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Like A Slowed Down DMT
Citation:   Pfaffed. "Like A Slowed Down DMT: An Experience with DPT (exp105488)". Dec 29, 2015.

  repeated vaporized DPT (freebase)
DPT freebase / 25-45mg vapourised / first time / Deep End of the Pool

63kg white male. 30 years old. No tolerance expected.
Generally, my reactions to psychoactives are idiosyncratic; for instance, I loathe cannabis and MDMA makes me feel sad and antisocial. So take this report with a grain of salt.

Positive or neutral experiences with: BZP (with and without TFMPP), salvia, mescaline, 5-MeO-DMT, DMT, NMT, ketamine, DXM, kratom, adrafanil, psilocybin, amphetamine, amanita muscaria, lsd, bufotenine, ayahuasca, nitrous oxide, hawaiian baby woodrose extract, ephedrine, mesembrine, sulbutiamine, miprocin, moxy, MAL, bk-2c-b
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Late evening, a couple hours after dinner, at home, neutral mindset.

Get to know the character of the material through a low dose experience.

I have been intimidated by DPT for over fifteen years. The idea of a 1.5-2hr DMT breakthrough did not seem like my cup of tea. After reading several reports of people using low doses of the material to enhance the visual part of the come-down of other psychedelics, I became a bit more curious. I read that the onset was immediate, and that the smoker would plateau within as little as seconds or up to 15 minutes tops. That gave me the confidence to vaporize the free base in very small increments, working my way up to something useful. Seeing as a common dose of vaporized DPT freebase is 100mg-125mg, I felt that any dose up to 200mg of 50% extract would be reasonable to titrate up to. Even if I smoked the entirely of what I had at hand, it would be no more than a heavy dose, so I was not my obsessive usual dose-measuring self. No longer intimidated, I weighed out 10mg of parsley that had been infused with very approximately 10mg DPT freebase. Over the course of the next 10 minutes, I could feel the onset of a weak tryptamine headspace and body load. My head felt foggy and somewhat addled, my GI tract felt a little dirty and grumbly, as though I had eaten some only partly cooked beans. The heads of people on television looked distorted, bulbous. I felt a little bit like I needed to evacuate my bowels (and eventually did several hours later), but the sensations were mild and to be expected.

After 15 minutes, I felt that the effects had resolved, and decided to increase my dose. 22mg were weighed out. The effects picked up over the next ten minutes, with some gentle color heightening, subtle visual distortions on patterned surfaces, and a much more psychedelic headspace. Neither on it own was interesting, so I eyeballed and vaporized two more doses of what I believed to be ~10-15mg each. Overall, I vaporized between 50mg-90mg of extract, or between 25mg-45mg of DPT freebase. The vapor was chemical and somewhat unpleasant, causing my lips to feel numb as though I'd sprayed them with a topical anaesthetic throat spray. I felt like I'd been sucking on dermoplast, and the idea of it in my lungs made me uncofortable. It was even worse than the nicotinic stinging of bufotenin. My legs and hands were displaying pronounced tremors, a common side effect for me with many psychedelics. I felt restless and stimulated during the comeup, as though I needed to be doing something different than whatever it was I was doing at any given moment. Some intense deja vu also made me a little anxious. This did not last long, but felt subjectively like a long due to mild time dilation at even this low dosage.

The comeup was smooth, steady, and slow. If changa is DMT slowed down, DPT is even slower. One psychonaut was spot on when he or she described it as taking a stroll through hyperspace as opposed to DMT's rocketship. If changa is DMT slowed down, then DPT is much, much slower yet. The rush of the body feel at the onset was followed by the expansion of the visual. These gradually became more immersive until the period of dissociation with the world and identification with the weird, alien DMT/salvia space overcame everything, displacing the importance of the OEV visual and becoming fully oneirogenic in its visual character (thank you, Claude Rifat, for that classification). By this I mean that the visual stimuli that my mind responded to were not coming from external stimuli. As with DMT and salvia, I 'saw' the same scene with my mind's eye, whether open or closed. That this character was apparent at such a low dose was odd, as it certainly would not be with a sub-breakthrough DMT experience. However, it was most definitely present, although attenuated, as though it was a transparent veil of the authentic psychedelic experience overlain across my normal world. Because of this, I wonder if there mightn't be an strong affinity for the occipital place area and parahippocampal place area of the brain, if not the claustrum (or some downstream effects on it from a region with a higher 5HT2A receptor density, maybe the parietal cortex, the proposed neurobiological analogue of the 'mind's eye'.) Conversations were had with fully-realized personalities and characters, some of which were human, others, inanimate. The elements and then content of the DMT experience, then, were all there, as was the chronology; it just took 1.5 hrs instead of 5 minutes.

