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To Feel the Forest
DOM & Hash
by lama
Citation:   lama. "To Feel the Forest: An Experience with DOM & Hash (exp105358)". Erowid.org. Mar 25, 2020. erowid.org/exp/105358

  repeated smoked Cannabis - Hash  
  5 mg sublingual DOM (blotter / tab)
Here I will tell the story of my first real DOM (aka STP) - trip, which was a peaceful and spiritual journey through a magical forest, a timeless vacation with a good friend of mine.

I say my first 'real' trip because I already tried 2,5 mg to test the water. Unfortunately DOM still is a research chemical after all the years there's not much reliable information to find on the net except of the reports, so I figured it would be a good idea to start low. And that was fine! 2,5 mg gave me a good level of energy for a long time and a bit of the psychedelic mindset.
2,5 mg gave me a good level of energy for a long time and a bit of the psychedelic mindset.
That was at Waldfrieden, a psytrance festival and I figured that it was good to dance and I already there felt the peace with the energy on top of it, that DOM gives. I changed a lot between dancing and just hanging around and it was a nice day, but definitely low dose.

So after realizing that the things people wrote in their reports also apply to me (which is not always sure with psychs) I felt much more safe and ready for the 5mg. Nevertheless I call it my first DOM-trip because the 5mg was so different from the 2.5mg and maybe it is not the strongest intoxication, but for sure the strongest change of consciousness for me to date. A bit about me: I'm 19, not that experienced and just beginning to dive deeper in my mind than ever, slowly beginning to see all the mysteries to
come in the future for me. I really enjoy smoking pot and I had a lot of MDMA, 2C-B and a few good trips on Shrooms (not over 2g) to name the most important. Other than that there was the Amanita Muscaria (also to appear in the report ;) ), Salvia and amphetamine. I already learned a few things about the psychedelic state of mind and how to enjoy it, so it feels like coming back to a beautiful hidden garden in my mind, I call home with joy every time I am there.

The Story:

I spend the weekend in mid September at my old flat share with a friend of mine still living there and Josi, who will be my tripsitter and who I haven't seen all summer long, because she just came back from Indonesia. I carried some illegal things along including 5mg DOM-tabs and there it is - the rare chance to do a 7-hour trip with a good friend on a sunny day with the last warmth of the summer. I take the chance and the DOM on Saturday morning at 11.20 after waking Josi with a morning-joint.

11.20 = +0

+0: I enjoy lying in the sun outside, while not enjoying the bitter taste of the DOM but I knew that before. I leave the tab under my tongue until it looses its taste of the most bitter thing I've ever tasted that is ca. 20 min after ingestion.

+1: Josi leaves for meditation and I begin to feel the little nervousness of something big to come, like when you hear a train on the tracks long before it arrives and takes you on a trip ;) From here on I feel the energy increasing very slowly and constantly.

+2: As we are in a small Danish town by the sea and there is a beloved forest along the coast, we decide to spend the day and trip in this forest. At first I am sceptical about that because we have to go through public space to get there and I'm already in the psychedelic mindset - the peak is about to come, but after getting there I am really grateful that Josi convinced me of going. The forest is the perfect setting for the trip!

I don't have any nausea or stomach problems at all, which surprises me in a positive manner. A lot of people write about nausea with DOM and with tripping in general so I didn't eat for breakfast and my last meal was ca. 10 hours ago. That payed off I would say :) The hunger faded with the increase of the energy but from now on and all through the trip I can eat a little in between and it's tasty although my gullet feels uncomfortably tightened like with 2C-B. As we go to the forest I'm not going I am rather floating it feels like my centre of thinking and feeling moved out of my brain and is now a few centimetres over my head. This seems to lift my body too and that's why I'm floating. The DOM gets more and more intense as we go, there are short rushes of energy in between.

+2.30 : As we finally enter the forest, I also enter my trip and the forest welcomes me with some nice colours. They seem to shine out of themselves so that for example a bunch of red berries becomes a swirling red cloud of light and colour. So yes there are the enhanced colours and a bit open eye visuals, but it's not pronounced.

