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Honestly Thought I'd Just Fall Into a Deep Sleep
by Tee
Citation:   Tee. "Honestly Thought I'd Just Fall Into a Deep Sleep: An Experience with GBL (exp105175)". Feb 5, 2020.

30 - 40 ml oral GBL (liquid)


Not a Nice Experience

I've experimented with GHB/GBL once or twice over the years. The only way I could get hold of it was to buy a 500ml bottle as it was illegal to purchase by this state. I know my way around drugs. From 16 ...LSD... 18, MDMA... 21 Cocaine.

Opiate thank good weren't part of my scene (N.Ireland)

I was always more curious than most of my friends who where satisfied with the MDMA party scene and the Cocaine scene that followed. I guess the internet got the better of me. RC... Especially Meph took hold. My saving grace was that I was a lightweight who fell in to the depths of depression after a binge unlike others. Blessing in disguise I suppose!?

I'd tried GBL/GHB twice before both time not liking it as it seriously messed with my sleep unless you want to go the 24/7 route. Any way fast forward and my sleep had suffered from alcohol/benzo abuse. I looked hard and far for a solution. The think with G that apart from a great sedative it is a cracking recreational (don't we know!).

The plan was to convert to GHB and dose like Xyrem... 4.5mg twice a night to get 8 hours sleep. Think was.. I hadn't gotton the sodium hydroxide and instruments to make to the GHB. Anyway the it the better of me and low and behold I started dosing spoonful. ONE day only (The day before it happened).

Even in ICU they wouldn't believe me. What happened was I had a glass of water in the exact same glass the GBL was in.
I had a glass of water in the exact same glass the GBL was in.
I'd already taken 2 1ml doses and probably wasn't 100%. Anyway mistakenly I lifted the glass of GBL and downed it in one. To this day I don't know why my gag reflex didn't cough it up.

I estimate I took 40 ml of pure BASF GBL. I felt it come on hard and fast. In highlight I should have shouted 'mum phone an ambulance' but I honestly thought I'd just fall into a deep sleep and wake up hours later.

Fast-forward (This was 12pm) I woke in ICU with nurses... doctors... you name it. That had been working on me for 7 hours. I later found out that they had shot me with so much adrenalin that nothing was working I was that under. I finally came to and will never forget the face of the beautiful nurse staring at me asking me who I was... my DOB... where I lived. As the night went on I thought maybe it wasn't so much a big deal I might have woken up anyway. The more I learned from the nurses and doctors I was a very lucky boy.

My mum is a saint. You know the way you hear those stories. My mum doesn't usually come into my room but for some reason she came in and noticed I wasn't breathing right and phoned 999. They had to get two ambulances as they couldn't get me down the stairs. They'd also not let my mum in the ambulance as it was touch and go and tbh I don't think they though I'd make it..

In no way am I dissing GHB. I done a stupid thing. For a sleep aid its a godsend... maybe not so much a rec drug. The funny thing is, all I can remember is conking out waking to the beautiful face of a super nurse. Its my poor mum whom experienced the finding me unconscious... phoning 999. Not being let in the ambulance and at the end of the day in the back of here mind preparing my funeral.

Goof bless all my family and hope to you all. Don't do what I done. It was a stupid thing but if I can stupidly fo it others can. I probably not here if living alone.

[Reported Dose: "of the top of mu head 30-40ml"]

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 105175
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 38 
Published: Feb 5, 2020Views: 1,258
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GBL (89) : Alone (16), Overdose (29), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Health Problems (27)

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