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Visual Confection Mental Calm
Anadenanthera spp.
Citation:   Pfaffed. "Visual Confection Mental Calm: An Experience with Anadenanthera spp. (exp105266)". Apr 27, 2020.

  smoked Anadenanthera spp. (extract)
Age: 30
Sex: M
Weight: 145 lbs.
Drugs: proton pump inhibitor, NAC, vitamins. No tolerance expected.

Positive or neutral experiences with: BZP, TFMPP+BZP, salvia, mescaline, 5-MeO-DMT, DMT, ketamine, kratom, ghb, adrafanil, psilocybin, amanita muscaria, lsd, bufotenine, ayahuasca, nitrous oxide
Negative experiences with: 2c-C, HBWR, MDMA, cannabis

Two experiments with Anadenanthera sp.

IPA crude extract:

Ten years ago (well before 69Ron's reports), I purchased a few dozen grams of A. colubrina. These were toasted in a pan until they popped and ground into a powder. A small amount of pickling lime paste was added to the powder for ten to fifteen minutes. I do not recall adding much if any water. In retrospect, may have only enough to basify some of the alkaloids. To this, I added copious amounts of IPA and left to decoct in a jar for several days. As this IPA was not dry, it is possible that this facilitated more efficient basification over the next several days. I believe after this time, I added the IPA to dried catnip leaves and allowed it to dry.

Smoking several hits of this out of a bowl produced ominous body load sensations at first. I was glad to be sitting in my bed. Pronounced head and chest pressure, tingling, flushing, and a lump in the stomach that could quickly turn to nausea if I moved a muscle. Sitting still in bed, the body load either quickly faded or was forgotten with the rapid onset of intense OEVs I have experienced on any substance, DMT included. Amazingly intricate, persistant open-eye hallucinated images appeared. A vortex of yellow light spun from the floor to the ceiling in the center of the room with bolts of green lightning eminating from it. Pastel coloured spheres the size of footballs floated slowly past me, perfectly realized in detail, complete with patches of reflected light. If I moved my head or blinked their place is space was maintained as if real objects. Shimmering sheets of gossamer fluttered down from the ceiling. No patterning, breathing, or other alteration of real visual objects was observed, and CEVs were red, black, and utterly uninteresting by comparison. Withing just a few minutes, the effects resolved. Throughout, my headspace was heavy but pretty clearheaded. There was no entheogenic or psychelic quality to it apart from the visual confection. It struck me as purely recreational. I smoked it a couple more times over the next month, but was mostly excited to show my friends. Unfortunately, the five other people that smoked it experienced nothing but horrible body load: headache, flushing, tingling, nausea, headrush, and vomiting. So, as something that didn't have any utility and which I couldn't share with friends, I lost interest.

Recently, I decided to try my hand at extracting crystalline bufotenine. I toasted a half a kilo of A. peregrina seeds, ground them to a powder, mixed with a half a kilo of sodium carbonate (Straight To Base), and added distilled water to make a paste. This was placed in an oven at 100C until dry. This was ground into a fine powder and covered with dry acetone. This was left to soak for half an hour, then strained and filtered. The process was repeated several times until the dry acetone extract was clear. [I felt then and now like I should have stopped here and used this extract for changa.] Citric acid (disolved in acetone) was added dropwise into the acetone extract. The acetone was decanted and the crystals were allowed to dry in front of a fan at room temperature. Beautiful, slender, clear, needle-like crystals formed. These were crushed into a powder and made into a paste with an equal weight of calcium carbonate paste. This was dried in an oven at 100C. I don't believe this took more than 30 minutes, but I don't clearly recall. This product was then crushed into a powder in a pestle and mortar. This powder was washed with acetone until the acetone ran clear, with the acetone conserved and the powder discarded. The acetone was then evaporated at 100C with a fan until dry. The product was a red laquer on the glass plate that was so dark it appeared to be black. This was chipped off with a razor blade into little black shards. A sizeable amount of oily goop (about a teaspoonful) could not be dried. It did not smell of solvent (or peanut oil.)

I was pleased with my yield until I discovered how low potency my product was. The taste of the extract was bitter. It stings and numbs the oral mucosa and throat like nicotine. When vaporized at high temperature, 10mg produces toxic feeling body load. Another 10 mg, the same. Another 10 mg, the same. Another 10mg, some suggestion of visuals. On average, getting to 40-90mg has been required to produce visuals that were of the same character, but weaker, than my experience with the IPA extract. The experience comes on much more slowly, which gives you plenty of time to sit with the toxic sensations you have to push through to get there. It doesn't make you want to keep taking hits. I tried smoking DMT afterwards, and it produced no effect, presumably due to tolerance. Adding in vaporized harmala alkaloids slows it down even more, significantly extends the length of the experience, and adds unpleasant nausea. Given this, I have been unwilling to share it with other people, which is the only reason I went to all the trouble and lost yield to purify it. I now wish that I had just done a crude IPA extraction first using the same material, that way I would know if it was the method or just the source material that made the experience so different.

Regardless, I want to make clear that:
a) smoked extract of Anadenanthera peregrina and A. colubrina does produce quite vivid visual hallucinations for some people.
b) in my experience, the same extract that provides intense visual effects for one user has produced nothing but awful bodyload for everyone else that has tried it. The friend that gave me the tek for making the crude IPA extract ten years ago is the only other person I know firsthand that gets strong visual effects from it, but he also gets terrible nausea and vomiting.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 105266
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Apr 27, 2020Views: 1,161
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