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The Experiment (I Feel Cosmic)
Citation:   vostochnik. "The Experiment (I Feel Cosmic): An Experience with AL-LAD & DMT (exp105477)". Nov 17, 2015.

T+ 0:00
225 ug   AL-LAD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:15 1 bowl smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 2:25 3 g oral Kratom (extract)
  T+ 3:00   smoked Cannabis  
After immersing myself in Terence McKenna lectures for years and years (and, more importantly, after having repeated his “vegetable television” experiment successfully (several times), I decided that I must try the combination of a lysergic product with DMT. Terence McKenna described one incident in which he had ingested about 900mcg of LSD, then smoked DMT at the peak of the experience – he said the DMT world literally exploded into reality all around him, with eyes open. This was my goal.

My LSD stash is woefully small, as I traded 3 of my last high-quality blotters (~250mcg each. White-on-white paper) for 3 blotters of AL-LAD. I expect there to be very little difference between LSD and AL-LAD. I have a feeling that I will always prefer LSD, but I greatly enjoy new, novel chemicals. Onward and upward.

T+00:00 (5:00PM) I ingest 1.5 blotters (225mcg) of AL-LAD.

T+00:12 (5:12PM) I have a conversation on the phone with the friend who traded me AL-LAD blotters for LSD blotters. Sense of humor is already affected; I am very, very giggly. We make plans to meet up later.

T+00:15 (5:15PM) Time for a nice, fat bowl of purple buds to ease the transition into psychedelia.

T+00:26 (5:26PM) I think I'm getting some first alerts. I'm a bit jittery, but not nervous or worried. More like I'm anticipating something. I retrieve tonight's small vial of DMT from the refrigerator. After I get comfortably stoned, I'm going to take my dog for a walk while there's still a little bit of light outside.

T+00:36 (5:36PM) WOW! This has developed very quickly, compared to LSD! Nothing too intense visually yet, but I am definitely “there.” Acid-mind. I'm considering taking the other half of that second blotter. First, I definitely need to finish the bowl in front of me – I keep getting distracted. Cannabis increases the effects much more than it does with LSD. Now I'm at a place where I'm feeling a bit more cautious about taking more AL-LAD. Maybe I'll just save it.

T+00:55 (5:55PM) There's a lot of visual activity, but it's hard to describe. It's somewhat similar to LSD visuals. When I concentrate my vision on one object, it looks like there are lights flashing all around me, and there is some fractal patterning and definite shifts in color. At times, it reminds me of the visual effects of mescaline – there is much more color shifting than with LSD. I have a desire to interact with people and to be social, more so than on LSD.

I can't get over the fact that this feels very much like a “first time” experience. Extremely profound. The marks on the painted bricks that make up one of my walls are morphing into hieroglyphs – animated hieroglyphs with subtle neon greens and pinks. Again, I think of taking more, but now I realize that I'm in a very comfortable place, and things are still building and intensifying. I want to play music, but I have no idea what to put on. It might just be the weed (although I'm a daily smoker), but I feel so incredibly peaceful, almost altruistic-feeling. I feel like my soul is benefitting from this.

T+01:11 (6:11PM) Oh, wow. Especially with the introduction of music, I'm reminded the most of candyflipping. So relaxed and so peaceful with intricate, ever more complex visuals of fractals and colors shifting and glowing.

T+01:17 (6:17PM) There's a good bit of undeniable euphoria, too. This is an incredible psychedelic. It's not as “thinky” as LSD (which I personally enjoy at high doses), but it's much more focused and clearheaded than candyflipping (LSD + MDMA), with all the same feelings. When I concentrate, my entire visual field is alive, but I can control it when it becomes overwhelming. I think I may have just smoked a bit too much weed, which is something I NEVER say! I got overwhelmed for a moment because this is much stronger than I had planned, to my pleasant surprise.

T+01:33 (6:33PM) Definitely trippin' hard. I would compare this 225mcg of AL-LAD to about 850mcg of LSD. Intense patterning and vibrancy in all colors. Every surface is alive.

T+01:49 (6:49) I keep getting lost in music with my eyes closed. This is the most euphoria I have ever experienced. AL-LAD feels exactly the same as LSD with 5-MAPB, but for me, this is 3x stronger than LSD by weight.

T+02:00 (7:00PM) Just WOW. It's only been two hours since the moment I put this on my tongue?? Really? That seems impossible; I am peaking hard and steady, and it is wonderful.