At this juncture, I wouldn't say that there was more content, but just that it was stretched out. The character of the space was more cool, removed. The color scheme, for instance, was yellow and green, brass and gold, black and white. Absent, were the reds and oranges and purples and browns of the warmer, more loving DMT. I could see the space as being a seriously powerful and useful teacher if one spent to time to work with it and learn its ways. I would say it is less alien and disorienting than (smoked) salvia, although similar; less warm and understanding of human failings than DMT, but easier to process and integrate. Any way you slice it, though, it's a deep end of the pool place. Proceed with deference and respect. There were moments of ego loss at even this light dose, which is quite surprising to me, doubly so the identification with inanimate objects ala salvia.

The oneirogenic qualities of it were pronounced--I can't see using this to enhance the visuals of a classical psychedelic comedown, as others have. I feel as though the mindfuck would be enhanced, but that the dissociative dreamscape elements are far stronger than the visuals. I have not taken ketamine on a psychedelic comedown, though, and perhaps that is what this would replicate. The closed eye visuals that I did have were often surprisingly thematic. Ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian motifs were common, with metal masks, stone busts, scarabs, and jewelry prominent. I can't even remember the last time I thought about the art history of Mesopotamia, so your guess is as good as mine where they came from. All in all, though, the open eyed visuals were mild and subtle. It's as though they served mostly as a narrative tool for it's psychedelic qualities, something I've found to be the case with psilocin. A minor visual distortion, such as a wrinkle in a sheet standing in sharp relief, would become relevant to the internal narrative, representing a mountainside on which an entire storyline takes place. It shares with Psilocybe cubensis some of the confusion and disorientation I've found in the headspace. There was also a dark sexual intensity and hunger, gritty and animalistic. I've gotten this before only from BZP, and I imagine it's much the same with dirty speed.

That said, there were many positive feelings about my relationship with my family and how it needs to be a priority; the ephemerality of life was stressed, as was the importance of spending time with those I love now, not in the distant future. I realized that the parents I loved in their thirties were dead and gone, that I loved the different people that they had become. I realized that I would inevitably lose those people as well, do to time just as surely as death, and that if I wanted to spend time with them, I had to now. I also had a vision of community and the role of the cycle of life within it, of how birth, youth, maturity, and dotage were all rendered satisfying and meaningful when lived in the context of a wider community. This was interesting, because it's largely absent in many first world nations, and will never be a part of my own personal life.

DPT, as you can see, was not even remotely thematically consistent over the course of a one hour trip. In fact, one of the strongest points of this material is that I was able to access dark or light sides of consciousness at ease and of my own volition. By directing my mind towards fatigue and sleep, I could occasion more difficult and troubling issues that I wanted to work with. From that dark (yet not sinister) place, I could lighten my outlook simply by shifting my point of view to more positive experiences. It was quite impressive that way. I was somewhat concerned that the experience would be much less prone to direction as dosage increased, much like DMT, to the point of dissociation and delirium. Given the long duration and the probable intensity, I can't stress enough the importance of having a sober sitter in an appropriate setting. It does not have the couch lock that DMT and salvia typically have. I normally don't, but I did for this material and, knowing what I know of it now, will insist on it in the future.

When the effects finally began to subside after about one hour, I was relieved, as I had been ready for it to end for at least five or ten minutes. It was good to see that the intensity was dropping off. In retrospect, the length was not terrible--it was as though the peak of a mushroom trip had been decoupled from the rest of the experience and was had in isolation. The residual stimulation, however, made sleep both light and difficult to find. Dreams were stressful and violent. Throughout the following week, I was a little haunted by the experience and the severity of its dysphoria. I certainly was in no way eager to return to that place, and in fact may never again. Overall, though, I found it an interesting, challenging, and noteworthy material. While not novice terrain, I could definitely see DPT as a material that could be a powerful and tremendously useful ally in the the hands of someone willing to spend the time to develop a positive relationship with it. While it tipped the balance a little too far on the side of the chemical/toxic vibe and dysphoric malaise for me to pursue it, I still took away some permanent and meaningful life lessons from a single short low-dose experience with a material I had no relationship with. That says a lot.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 105488
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Dec 29, 2015Views: 8,745
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