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Flying on AL-LADdins Magical Carpet
Citation:   highondrugsandlife. "Flying on AL-LADdins Magical Carpet: An Experience with AL-LAD & MDMA (exp105041)". Mar 11, 2018.

T+ 0:00
2 hits smoked Cannabis (extract)
  T+ 0:18 150 ug oral AL-LAD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:45 150 mg   MDMA  
Man, psychedelics, so much shit can be said about these drugs. They have given me some of the best days of my life and some of the most terrifying, batshit crazy nights of my life. The latter reason is why I decided to take a hiatus from psychedelics for a while (about a year since I last tripped). Part of me felt like I would never take a psychedelic again, I just didn't want to trip anymore. Psychedelics, I feel, set themselves away from other drugs in the way that they kind of deserve 'respect.' They can tear me down and leave me with nothing and show all my deepest fears. I wanted to feel that amazing euphoric trip feeling again but it just took me so long to get the balls to finally decide to drop the tab.

I honestly thought that earlier in the day before the trip, if someone told me I was trippin that night I would have laughed right in their face, but fuck it, here I am. Ever since I started University it has been a pretty good period in my life. I have a shitton of friends and I'm definitely having the stereotypical, fun easy going college life. I've tried a bunch of new shit in college but I still somehow manage to stay away from psychedelics for a bit until I was at least comfortable with the idea of tripping. I'm no stranger to drugs though, I've done cannabis, spice (synthetic cannabis), vyvanse, cocaine, MDMA, LSD, LSZ, 25i-NBOMe, shrooms, xanax, hydrocodone, oxycodone, MXE, alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine. A part of me was definitely feeling the vibe of trippin, but I wanted to wait till the perfect time to take. I love the easy going vibes of MDMA and I know if I mixed it with a psychedelic there will be no possibility of a bad trip. The last time I took MDMA was at a Halloween festival and I knew after that roll the next roll I want to do is when I'm trippin. The setting is at the campus dorms chilling with friends when they tell me they plan to trip tonight. Since the semester is about to end and I already had some AL-LAD and .2 of molly that I had bought early I decided to join in with them and have an amazing reintroduction to psychedelics. Tripping with friends always brings good vibes and since I haven't tripped with someone else in a good while, I'm excited to trip with a group of friends. It is a perfect, mild winter day in the Southeast USA, and the sky couldn't be more beautiful with a full moon out. My mindset is actually calm, though I am a bit nervous about the trip ahead. However, I know I have a low chance of a bad time due to the nature of MDMA. So overall I would say I had a good set and setting for this trip. I'm on no medication or anything else so there is basically nothing that is stopping me from tripping.

4:20pm Chilling at my friend B's place smoking weed. My friends show up and tell me they want to trip tonight. We all decided that I will take AL-LAD plus MDMA and my friends will take LSD. Some other friends are also going to trip on L, 2c-b, or shrooms. We leave to go to our dealer's place and my place so we can get the drugs.

4:38pm Took 150ug tab with my friend C, J, and the dealer who sold them the tabs and who was also the one that sold me the .2 of MDMA. His shit is pure and he is a reliable dealer so good vibes all around and we leave to go back to my friend's B house. I hadn't eaten anything since noon today so it should be a quick come up.

4:42pm Swallowed tab, tasted like nothing confirming it isn't some other RC.

5:05pm At B's house just chilling on the couch. Definite body buzz, feels like a very vague opiate feeling. Very warm and fuzzy but nothing too intense.

5:20-5:30pm Took molly. I'm starting to feel the AL-LAD coming up, I'm at a ++ and a half. The vibes felt right so I pop the pill and brace for impact. Minor visual activity is starting to occur, looks like I'm tripping no matter what. The come up is a bit tense at some points, just some nausea and the feeling of tripping balls finally starts to hit me.

