Ego Death and Infinite Buddha
by Nigerian Dice
Citation:   Nigerian Dice. "Ego Death and Infinite Buddha: An Experience with DMT (exp105198)". May 5, 2021.

3 hits smoked DMT
    smoked Cannabis


After searching for and researching the fantastic substance for over two years and never coming into contact with it I decided to give up. Two weeks later my 'dude' had his fiancée stop by my work and ask what time I got off and If Id like to stop by. I shot her a questioning look and she leaned close and whispered 'we found demetrius' I Immediately grinned and nodded enthusiastically. She just giggled and told me to drop by when I was ready. Through my research I knew to be unprepared because there was nothing that could prepare me for it. So all that was left was the waiting game.

Heading to their house I felt a huge wave of anxiety. I was determined not to back down though. When I arrived, lets call him Mr. D, had already set a bowl with DMT on top of some very low grade cannabis which he said was to keep the feeling as unadulterated as possible. The off white powder drew me to it. He handed me a lighter and coached me on the bowl method. The first few hits were abysmal. After loading it up myself for the last time I took a hit which tasted strongly of burnt plastic. Another hit and I started to feel my entire being vibrate with a completely alien energy. This is my first hallucinogen, mind you. The vibration became stronger and Mr D urged me to take the infamous 'third hit' I took in as much as I could, held it, and released. After that the intense vibrating/buzzing became much much stronger and I felt like the whole world was buzzing with me. I started to hear a strange high pitched crackling noise akin to cellophane being crumpled. Vunes crept around my vision and then... it felt as though my body was left behind and my head had been shot at an insane speed through a narrow tunnel. I felt as if I was vibrating endlessly in the void until fractal green and red patterns which moved serenely and somehow mechanically coalsced into a constantly magnifying and demagnifying skull. I tried to influence it by telling it 'show me something spiritual' at this point the reds and greens faded to dull greys and blacks and the skull twisted and shifted from side to side gnashing teeth and displaying fangs it had spontaneously grown without my noticing. Incredibly frightened I felt as though it were hinting to me and I remembered 'follow DMT don't lead it'.

So I let go and allowed the sensation to flow over me. Immediately the greys and blacks were replaced with sunburst colors orange and yellow and red and all in between creating within me an intense warm glow and I felt empowered. The glow morphed and a pair of bright red lips came to being with no fractal patterns whatsoever, images as clear and lucid as if I were awake. The mouth puckered then opened revealing a window-like eye with no color. Inside the eye was a woman and child both intensely human; I was convinced they were my wife and child. I shot through the eye at iincredible speed and came to an insanely immense and vast landscape completely covered and dominated by the skinny buddha, eyes closed and legs crossed and infinitely repeating everywhere except the very top of my vision which was jet black. The buddhas seemed to be branching out of one another infinitely repeating over and over and all the tiny but significant blue and yellow and orange geometric shapes that made them all up constantly twirled and revolved.

Upon leaving this beautiful landscape I came back to reality but felt in between worlds. The body buzzing had almost stopped but my hands and face felt like they were made of water. Fervently running my hands over my face I kept saying 'I feel like water' just the fluidity of my flesh seemed to ripe under itself. Looking down at my hands I saw a superimposed network of veins and capillaries that I knew weren't there. I recall giggling and crying vehemently and repeating over and over after the water sensation that it was so beautiful over and over.

The afterbuzz was the most pleasant clear headed feeling I've ever had after a substance; as though I had just gotten 8 hours of extremely relaxing and rejuvenating sleep.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 105198
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: May 5, 2021Views: 141
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DMT (18) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Entities / Beings (37), First Times (2)

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