+2.40 : We rest under the trees for a while and I'm still in the coming up. I'm really focused inwards by now and I'm a bit confused in my actions, but don't feel confused. I feel very 'clear headed' or high my thoughts are free, lucid and transparent. This probably is what lets the people say it's more like mescaline than LSD (though I can't tell because I haven't tried either of these). I get into a strong state of trance after a while in which the energy, that got enormous yet not overwhelming, focuses. The energy is flowing freely out of my body and around my head, focusing not as one might think on one spot, but in a long vertical gap right before me. Meanwhile my eyes are closed and my breathing is so slow and quiet that it is almost not perceptible, yet I am more than fully conscious of it. In fact I'm very conscious of all of my surroundings and all my senses are increased. Josi interrupts the trance sudden and I'm sitting in the forest again, surprised about this deep experience. I am more of a chill guy, but I've never been in such wonderful and strong peace like that and when I meditate I'm far away from such a feeling.

After this trance Josi tells me she has a good contact-high by now! The contact-high is an interesting aspect of psychedelic drug use and appears from time to time in the literature but not much is known about it. But now it is real! This is a definite proof of a higher connection between human beings that no one can refuse. She feels the body load, the high and other characteristic tripping things like a changed perception of time. For example later as we go she tells me it feels like going on a hamster wheel (like a loop it's always the same and we don't get forward). Her trip lasts from now on throughout my trip until tomorrow and probably benefits from all the hash we smoke on the way and from Josi's previous drug experiences (she's a bit more experienced than me).

Ca. +3: At this point we smoke the first joint of what now is our mutual trip. This lets the beginning peak lift off into space, the hash intensifies the feeling of inner peace as well as the colour- and primarily the light sensitivity. The visuals are more pronounced too, but they're at no point in the foreground of the experience. I can let them appear and disappear as I wish, something I learned from previous trips. Without this ability I probably wouldn't have any OEV's at all. Though there constantly is a light, transparent 'psychedelic pattern' covering the sky, like with shrooms, 2c-b and even very pure MDMA sometimes. Here the tiny pieces it's made of are mostly hexagonal and surprisingly more profane (less details and ornaments) than with other drugs. There also is the typical tunnel vision and getting lost in details, but the trip is definitely devoted to the higher thoughts and feelings, due to the strong feeling of clarity and purity
the trip is definitely devoted to the higher thoughts and feelings, due to the strong feeling of clarity and purity

Again I enter into a trance, in all aspects similar to the one described above, but even deeper. Both states of trance began with a single deep breath, followed by a long silence and breathing pause. After a while I begin breathing very slow and and constantly. I reached these states without any help (e.g. In form of actually trying to meditate) what makes it interesting that it's focused so much on the breathing like in meditation. Later I will have more of these states patterned after the first two, but not as strong and shorter.

Ca. +4: We continue our walk through the forest to a small beach and as we go the forest becomes more and more magic and beautiful. The sunlight shines bright through the branches of the trees, giving an uplifting, fresh but also dreamy look to where it comes through. The forest that was already very special to us, Josi even played a lot in it when she was young, becomes an enchanted forest or it rather was enchanted all the time and now I realize it's full beauty. I feel a connection to the light, shining and open side of the forest as well as to the dark and mystical side, that always coexists with the light side. The various types of mushrooms growing in these shady spaces only add to the mystic feeling.

Ca. +5: As we arrive at the beach we smoke another joint. I feel this is kind of a plateau now and I'm enjoying the little breather just lying in the sand and watching the scenery. There are about 10 other people on the beach (that is pretty small), just a few families and ramblers. I can handle that situation pretty easily although I'm usually anxious and uncomfortable with sober foreigners around while on psychedelics. But on DOM that seems ok and is even amusing.

I entertain myself a bit with the clouds, which are always good for some nice visuals ;) The previous mentioned transparent 'psychedelic pattern' isn't fixed to the sky anymore, but is moving with the clouds. It is moving in three dimensions in many layers, floating in all directions and stretching from time to time. It is truly enjoyable and the first time I see OEV's like that in 3D.
It takes quite a bit of time for me to realize that there in reality are crashing two enormous wind-streams frontal into each other with their clouds whirling and giving me the 3D-effect. The clouds seem to explode! Josi has to confirm what I see several times. This spectacle is even more tremendous as the visuals before well sometimes reality is the most fascinating... This is followed by the next spectacle, which was rather a curious play: Josi and me just talked about marriage, when suddenly a bridal couple (in real life) in full attire appears. They make a professional photo-shooting about 30 meters away from us, two tripping hippies. It's hilarious! It's understandable, the weather is nice and the huge roots, on which they sit, and the whole scenery is beautiful but with DOM this scene becomes unreal and of course really funny.

