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Vacation From Reality
Citation:   Ringo. "Vacation From Reality: An Experience with Ketamine (exp105504)". Erowid.org. May 14, 2019. erowid.org/exp/105504

  repeated insufflated Ketamine (powder / crystals)
I would say I'm tall, I would not say I'm someone who frequently does drugs, or any type of strong chemical, plants and anything else in that direction for that matter. I'm just an occasional bud burner along with a few experiences with MDMA, LSD, xanax, morphine and a very regretful one with 25i. None of these came close to preparing me or giving me a taste of just how far a chemical could take me from reality. Yes not even LSD could compare to the wonders of this drug. I'm not someone to go out and write things like this but I felt compelled to share it.

The night started out getting together with a friend I rarely see. I recently got a gram of ketamine the night before and had such a good experience with it I wanted to share. I took a relatively small amount, a line around half the diameter of a quarter. For a first time it was a good to feel out what the effect were on me and what I should dose out for my weight.
For a first time it was a good to feel out what the effect were on me and what I should dose out for my weight.

Me and my friend, let's call him z, headed out to my house. I brought out my little Baggie of ketamine and after catching up a little and playing some jungle pong we made a couple small bumps for ourselves, snorted them, and shortly after decided to go walking around the block. This was a bad idea. We were walking and after around 20 minutes we still did not feel any effects which was strange because I've done a similar amount and had moderate results. I finally came to the conclusion that we had either not done enough or that the cold and walking didn't let us relax to let the drug set in. After a couple hours or so my parents came back home and we decided to go to his house once we determined the small amount had no effect. Z lives very a very short distance from me, when we arrived we grabbed some water and proceeded to his basement. After getting his stereo wired up and finding a surface to make lines we dished out another one for both of us. A little bit larger than the last I'd say the diameter of a penny and sat down on the floor of his room and talked for a bit.

After 15 minutes with similar results as the last attempt I began to get a little frustrated and pissed off that we weren't feeling anything. So we made two more lines for us, a little smaller than the last just to make sure that the last didn't decide to kick in with the one we just took did. After we took this we went out into his living room and booted up his play station to do some 1v1 on black ops. 20 minutes later we were still not feeling anything besides z that told me he was feeling a little spacey and I felt a bit of a tightness in my head which I came to notice was a sign for the come up of ketamine in my experience. Surprise suprise, 20 more minutes had passes, still nothing. At this point I was very frustrated about the results we were getting and became confused to as why nothing was happening.

Still not having any signs of a high again, we went back to his room to try for a final time. We lined up two more slightly bigger, a little shorter than the diameter of a nickel. We took that. Z told me his girlfriend wanted to skype us so out came the computer and in a couple minutes we were talking to her. She's a very pretty girl, I've only met her a couple times. After an odd aimless conversation for 10 minutes we were still sober. And went out to play some call of duty. A couple minutes later z told me he was feeling a little funny, I didn't feel anything still so I was getting interested in why I wasn't, maybe tolerance builds up quickly. A few more minutes passed and z was feeling pretty strange, he said that his vision was off and had a bit of an euphoric buzz. We talked and stopped playing call of duty and talked about tomorrow and our plans.

He was definitely feeling something, me not so much. Z told me how he was off balance and couldn't focus on things in the room, and also felt very relaxed over everything else. 30 minutes later it was getting late, I still was sober and needed to go home. Z was still feelin pretty good an I was at a 1 out of 10 if I were to rate it. I had a little bit of a head buzz going on with a bit of a wobble in my step. Nothing big.

So not wanting to overstay my welcome I grabbed my keys and dipped. I got home around one, still a little frustrated of my underwhelming experience so I decided to try again. I was fairly certain It didn't work because of the situation I was in. We were moving around a lot, talking, playing violent games and having awkward Skype calls. I just felt I just didn't have a chance to relax and let the ketamine show its colors, too distracted by everything. This time I was going to really make sure I had everything just right. I cleaned my room up and got a few blankets out of the closet to make my bed extra luxurious for the night. I took my sound system off my desk, set the two bookshelf speakers up next to my bed one on each side propped up by my bedside tables and put the sub next to them. I recently wired the lamps in my room up to a remote so I could control them from my bed at night. Such a good idea. I made a thick line the length of a nickel and retreated to my bed.

