Audio Illusion
by B1
Citation:   B1. "Audio Illusion: An Experience with MDMA (exp105125)". Sep 17, 2019.

T+ 0:00
  oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine
  T+ 0:00 200 mg oral MDMA
  T+ 1:30 100 mg oral MDMA
I want to write this experience report as like many other I had a weird experience on MDMA and I am still not sure of what really happened that night…
I am still not sure of what really happened that night…
I call it a weird experience as it was definitely not a bad trip, I had a couple of those in the past and they were pretty spooky, long and involving 3-4 more people.

I took MDMA the first time when I was 21 yo during a journey in Spain with 6 friends of mine and it was great, amazing only good vibes; then I took it now and then (like once per month) in electronic or drum 'n' bass festivals and techno raves but I definitely found my dimension in GOA parties, open-air spaces along the weekend in central Italy near Bologna until I was 27. In this period we experiences two really bad trips but after some time it was fine again. In the past 3 years I stop because the situation and the people I was hanging around changed but this winter I went to a minimal/electronic event and I took some MDMA again.

I felt great and after 3 months I went to a drum 'n' bass night into a small club. The night starts with a couple of beers and then we took 0.2mg of MDMA. After one hour my friend start to feel it and roll, I waited 30min. more and I took another 0.1mg, finally I also started to roll. The music was great, I knew that Dj very well and I had a good peak but as the Dj changed I immediately stopped rolling and probably being bored (it can happen also on MDMA) I start to listen to what the MC was saying, it was very repetitive with a lot of “whatcha” “rolling” and so on. Then I start to look at some chicks that were there and I started to hear the MC commenting on what I was doing, like “he watch her, he stop her… nooo she run away”.

I hadn’t put too much attention on it but suddenly I had the clear impression that the MC was commenting all my actions
I had the clear impression that the MC was commenting all my actions
, I was drinking and I heard him saying “ your body need water” and so on. I thought “ok, maybe he is just commenting on everything he see around him” not a big deal and I went into the other room. After a while I came back and started to talk with some people at the entrance of the room smoking a joint and heard him saying “now is back, but I does not enter, enter, enter”. I did not know exactly what to do, I was not high at that point, the peak was gone by a couple of hour and I went again to the other room. There was a different DJ without MC but I heard something like “maybe you gone away but we might keep your buddy”, I didn’t want to tell him anything as he was so happy, why ruin a good sensation??… My friend told me “ I'm going to the other room” and I decide to stay there, and I heard from the DJ say “he’s gone, now you will follow him to the next room” and there I said to myself “if they comment on something I am doing it’s ok but if they tell me what to do… FUCKING NO WAY” and I left the club.

I took a long walk on the way to home thinking if they were really teasing me or if everything was only in my mind. I am not a type of person that gets offended easily, especially on MDMA, one really has to work hard to make me upset… plus, at the start it was also fun I have to say but when it become too much I quit… Probably the MC and the DJ were just playing their music and my brain created this sort of illusion, who knows … but I can tell you that if I would have been taking more MDMA or drank a lot of alcohol along with or mixed it with something else it could have led me to a proper bad trip.

The next day I was feeling like shit as usual after MDMA but nothing special, no hallucinations nor hearing weird stuff, what I did was check the flyer for the party and strangely enough, I discovered that one of the features of the crew that played the night before was “audial illusion” (seriously WTF). One of my previous bad trips led me down in a tent hearing distorted voices that were really spooky and paranoid but that time as I wrote before, I was not the only one. Now I would like to ask if somebody else had similar experience of illusions especially when they are not “that high” or at a 72h rave.

Anyway I decided to not take MDMA, I will be paranoid if the same thing happens again.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 105125
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 32
Published: Sep 17, 2019Views: 475
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