5:45pm CEVs that look like really long lit up hallways. Neon colors and lights fill the color spectrum, the visuals are a much brighter and happier version of LSD. Definite psychedelic feeling setting in, feels exactly like LSD in almost every sense, except it feels more calmer and less pushy. Minor nausea is nothing and is easily ignorable, other than that feel an intense warm buzz pulse all up and down my body. I'm definitely fully strapped in for this modified candy flip, feeling a good +++ right now. Watching the new Teen Titans and it is getting trippier as time goes on. I look at my phone and notice that time is gradually slowing down.

6:00-6:30pm B and her friend are leaving to go to some party. Me J, C, and a trip sitter friend decided to go to the campus amphitheatre. It's a nice closed of area in the middle of campus where everyone likes to trip, and since a lot of people are tripping tonight it's all good vibes. Outside looking at the sky the moon and the clouds are absolutely beautiful. Starting to feel the energy from the molly and the trip is getting stronger. Visuals are in full effect and I can say this totally feels like L. My friend J says we need some cigarettes, so we get our sober trip sitter friend to drive us to the gas station down the street. As we get in the car, I notice that everything has a rainbow tint. I close my eyes in the car and listen to the music. I become enveloped with the sounds and see intense CEV kaleidoscopes. There was nothing else that mattered in the world, it was just me and the music and it was one of the most tranquil feelings I have ever felt.

7:00pm We get back from the store and head to the amp to trip balls. Sat at some tables and had a very deep intimate conversation with my friend C. We just talked about our lives in high school while listening to some John Coltrane. My friend said I was saying some super deep shit. Honestly, it didn't even feel like those where my ideas, I feel like I am connecting to a higher state of consciousness and it is allowing my words to flow out my mouth. True mind expansion in the purest form, I am definitely feeling a very pure psychedelic high and the molly is just intensifying it. Rolling and tripping now, no denying it.

7:30-8:15pm I lay down on the grass in amp with a few friends and look up at the trees that are trying to grab the sky, the branches all look so intricate and detailed. I look up at the moon and see three blue lights shoot out from it and then expanded it into a giant yellow ball. The full moon looks so breathe taking with the sky, I can stare at this shit for hours. I see the clouds, the moon, and a plane flies and I realize that everything in this world is picture perfect. Sadly, some guy is strung out on who knows what. He keeps shouting 'DON'T DO RESEARCH CHEMICALS KIDS' and it trips me out. So me and a few friends said 'fuck this' and decided to leave. Walking out of the amp, I had a hard time understanding people and I had to sit down because I thought I was going to throw up. I sat down and calmed myself and decided I was all good. I then split off from my main group of friends to go drop something off. On the way back to my dorm I see my roommate Z who is tripping on shrooms. I told him I was going back to my room to drop some tabs off and to get some water. He looks at me and says 'I got you man' and then pulls out a water from his bag and gives it to me. I give him a hug telling him that I appreciate the thing he did and I told him I'm glad he was my roommate, it was a great bonding experience. I drop my stuff at my dorm and head back to the amp.

On the way back I see my friend X and A chilling at a table just thinking and playing guitar. The vibes where perfect. My friend X looked like a philosopher thinking deep about life. My friend A looks like a magic elf playing a lute, as he plays a guitar another group of trippin people passes us by. I feel intense good vibes, nothing can destroy this magic moment, nothing has ever been this perfect. It was like the universe lined everything up and made me meet those people so I could have this magical moment of pure bliss. I told them I'm heading to the amp and since A knows I'm tripping he joins me on my adventure and we have a pretty deep conversation about our lives and what we want to do with them. I help him carry with his guitar equipment and I open a door for him. He then comments on how I would be a great band manager, which is funny because that is something I aspire to be one day. We meet up with my other friends and we all decide to go to the local lake to trip balls. The view on the lakefront is absolutely beautiful, the clouds and the moon are all so detailed and vivid. I'm sweating my balls off and jaw clenching is a bitch but other than that I am having the time of my life. Talking to all my friends and just acting stupid, good vibes all around.

