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A Lot of Work but Simple
Cacti - T. pachanoi & Antidepressant
Citation:   David V.. "A Lot of Work but Simple: An Experience with Cacti - T. pachanoi & Antidepressant (exp105376)". Sep 16, 2019.

  oral Cacti - T. pachanoi (plant material)
      Unknown (daily)
My name is David V. and I'm a life long psychonaut, I've done just about everything out there. I started drinking and using about the age of 13, I am 51 now. I was introduced to the San Pedro cactus by my dear friend Tom C (God bless, R.I.P.). His method was crude and very simple - fuck, he didn't even wash the stuff. But what I learned that afternoon was amazing! To make a long story shorter, here we go.

One day we were sitting around (broke) and I sez, what about that cactus you've been telling me about? He sez, fuck yeah, dude. So we go out into the backyard and harvest this six foot column piece of cacti he says is the real deal. He proceeds to chop it up, blend it, toss it into the pressure cooker, and we wait. Outside, peering through the kitchen window we see that the cooker isn't rockin' and rollin', so he goes in and starts spinning the rocker for a little while to no avail. He turns off the heat and comes outside and tells me, I don't know, something's wrong. I peer through the window and see the bottom of the cooker is slightly rounded, just then the safety valve blows and wow, this thing is screaming and blowing hot cactus like a mad tea pot. We laugh and thank our higher power that we weren't sticking our faces over the damn thing when it blew. So now he tells me we gotta clean this shit up before his dad gets home. We start mopping and wiping when I realize there is green goop dripping on me, I look up and there's green goop hanging all over the ceiling. So we clean up the kitchen, salvage what's left, strain it through one of his moms pantyhose (I hope it was clean) and get 2-16oz glasses. He makes a big deal about how bad it tastes and turns away to drink his. I take a sip and say, "no problem." Later he tells, me every time you do this it tastes worse and worse.

The experience was mild, but definitely for real. So, my being an obsessively compulsive dope fiend, set my mind to refining it and making it better. I'm a thinker, man! So I located several clumps and patches of this psychedelic wonder, It grows all over Los Angeles! After many batches - mostly successful - I settled on this routine; I call it the rainy day stoner project.

I locate a nice patch of San Pedro, fill up the trunk of my car with arm-length pieces, bring home, wash and scrub with a dish brush, cut the ridges off lengthwise, leaving the white core for the compost pile. Blend (taking care to not overheat my blender). I finally rigged up a garbage disposal (after burning up several blenders and food processors). Transfer to a large stock pot and heat over med-high heat. Soon the thick snotty texture will break and it will be similar to green water and grass clippings. Rig up a strainer with a pillowcase and filter the motherlode. The more proficient I get at this stage the better, as the fibers from the cactus won't evaporate, only the liquid will, hence my final product will be best with fewer fibers that have passed through the filter. Twisting and squeezing the pillowcase will increase the amount of fibers, with the resulting liquid fine for drinking but not good for the next step.

Now I can filter your liquid again through a finer mesh T-shirt (coffee filters are a joke for this because I am going mass production here!). The idea here is to get a nice big pot of clean cactus liquid. Boil this down (med-high heat is O.K.) until it starts to thicken, remove from heat and take a rest! When the stuff starts to thicken, it will dry from the outside (top) first. So I start scraping with a spoon until I get gooey blobs I can drop onto a cookie sheet. We used to rip open 12-pack boxes for this. This step, along with the rest of this ordeal, will be a messy sticky fun time; its all water clean up. I make them about the size of large marbles, you can roll them in sugar for easier swallowing. These will flatten out and basically be goo blobs.

As far as dosing goes, it is best to get familiar with this stuff, I always dosed all at once, but looking back, I think that dosing every half hour or as needed would be better. My all-time whoop-de-do was about 8 golf ball sized blobs, DAMN!

This stuff is very interesting, it can take almost an hour and a half to kick in, I quite frequently forgot I took it, then inevitably smoked some weed with someone and Damn, Disneyland! A trip always lasts 16 hours for me, with a good flashback the next day, I might add that I always am on a antidepressant, so I wasn't too depressed the next day.
I always am on a antidepressant, so I wasn't too depressed the next day.
Some of my friends sure were.

Exp Year: 1997ExpID: 105376
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 34
Published: Sep 16, 2019Views: 765
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Cacti - T. pachanoi (64) : Preparation / Recipes (30), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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