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The Weird I Crave
by my3rdi
Citation:   my3rdi. "The Weird I Crave: An Experience with DOC (exp105128)". May 11, 2018.

T+ 0:00
  repeated oral Alcohol  
  T+ 0:00 1 hit oral DOC (blotter / tab)
  T+ 3:10   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 4:53 30 mg smoked DPT  
  T+ 5:53 1 mg oral Etizolam  
  T+ 6:23 1 mg oral Etizolam  
  T+ 15:53 1 mg oral Etizolam  
  T+ 0:00 2 mg oral Melatonin  
  T+ 0:00 1.2 g oral Valerian  


Preface: I've had one other known experience with a DOx compound. That occurred in the summer of 2011 during a Phish show. So going into this experience I was excited to try this compound, as at the time of the experience, I had been told it was LSD. So I unknowingly tried it. Weeks later I found analytic samples online showing it was DOI, and I deduced that was what was on the blotter, as the blotter art matched up.

I'm not opposed to any chemicals. I have my preferences. I've sampled, and mixed a number of substances. Some of my other published reports detail my psychological travels. So I will spare reposting the list of compounds I have used.

I did a fair amount of research with regard to DOC. And when it became available through a vendor I use, I couldn't resist purchasing it. Prior to the experience, I hadn't 100% committed to taking the compound that day, but with a lot of experiences, the moment can lead you in a certain direction.

Substance report DOC

DATE: 11/28/14

Substance: DOC, alcohol, etizolam, cannabis, and DPT


2mg DOC (one blotter)
ALCOHOL repeated
3mg etizolam
Cannabis repeated
30mg DPT

I arrived in Athens, GA around 530pm. My buddy and I decided to grab some brews at a Brewery. We arrived around 5:45pm. We stayed until 730pm. The brewery gives out ticket stubs for each beer, which is between 8-10 ounce per pour. I had five beers, which I deduced the next day from the remaining ticket stubs in my pocket. We stopped to smoke a quick bowl of cannabis prior to heading to downtown Athens to see a friend perform jazz. We arrived at a trendy bar around 8. I had one cocktail at this place before deciding it was time to administer the DOC. I would describe my state as intoxicated. I was also very hungry.

8:07pm single tab swallowed

8:30pm first alert. Sharpening of color, an awareness of being off baseline. I had an inherent shift from feeling just the alcohol and cannabis. I would describe this as a temporary feeling of being 'more sober.'

We left this particular bar and walked to go eat dinner. The walk was about a half mile. I could feel the DOC. I had a mild amount of body load during the walk. I ordered a water and a beer prior to putting in a meal order.

8:45pm It reminds me a lot pure MDMA. I feel encased in love. My vision has mild tracers. All senses are enhanced. I feel an ethereal warmth to the world.
My vision has mild tracers. All senses are enhanced. I feel an ethereal warmth to the world.

9:05pm some GI discomfort being felt. I also felt a shift to what I identified as like the come up for mescaline. I would note that unlike many other PEA's this compound isn't overtly speedy. Something I have felt with the 25x series. Where the come up feels more like speed than any psychedelic.

This come up was like laying on a cloud. I felt fucking incredible. A very heavy entactogen feel to it. Very mescaline like in feeling to me. I would actually say this is more like mescaline than Allylescaline.

9:51pm. The corner is turned. This is a full psychedelic experience. Everything is breathing and vibrating. Vivid closed eye patterns when I blink. All senses are enhanced. I found food to be profound tasting. The feeling of being very off baseline is present but not uncomfortable

Conversation is very easy despite being quite high. Again, like many PEA's I found my speech to not be hindered to the point of being noticed by my buddy. He affirmed on several accounts I sounded very clear headed. We finish our meal and return to the previous bar.

10:17pm. I think of the old descriptions of STP, and I get it. This sharply takes a very different direction than LSD. It's a deep drug. Very profound thoughts and analysis.

I observe a friend and his fiancÚ. It's like a condensed therapeutic series of sessions being fired through a time warp via a psychedelic cannon. I am learning so much in so little time. I question the validity of their love, and their intent with each other. It segues to questioning my own relationship, which lends itself to a more fresh taste in my mouth. I observe the floor of the bar to be vibrant with movement and shifting. The color of the room is amplified. I see the full spectrum of color. Ego dissolution is rampant. Contrast and comparison is firing like a perfectly tuned machine.

10:32pm we arrive at a different bar. I find the vibe here unsettling. I feel slightly out of place. Mildly uncomfortable in public. I am also craving weed.

11:00pm walk back to my buddy's apartment. Nature has a vibrant glow to it. Every traffic light and street light is full of tracers. Everything has purpose and a place. Connection is a state of existence and to deny it is to deny evolutionary progress.

11:17pm cannabis smoked. Kicking it up from +++ to an even stronger +++

12:22am My buddy has a map of middle earth above his tv, it looks like the face of a person with an abnormal sized nose. The white wall behind it is shimmering.

I don't find the substance to impede conversation. We are having long conversations about musical evolution and stylistic preferences

1:00am 30mg DPT smoked. I somewhat faltered with my technique. Visuals heightened. Very surreal feeling and bridged gap between worlds. Every color is extremely vivid. It's a base level dose. Far from a breakthrough dose. It adds a different texture to the trip both visually and mentally.

2:00am 1mg benzo. I begin to worry about the time frame of the trip. I decide to apply landing gear

2:30am 1mg benzo. I don't feel the first milligram, so I take another

4:00am 2mg brought the psychedelia to a halt. However I am still quite mentally stimulated. No way I can sleep. I drink a few beers to try to further bring the stimulation to a halt. Landing gear = only slowed down the extended peak.

I never fell asleep. Around 7am I left Athens. I was a bit cloudy, but overall sober besides the feeling of mental stimulation. The drive home was easy

10:57am still up. No sleep. Still stimulated and still having visuals. Visuals have returned. Slight oev and cev action

12pm lunch consumed. I consume 1mg etizolam. It knocks me out for 3.5 hours. I finally get some rest.

4:15pm leave to run errands. I still feel the headspace of the DOC. I have a fantastic afterglow.

9pm 2mg melatonin and 1.2 grams valerian root consumed. I crash hard.

I awake on Sunday feeling fantastic. Overall, I am very impressed with this substance. It's fantastic. An incredible substance. Very unique and the lack of over stimulation is a huge plus to me. I much prefer this to any of the 25x series or the 2c series too. This was on par with Mescaline and Allylescaline in terms of therapeutic value, enjoyment, and synergetic potential.

I would note next time and in the future that this compound is tailored for consumption in the morning to avoid messing up sleep schedule or causing sleep deprivation.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 105128
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: May 11, 2018Views: 2,127
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