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Fun but Not Too Fun
Citation:   DrDemento. "Fun but Not Too Fun: An Experience with 4-Fluoroamphetamine (exp105214)". Apr 21, 2016.

80 mg oral 4-Fluoroamphetamine
  3 glasses oral Alcohol
I use amphetamines for certain therapeutic benefits, mostly to improve attention and mood. I enjoy psychedelics for recreational use but will occasionally use amphetamines or MDMA for recreation. Always via oral route.

I got hold of some 4-FA to explore recreational uses, and my impression is, this substance has promise if used in moderation.

In terms of tolerance, 5-10 mg of methamphetamine at a time is plenty for me, will sometimes re-dose once. Likewise 140mg of MDMA is more than enough for an evening. YMMV of course.

I took 80mg of 4-FA, went out and had three drinks.

- Very little body load.
- At this dose, it was stimulating, but not pushy.
- Definite enhancement of tactile stimulation, heralded by some tingling in the scalp, as others have noted.
- Very mild jaw clenching.
- It does cause some temperature dysregulation, I tend to run hot on this
- There is an interaction with alcohol, felt much more intoxicated than I normally would. Considering that, along with the dehydrating effect of alcohol, I don't recommend mixing these things.
- Unlike others, I don't feel the serotonergic effects subside after a couple of hours. There's a brief peak, that occurs early, but the serotonergic effects did last for at least four and a half hours for me, albeit at a lesser intensity.

I noted increased alertness within the first hour, an euphoric peak for about an hour starting at T+2, followed by a very pleasant plateau that lasted more than four hours.

I find this to be a peaceful head space. I was happy, smiling a lot. Friendly. Lowered social inhibitions. However, this isn't as pushy as either amphetamines or MDMA. So in other words I wasn't speeded up, full of energy or speed-rapping. Nor was I floored and e-tarded like one can get sometimes with 'effective' doses of MDMA. Generally had my wits about me, didn't feel like I was acting like an idiot. (Maybe I was! If so, was blissfully oblivious.)

Lord knows I love MDMA, but sometimes I'm just not up to that amount of fun. This is a really excellent middle-of-the-road recreational drug, which gives alertness, euphoria, sociability, and has an entactogenic effect, without being overwhelming in any respect.

That said, there is no possible way I would take this in a work environment. Not in a million years.

Given reports of adverse reactions with high doses, I would suggest adjusting expectations and going with more moderate doses. It's not an MDMA substitute, nor is an amphetamine substitute. It actually has it's own charm, I think.

As with all research chemicals, I couldn't recommend it if you have no experience with amphetamines or MDMA. Even if you're experienced, start low and go slow.

That said, I think this is really something special. Definitely keeping this in the rotation.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 105214
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 49
Published: Apr 21, 2016Views: 15,392
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