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Great Hidden Potential
4-AcO-DMT & Spice-Like Smoking Blend
by Squeeze
Citation:   Squeeze. "Great Hidden Potential: An Experience with 4-AcO-DMT & Spice-Like Smoking Blend (exp105161)". Apr 21, 2021.

T+ 0:00
40 - 50 mg oral 4-AcO-DMT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:00 40 - 50 mg oral 4-AcO-DMT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Products - Spice-Like Smoking Blends  


I had the day off for myself. My birthday was 2 days prior to this and I had recieved a 200mg sample of 4 aco dmt that day. I bought the synthetic tryptamine online and was excited for the promising compound. I had done 4 aco dmt before in a pressed pill that was suppose to be dosed at 15 or 20 mgs. That time I felt a mild trip go through my head with some melty kind of visuals, it wasn't that great, I would compare it to that of a 1 gram mushroom trip. Weak basically.

Before I begin to go into detail here I would like to list some prior drug use. I have smoked plenty of weed, smoked heroin 2 times in my life, I've smoked methamphetamine and have Insufflated it many times, mdma rocks, methylone rocks, mxe pills, cocaine, 25i nbome, 2cb (questionable), LSD (in doses 450ug+ each time), I've smoked dmt a couple times nothing too special barely reaching a breakthrough, psilocybin mushrooms, and of course I have messed with hundreds of different synthetic cannabis chemicals.

Back to the report, I had some extra money on my hands and I didn't know what to buy. I saw that the 4 aco was up and I thought to myself that might be fun considering all the other reports I've read. I bought a 200 mg sample and waited in excitement. Normally when it comes to drugs, I get disappointed easily because I always say I could be higher or I should take more. That's just the kind of person I am I guess. I would say I have a good sense of self control when under the influence of heavy hard drugs. With that being said my package arrived. I was waiting for a day I could be alone in my apartment for my wife does not approve of me tripping balls. None the less I waited for a day I could take the substance.

The day started off regularly with my significant other leaving to work at 5 in the morning. I didn't know I would be taking powder that day so I smoked a couple hits of a spice blunt I cheif on daily, it got me really high and I ate quite a bit. I Do not like food in my stomach when I eat drugs. It was an hour or two after I had eaten and I thought to myself I might as well take it. I didn't think much of the substance and thought it wouldn't even work on me, so at 8 I grabbed my sac of powder and split it into 4 parachutes to consume. I read online about dosing. Some say a strong dose is 25+ while others say it's 45+. Me being the person I am decided to take a 40-50 mg dose I figured since I'm a big boy and I just ate that so wouldn't even trip at all.

Aat 9 o'clock I took another 40-50 mg dose because I wasn't feeling anything. Boy did I sure fuck up. At 930 my gut feels stuffed and I'm just thinking it's the food, it's not. As I was watching dragon ball z on my tv I couldn't stop giggling, those giggles I get from my stomach when I'm feeling the come up of mushrooms. As the giggles continued I began to start thinking deeper and more philosophical of course. Thoughts of my life and the future. Very deep thinking indeed. At 1030 I'm looking up at my ceiling the texture is very in touch with the walls, I would have to say that of a trip where there are shapes connecting with shapes that aren't even there, the visuals were not too hard but God were they there. Time passes and I call my buddy and tell him to come over because at that point I was astonished and I needed someone's attention. My buddy didn't come through but at that point I couldn't even make up a sentence. I got bored being alone tripping and I thought I could use some weed. I cannot smoke at my place due to law enforcement living next door, I decided to go to my mothers house because it is empty. DISCLAIMER- I do not condone anyone using drugs and driving a vehicle, that is extremely stupid and ruins lives, but my dumbass thought it would be fine to drive down the street to my parents. I drive fine to the house only to see my brother was there and I was not in any condition to see my brother who came that day from Reno. Scared and paranoid I fled back to my place and smoke in my car.

At this point 130 I couldn't speak a sentence and I hit the pipe and felt like I was about to barf, I close my eyes and listen to the music and I see light visuals like little triangles and such. When I felt better I continued to hit it and the smoke and music dissolved into one, I then go inside and sit the rest of the trip out. The whole trip lasted a good 8 hours of interconnected visuals, mindfuck, laughter. The dosage might have made me trip really hard. The chemical takes a while to kick in. I think I could describe this as a really hard mushroom trip for me. I've been reading that 4 aco is a prodrug to 4 ho dmt which is pscilocin I believe. I think this is one of the funniest drugs I have ever experienced, very promising and a lot of potential to be a shroom replacement.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 105161
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Apr 21, 2021Views: 239
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4-AcO-DMT (387), Products - Spice-Like Smoking Blends (472) : Combinations (3), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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