Ca. +6.30: We go back in the forest and on to a big meadow in the middle of the forest, with lonesome birches, some yaks and the sea glittering through the trees. It is here we want to collect the well known Amanita Muscaria. The circumstances are good (birches and the yak's shit) but we don't find as many as last year. Josi is barefoot and can't go on the meadow with all it's prickles, so she rolls a joint and I'm looking for some mushrooms - starting an epic journey through all kinds of different landscapes like I was a giant. We smoke the joint and both still feel pretty trippy. We enjoy this incredible timeless peace all around, it is the best vacation we can think of.

Ca. +7.30: We go back on smaller paths along the coastline. At this point my inner connection to the enchanted forest is increasing enormously, there are tons of different mushrooms everywhere some are even glowing and the strong trees, reaching up to the ceiling, filled with bright light. That must have been the feeling that Gaudi felt, and that he expressed in the Sagrada Familia. It was an incredibly beautiful sight and an even more beautiful feeling.

Ca. +8: We decide to stay at a particularly strong tree and smoke one more joint. The effects are now fading, but really really slow. We go 'home' after a while, facing the sunset.

+9: When we finally arrive at the flat-share we're both pretty worn out and Josi falls asleep easily, but I'm still far too much into it. I lie on the balcony, listening to some Shpongle and Ott. The psychedelic aspect is now fading faster, while the shaking, uncomfortable amphetamine-like aspect stays the same, but gets more pronounced as it isn't 'hidden' anymore.

+12: Josi wakes up again, we smoke a joint and then try to sleep. I can't sleep though and the night is filled with tears and inner emotional conflicts the insomnia doesn't help.
I can't sleep though and the night is filled with tears and inner emotional conflicts the insomnia doesn't help.
This adds a bitter aftertaste to the 'fulfilled' trip I had. But the next day things get clear up again, I get free from these worries and can move on, taking all the good memories with me.

Ca. +16: Finally a bit of sleep, but only 3-4 hours. I don't know what do do with the inner energy in the morning and it really irritates me. Later that day my head is still spinning and my body is totally worn out and a little overheated. This feeling lasts until +36.

+36: This is the final sleep. The next day I'm fine and all effects are gone although my body needs one more day for regeneration (that's just in time as it is Monday and I'm sitting in architecture school again).

The Aftermath:

This experience was a really spiritual one. I think I understood the word 'spiritual' a bit more in terms of actually experiencing the divine within and in nature. These thoughts are not new to me but there's a huge difference between thinking something and feeling something. And I felt the spirit and life that was everywhere!

There were some aspects in this trip that were especially interesting, firstly the contact-high which revealed the connection between us on a higher level, which I do not fully understand, only know of its existence. And secondly the deep states of trance that really were meditation-alike. These feelings of total peace and trance while meditating are subject to many Buddhist teachings (I'm particularly interested in Tibetan Buddhism). These trances fuelled by DOM felt like what I would think a Buddhist master of meditation feels when he's in deep meditation fuelled just by his mind. This got me interested in Buddhism and meditation again and from then on I'm meditating more than ever (more or less daily), so that's a really good long-lasting side-effect in a way :)

But it was not only about the spirits - it was recreational, too. It felt so good to be in that psychedelic mindset again, where nothing really matters, yet everything is more important than ever. I also enjoyed the fact that it's so long lasting. I never tripped longer than four or five hours on shrooms and this was double as long. But it shouldn't be longer I think after 8 hours of tripping, I was pretty worn out and glad to come down a bit. That's why I wouldn't go for more than 5 mg. And there is a small price to pay with the (for me) uncomfortable amphetamine-effect, but it's absolutely worth it! The Serenity, Tranquillity and Peace are real! I can agree to what the hippies once stated about this drug I would only add Lucidity to it and you have to watch set and setting, because I think DOM/STP(+L) can also turn a bit evil pretty easily, as history already taught us (especially of course at higher doses that bring about a much longer duration).

The trip took place in a time of change for me and it came just right as a beautiful and timeless vacation but I had some problems integrating the spiritual experience at first, it kind of added onto the already existing confusion about a lot of things, but also gave me a key to solve some of the confusion after a while.

After all the trip was perfect and whatever I will go through in the future I will always know that perfection like this really exists.

Thank you josi
Peace and love

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 105358
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Mar 25, 2020Views: 2,226
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