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Less Is More
Kratom (Maeng Da & Indo White Vein)
by Mitragyna-Marshall
Citation:   Mitragyna-Marshall. "Less Is More: An Experience with Kratom (Maeng Da & Indo White Vein) (exp105064)". Feb 11, 2016.

3 g oral Kratom (ground / crushed)


Psychoactive history:
Alcohol, Blue Lotus, Kava Kava, Phenibut, various opioids

I've seen people using too much Kratom and getting nauseous, dizzy and stuff like that. From my experience, the beauty of Kratom can be experienced, when used in smaller doses.

Experience with 3g of Maeng Da Kratom (ground up powder):

I was home alone. I just got my Kratom in the post and was excited to try it out.

I had an empty stomach. I tried to do the toss 'n' wash, but I couldn't. It felt like sand and the taste was very bitter. I tried to mix it in water, but it didn't mix well. I tried to drink it, but gagged every time. Then I mixed in a diet soda and it was easier to swallow. It also seems like Kratom is acid-soluble.

20-30 minutes and I started to feel really enjoyable relaxation in the back of my neck. Soon I felt the relaxation all over in my body and muscles. The relaxation was most pronounced in my neck and shoulders, where I hold really much tension. It was like after a massage. My mood was getting better too. It's like my basic mood went from neutral to generally positive. I didn't get any kind of high or like that, but I really felt good about life and the moment. Music sounded better and I could kind of get 'more out of it'. I also felt a slight improvement in motivation. After two hours the effects were gone, but I knew I'd return to this substance.

Experience with 3g of Indo White Vein Kratom(ground up powder):

Now this happened in the same setting as the previous one, but two days after.

I struggled to get it down, but I think it's worth it.

20-30 minutes passed again, but this time the relaxation in my neck wasn't as pronounced. Again, my mood went from neutral to generally positive. This time I had a bigger improvement in motivation and overall energy, so I cleaned my whole house and washed the dishes, while listening to my favourite music, which suddenly sounded much more enjoyable. No high, but really happy with life again. Also when I went out, socializing was way easier and I didn't care about other people's thoughts too much. I love this stuff.

Experience with 5g of Indo White Vein Kratom (ground up powder):

Empty stomach, hard to get it down, you know the drill.

Now this time the effects were opioid-like. I felt really relaxed, slow, little bit dizzy and euphoric like I was drunk. Everything I did felt much better. I took a sip of an energy drink and it was the best sip ever. My brain was like 'oh my god, this is good'. I started reading a book and usually I hate reading, but this time I really enjoyed it. I also listened to Mozart while reading and it was a really pleasant experience. It started to wear off after an hour and after two hours it was almost completely gone. No hangover.

Bonus experience:
Once I tried 1,5g of each at the same time, but it seemed like the effects of Indo White Vein got the upper hand, only less pronounced, because it was half of the normal 3g dose.

My thoughts:

The 5g experience was nice, but I don't do it anymore, since it ruins my tolerance and it seems like there is some abuse potential to it.

I use Kratom every other day and never use same strain twice in a row and I never get withdrawal symptoms.

They really help with social anxiety and loss of motivation. They are not intense, but they make anything feel just a tad better, but for me it goes a long way, because being even slightly positive is way better than being neutral or negative.

Nowadays I can get the stuff down without too much of gagging, but I'm still trying to find a more pleasant way of using it.dee

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 105064
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Feb 11, 2016Views: 6,184
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