odor. My mind had been constantly rehashing negative events of the past. I am currently suffering extreme anxiety, but it went away within 30 minutes after taking the aniracetam. I felt calm for the entire day after one dose. It makes it easier to communicate with people and leave the house, and easier to sleep at night. It helps with social anxiety.

I reduced the dose to 300mg of aniracetam per day about twice a week now
I reduced the dose to 300mg of aniracetam per day about twice a week now
, have been taking it on and off for over a month, morning or noon works best for me. Taking it at night as a sleep aid did not seem to help, though I only tried it once. After being off it several days toward the end of the week the negative thoughts and anxiety come back. It seems to hold me over for a day or two after stopping. Why do I stop? Because I always want to see if I can get along without it.

The underlying anxiety has not lessened for me, other than lessening over time, but I feel I have found a small oasis of calm I can tap into while looking to completely heal.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 105004
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 31
Published: Apr 29, 2019Views: 2,007
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