8:30pm Back at amp trippin talking to random people with ease. Talked to a girl I meet earlier before the trip (who is now also tripping), and conversation flowed nicely. Meeting new people is like an adventure now. Usually when I'm tripping, I'm awkward around strangers but here I'm very comfortable and happy to get to know people.

8:40pm Go back to my room on the 4th floor to take a shower. Nice visuals, generic CEVs like kaleidoscopes and my white shower is filled with rainbows. I love taking a shower while tripping, I almost forgot what it felt like. The body high is absolute bliss, feels like I'm one with the water.

8:55pm Called my friend B, and told her that I love her and appreciate her as a friend. She laughs and knows I'm trippin so it's all good. We have a nice short talk on the phone and then I decide to head out again to enjoy my trip. I walk the white hallways and feel like they go on forever. I look out a window and see a picture perfect view of the city. I stare at it a bit, realizing that this is my home. I then head outside back to the amp.

9:10pm Trippin decently looking at the moon. Laying in grass and just looking at the sky, this is why I love psychedelics more than any other drug. Body high feels amazing, like I'm flying on a magical carpet through the universe.

9:30pm Definitely starting to feel the end of the visual part of the trip. Still the euphoria and the energy is still there so I just decided to roll with it. I'm definitely tripping, it is just not as intense as before.

10:00pm Still minor visuals. Dabs got me higher and the molly has still got me energetic. Standing still feels far more natural than sitting. Conversation is flowing easily and I'm enjoying the vibes at the party.
10:30pm Looking at my friends play Infamous 2. Man this is trippy I'm seeing tracers in the game out the ass. Guess the dabs really put you back up.

11:00pm Went back to the amp and see there is finally a party going on. Talking to people feels nice and conversation flows.

11:30pm Just feel really fucked up now. No visuals now, just a really nice body high and I have HD vision. Shit feels like I'm melting into the chair. I still feel pretty good at this point and am pretty satisfied at my current state of conciseness.

12:05am Feels like I'm just fucked up now. I'm just trying to vibe to my fuckedupness. Talking to people still feels nice though.

12:20am Just sitting on the steps at the amp and talking to my friend J. I feel this very neutral depression, like all the magic in the world is gone. I guess feeling blue is the best way to describe it. The trip is practically over, but I feel fulfilled and I'm glad I experienced something so magical.

12:30am Appetite returns . Eat some chips and drink water, haven't eaten anything in like 12 hours so I'm starving. Still have jaw-clenching, this is easily the worst aspect of the trip. Other than that, I am perfectly fine.

1:00am Practically baseline. Feel an upcoming wave of neutral depression. It's not bad, but I'm just tired and want to go to bed.

1:30am Took another shower and after that I'm baseline. Nothing interesting happened in the shower just felt pretty blue and I was ready to go to bed.

2:00amish Pass out. Didn't take as long as I expected it would.
was really caught in a loop in this trip, everything I did just made me go back to the amp. However, that is the nature of psychedelics and overall I had one of the best trips of my life. It was truly a magical experience, I became closer to my friends as a result. This combination would be the perfect concoction for a rave or a party. I just felt so connected to everyone and talking to new people was an exciting adventure. I've read that AL-LAD is more of a social drug and from my experience I would say it has perfect synergy with MDMA. Worst aspect about this trip was the slight nausea, jaw-clenching, and drained feeling the next day or so (probably has something to do with serotonin). AL-LAD was the cleanest research chemical I ever tried. It never gave me that dirty, fucked up feeling that 25i or other chemicals give. It is a very pure trip and it is psychedelic in the truest sense. It was honestly almost indistinguishable from real L at the peak, the only thing is the shorter duration and maybe not as intense head space. AL-LAD is a drug worthy of trying (especially with MDMA), and I dare say I like just as much as Lucy.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 105041
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Mar 11, 2018Views: 1,947
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AL-LAD (603), MDMA (3) : Various (28), General (1)

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