T+02:25 (7:25PM) Effects have not diminished one bit – very intense, immersive feelings – like swooning. But at this time I think I will take some kratom extract.

T+02:25 (7:25PM) ingested 3g of kratom extract – a modest amount, and the effects will not be strong enough to interrupt the AL-LAD trip.

T+02:50 (7:50PM) Kratom is taking effect. I am very calm and sedate but still trippin' my face off. Again, it's so much like candyflipping – my eyes are half-open and I have a cheesy grin on my face. It boggles my mind to think about how much depth there is to AL-LAD, especially such a small amount! I cannot wait to see what a little DMT could bring to this experience, and vice-versa.

I keep wanting to write that it feels like the effects are subsiding, but I'm just going through cycles of intensity. It's not quite as much of a consistent feeling as LSD; more like other, more mushroom-y tryptamines, it seems to come in waves a bit.

T+03:00 (8:00PM) I feel more more clear-headed now. Still trippin' just as hard, but more gathered. It's difficult to write, very difficult. Let's hope that's something that weed cures, as I spark up another bowl.

T+03:34 (7:34PM) I am easily at +++. This is such an incredible psychedelic; I cannot stress that enough. It's got to be my new favorite experience, except of course for DMT. There is a bit more intellectual stimulation to LSD, but AL-LAD does not lack anything – rather, one must force inward thinking and insight.

I can't believe I'm only under the influence of one substance right now. It just FEELS like “acid, plus” but with stronger acid than ever before. I'm dreading going outside to take my dog out, but go I must.

T+03:58 (8:58PM) I feel like, while I'm still going very strong, the AL-LAD is starting to fade just a bit, compared to the effects I was getting, say, an hour and a half ago. Therefore, I think it's time that I try vaping some DMT to see if that changes anything substantially. I'm hoping to possibly lengthen the duration of AL-LAD, since it feels rather short-lived when compared to LSD.

T+04:00 (9:00PM) With only about 3-5mg of DMT, everything seems like it's seeping, there is more motion, and things are reminding me, for the most part, of heavy mushroom experiences (8g+). Smoked a bit more DMT (total of maybe 8-10mg) while still in the small window of DMT dosage time – I'm feeling very warm and insanely relaxed and mellow. I feel cosmic, if that makes any sense. I'm still not ready for the 30mg experiment – although I do need to do that soon before the AL-LAD wears off completely.

T+04:20 (9:20PM) I'm still on a very unique AL-LAD trip, but the DMT brought me back to a more familiar frame of mind. I'm gonna enjoy this space for a bit longer before going for the full-on combo with DMT. And a note, before that experiment: I cannot verbalize how unique this psychedelic is. At times it reminded me of LSD (for the most part); mescaline, in terms of colors and perspective shifts; candyflipping in terms of euphoria and relaxation and pure pleasure, but this was like all of those experiences combined, and then still some more. Unique “more.”

T+04:36 (9:36PM) Still +++. My handwriting skills are practically gone at this point. I was going to wait for the friend I mentioned earlier to show up before I went all the way with DMT, but it really feels like the AL-LAD is starting to drain, so I'm gonna smoke 30mg of DMT to see if I can squeeze the last little bit out of this experience. Blast off...

T+04:51 (9:51PM) Experimenting with varying amounts of DMT over the course of the night has made the experience much richer. I did have a moment where I lay down and prepared for what felt like a blast-off, which resulted in overwhelming closed-eye visual input, but not quite a blast-off.

I feel like maybe I tried this experiment a bit too late into the AL-LAD. Oh well, there's always next time. The effects I did get, I don't remember very well. I remember seeing hybridized LSD/DMT patterns (think neon alien hieroglyphs arranging into patterns) in part of my field of vision with closed eyes. The other part of my field of vision was people – I could not see them well, but I kept noticing all the eyes looking at me. They were observing the visuals I was having. They were talking about them, but I felt like I was part of the conversation, too. It was a strange perspective. There was a general sense of, “This is not quite it,” though, as I said, I remember very little of the flash, as I was not fully prepared for one.

T+05:58 (10:08PM) I'm almost totally baseline. There are some minor, lingering effects, but even my handwriting is going back to normal. I still cant believe how much depth and content there was to this experience with such a small amount AL-LAD definitely impressed me. I wouldn't say that I prefer it to LSD, and I wouldn't even think of it as an LSD replacement – if anything, replace candyflipping with it and do your neurons a favor!

Safe journeys and happy travels,

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 105477
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29
Published: Nov 17, 2015Views: 4,156
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