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There Is No Locked in State of Ego Death
by wanderer
Citation:   wanderer. "There Is No Locked in State of Ego Death: An Experience with 25N-NBOMe (exp105365)". Jun 21, 2018.

500 ug oral 25N-NBOMe


Dossier on the effects of 25n (second trip, 500ug dose):

Lots of wavy movements, plenty of color, most of this color is a darker shade, however this could be from my own bad vibes, while the colors blue, green, and pink are also avaliable hues are present as well too, sometimes the wall can fade to a blurry shade of white, and start warping into a full framed 'things', proper focus, I can really go places. In terms of hallucinations, forementioned hallucinations almost always include rhythmic, spiral like movements.

Intense sound alteration, sound can feel like its being listened to in an ampitheater, giving all sound sort of a strange echo that resonates a certain number times before fading into a new subsequent effect that garners that exact same effect,. If I focus I can allow the sound to speed up, but it contributed heavily to the body load brought on by the vasoconstriction of the drug, and could have led to uncomfortable heart palpitations and anxiety.

Thankfully, with 25n there is no locked in state of ego death or pure consciousness, basically, I realize all my environment and well being as they should be, but this true reality is masked over by intense colors, patterns and shapes. I see this in great light of potential as even when I'm having a bad anxious trip I never really 'lose control' like I could on other psychedelics, rather the effect sort of just, happens to me. I can take the effects as good as bad, this was a huge plus for me, while I did feel very very strong emotions, at no point did they ever feel overwhelming
while I did feel very very strong emotions, at no point did they ever feel overwhelming
or placed me in more than a trance like state, I would claim the correct use of this drug would be only recreationally, as the drug will allow me to see and feel effects, but not really explore them.

This drug is a weak entry to the NBoME series that will allow me 'trip' indefinetly, but in lower doses, can never really allow the trip to go out of control consciously.

Body Load: Sometimes it can feel as if all of the research chemicals can rush up my heart rate subconsciously and make me feel like I'm going to have a heart attack, I regard these effects only as an intensity to the high. This research chemical in particular seemed to give me a lot of shaking, a general numbing/chill can be felt over the body throughout the whole trip, this can be overwhelming at times if I focus on it, as it can trigger feelings of hopelessness, fear, and the fact that I'm taking a synthesized lab research chemical along with the commonplace nausea and thirst of NBOMe comeups, allowing me to glance into a bad trip quite easily.

On my last note, I'd like to mention that I believe the non-ego death aspect of this drug is actually detrimental (subjectively and relating to my low dose) on my part, instead of witnessing the awe of a very powerful visualization, I am kept on my toes staring at multiple, weak hallucinations, wondering whether or not I will come under a very strong hallucination, and then it never really happens, picture tripping but not actually seeing new things but sort of thinking about tripping while your tripping. I can not even began to imagine the effects of 25n ingestion with another, more powerful psychadelic such as LSD or shrooms.

In conclusion, compared to stronger chems in the NBOMe series, this psychadelic presents itself in a powerful way, but never in an overwhelming aspect as some of the other research chems such as 25c or 25i can garner.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 105365
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16 
Published: Jun 21, 2018Views: 1,244
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25N-NBOMe (845) : Unknown Context (20), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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