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Eaten Fresh, No High, Cured Arthritis
Cannabis (oral)
Citation:   Swazi-X. "Eaten Fresh, No High, Cured Arthritis: An Experience with Cannabis (oral) (exp105095)". Feb 26, 2019.

7 g oral Cannabis (fresh)
In the fall of 2012 I watched a video on YouTube called, 'Leaf' by Dr. Courtney. He and his wife were involved in juicing fresh cannabis leaves for a daily drink to improve their health to good result - she had multiple health issues many of a serious nature, and most or all were helped or cured by the cannabis leaf juice according to the results they posted.

I have access to growers in my medical cannabis-legal state, so I secured a small supply of freshly frozen cannabis leaf to use. Since it was frozen, and since leaf doesn't have much juice and juicers discard the pulp I decided to instead just include a small handful of fresh/frozen cannabis leaf in a morning smoothie. Over the next month or two I noticed a small improvement in energy and attitude, so I continued to use them daily.

After securing a gallon ziploc of fresh/frozen cannabis flowers (harvested buds that were picked then immediately frozen - no drying/curing at all) I began using a small handful of them in my smoothie. The first day I tried it, my energy was way up and my attitude and happiness was much improved as well. I continued to use them up and source more in subsequent months so that by 12/2014 I have been using fresh flowers for 2 full years daily, missing only a few days out of that time.

**The thing to note with using cannabis in this way - undried, unheated, (non-decarboxylated) is that fresh/frozen cannabis is non-psychoactive. Fresh cannabis does not get me high -- I can use it before work in the morning without euphoria/dysphoria.**

Within 3 months of using fresh/frozen cannabis flowers daily in a smoothie for energy and depression help, I happened to notice the beginning arthritis I had started feeling in my knees and hips had almost completely gone away. My range of motion for my hips and knees was increased drastically, so that before where I could kneel down only with much difficulty and pain, I could (and can still) now do a deep knee-bend, touching my butt to my heels, completely unaided. I'm now 60 yrs old and I can get up from a cross-legged sitting position on the floor without using my hands. The depression that I had used St.John's Wort for to mild effect for years was also now almost 100% gone.

I understand this will be unbelievable to many, partially due to the prohibition we've imprisoned this plant in over the last decades that has effectively halted most research into it, but these facts are absolutely true - and there's more.

I have found others over the last two years who are interested in the results I got and who have used fresh cannabis flowers themselves - and except for a couple of people uncomfortable with using cannabis at all (mainly because of the social stigma), those who had any knee/hip/shoulder or other joint problems have reported markedly improved range of motion and decreased pain after a week or two using fresh flowers. Some have found their depression has lifted greatly as well, and most report large increases in energy at the very least.

I have one friend who had been diagnosed with terminal kidney disease and given a general idea of how long her doctors expected her to live, since the condition was not treatable per her physicians. She had three doctors in two states tell her the same thing - put your affairs in order sooner than later. I was about 3 months into using the flowers and found some I could share - she was happy to try them and I fully expected her to benefit as far as energy and help with depression, thinking anything would be better than waiting to die.

She called me a month or so later and told me at her last checkup, her kidney 'numbers' had stopped falling, or getting worse, for the first time since she had been diagnosed with kidney disease. I found more flowers for her and the second call at about 2.5 months had her reporting that her kidney numbers had slightly increased - towards the good. I was amazed and happy - maybe she'd be able to survive a bit longer thanks to this strange use of cannabis.

The third call from her I picked up to hear her crying on the other end. Immediately I was afraid she had gotten bad news and her kidneys were back on the slide, but she had good news instead. She told me her doctor (she was down to one) was very surprised at her latest kidney test that came back to show her kidneys were now fully functional. That was over a year ago and her tests continue to show that her kidneys are still fully functional. She looks better than she has for years, feels great, and believes fresh cannabis saved her life unequivocally. Her doctor (who was not informed of her cannabis use, wisely, since the reaction of some physicians to anything cannabis-related can be unpredictable to say the least) has attributed her kidneys' recovery to 'spontaneous healing'.

The above is all 100% true, and I continue using and sharing fresh flowers when possible. Among the benefits I've seen from my smoothies are:

1. 95% + improvement in joint mobility - knees, hips, fingers, shoulders, etc.
2. Drastic reduction in pain in all joints.
3. Depression is gone, period. Sadness will come and go but the dark cloud has dissipated.
4. Cuts heal faster without infection.
5. Skin tone improved - there is a glow I see (more noticeable in others) after a couple of weeks of daily fresh flower use.
6. Energy remarkably high and sustained - an overall feel of being much younger.
7. Stamina increased along with energy.

Others who've used these flowers in their smoothies have noticed many of the same results - especially the joint pain/mobility improvements.

The combination of flowers I've settled on is 2/3 'regular' high-THC varieties (common choices for most growers in MMJ states) along with 1/3 of a high-CBD variety (Harlequin, tested locally at 8% CBD/4% THC). From what I can tell, the energy is most noticeable with the high-THC varieties but when possible I include the high-CBD component too since I don't know which is doing what, benefit-wise.

Some friends have not completely understood the difference between fresh/frozen and dried cannabis (to very funny, but extremely uncomfortable result), so this must be clear - if you dry or heat cannabis, it will get you high. If you use fresh or freshly-frozen flowers(buds) in a cold smoothie or other non-heated way, you will NOT get high. Excess flowers (amount will vary depending on your size, what you've eaten, and - strangely - it seems women are more sensitive to the flowers and need less that guys) have caused a need for a nap, but even then for me there is no high involved.

A friend helped me test one final circumstance - and yes, fresh cannabis will show up on a pee test for THC from what I've found.

Exp Year: 2012-2014ExpID: 105095
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 60
Published: Feb 26, 2019Views: 1,247
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