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Paralyzed on One Side of the Body
MDMA & Ketamine
by shhh
Citation:   shhh. "Paralyzed on One Side of the Body: An Experience with MDMA & Ketamine (exp105268)". Mar 28, 2017.

2 hits   MDMA
    insufflated Ketamine
I've been in the party scene for close to three years now, introduced to the exciting world of underground drug use by my boyfriend. Before all the euphoria associated with popping pills and sniffing meow, the only 'hard' drug that I ever tried was weed, which I completely disliked unless it was mixed in with hookah tobacco. And even that was a rare occasion.

My drugs of choice back then were alcohol (drank socially) and hookah (smoked socially).

So when my boyfriend came and got me into the underground music scene, I was rolling and tripping every weekend.

I never expected I would be someone who would go through bad trips, although one of the few bad trips included entering the ' k-hole', after sniffing two whole cap-fuls of brand new meow. I don't remember this episode too clearly, although it did happen inside of a club, and I got kicked out, went into shock and needed an EMT kit from the club; as well as throwing up inside my boyfriend's brand new car.

But that episode aside, one of the worst feelings I had with 'K' occurred recently. Please note that due to my uses of MDMA and not recovering properly afterwards, I have significantly reduced my serotonin level that I've been feeling depressed more than usual. However this had not deterred my drug usage in anyway, and I still continue to party and roll whenever I can.

There was a time, a month back, when I had went to a party with my boyfriend, and after taking 2 mollys and sniffing k, I was rolling, but it wasn't the regular rolls I was used to. My mind was wide alert like I was sober, but my body was experiencing the high usually associated with taking drugs. My body felt light and free, but my mind was completely grounded almost like my mind was completely disconnected from the drugs. Then the sensations of the meow hit, and I knew I was going into a k-hole, however, the sensations struck mostly within my body, and I never tripped fully in my head.

The music that night was dark and loud, with bass and hard treble, and for some reason, I started feeling a pain in the back of my head. That dull pain started traveling from the left side of my head to the right, and as the music built to a climax, pop! It felt like something had burst in the back of my right head
pop! It felt like something had burst in the back of my right head
, and suddenly, my entire body on the right side went numb, almost like the k got into my bloodstream and into every nerve and completely numb my senses.

I ended up being exceptionally paranoid, and I had to leave the club. After getting home and going to sleep for 2 hours, the numbing did not subside and I forced myself to go to my primary doctor and I told her all about what happened.

She assumed I suffered a mini-stroke, and she had me sent to the nearest emergency room at the local hospital for a cat scan. After 5 hours waiting for a cat-scan, with the numbing not having subsided, I was told by the doctors that I didn't suffer a stroke and that I best go see a neurologist.

The numbing did subside and I was back to normal after a day of rest.

Needless to say, I didn't heed the warnings of my doctors to stop, and I still did K a few more times after that. Since that experience, all my k trips have felt exactly the same- my mind didn't experience anything, while my body, particularly my right side has been experiencing the effects including going completely numb after the trips.

I'm planning to stop and arrange an appointment with a neurologist.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 105268
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Mar 28, 2017Views: 5,634
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MDMA (3), Ketamine (31) : Combinations (3), Hangover / Days After (46), Health Problems (27), Large Party (54)

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