The night before when I took the drug I got really inspired by some of the music I had on my phone so I decided to put them on their own playlist to review later. So I pulled up that playlist to look over it and just didn't feel the same way about it. I thought I was just high and the music was a little better because I was on ketamine. Similar to MDMA effects getting really into music, but the music I heard the night before sounded completely different than what I was listening to now. All of it seemed so new and extremely flowy, such perfect music that I was feeling that I had discovered something really special that others needed to hear. Needless to say I was a little disappointed when the music sounded dull to what I remembered. Anyways I got some of my relaxing music on not too low to be in the background, but not to loud to be over controlling. Then busted out the old notepad which I've been using recently to draw and started doodling. I had high hopes as to what I'd come up with tonight but just never got inspired so I just gave up and opened up one of my mountain biking magazines flipping through looking at the pictures and reading some of the short stories.

10 minutes later I got that head tightness I talked about earlier. It grew quickly and then went away with in a couple minutes replaced by a bit of a visual distortion. In ways similar to something I would get from being drunk but wasn't quite as strong. It was just difficult to focus on one thing in particular. I gave up on reading at that point so I was just looking at pictures of dudes bombing hills. After a couple more minutes of that a euphoric feeling took over like a MDMA come up, exciting but not with the jumpy and uneasy feeling that comes with that drug. I recognized this as the buckle up and settle down period in my ride, so I listened. I pulled the covers up and turned my lights on.
I recognized this as the buckle up and settle down period in my ride, so I listened. I pulled the covers up and turned my lights on.
Made some last minute tweaks to my trip playlist, adding some things I wanted to try out, removing some of the faster hype music I didn't see fit for the experience.

I was looking forward to see where this trip would take me, I'd done a little more than I had the night before, and the night before was a very fulfilling one. I had high hopes. The euphoric feeling was getting stronger along with a sense of numbness, I recognized that this numbness was somewhat like what I was feeling after my wisdom teeth were removed. I made a last minute decision before effects were in full swing, I went back to where I had made the last line. My balance was definitely off, I could walk straight but my feet and legs didn't seem quite connected to me. They felt distant and foreign. I had gotten a little too much out and there was a small bump still on the table. I took it quick and hopped back in my bed.

I'm an easy going guy and not much changes that so I feel fairly comfortable with higher dosages and I knew what was going to happen based on the night before. Time is a difficult thing to keep track of with ketamine, I tried to remember the times I had taken the line before the bump but couldn't. I figured it should be kicking in soon so the lights went off again and I lay on my back turned the music up a bit and focused on what was playing. Soon my body started to get a funny feeling to it. I felt like my legs were starting to fall below my bed. I was still having sober thoughts so it was an odd combination. Typically I would associate a feeling like that with being really far gone, outloud I said wow and was a little taken back by how normal my voice sounded. So I said a few random things and I couldn't believe how easy talking in my normal voice was, it was strange.
I couldn't believe how easy talking in my normal voice was, it was strange.
Slowly the falling became more intense and the music really started to take over me.

This next part is difficult to describe and to remember similar to what waking up from a dream is like. I'll remember parts of it, forget others, and end up with a pretty strong feelings of what happened. I'll do the best I can. At first I saw small color changes with my eyes closed. They got more defined slowly over the next few minutes until the colors formed together and started to create objects. This continued until suddenly in my mind I was in a different space. The first time last night this scared me and throughout the experience I had to open my eyes and reassure myself I was still alive and in my bed. One of the qualities about ketamine I think I like the most is that I found when I became uneasy and felt too far away from reality I could open my eyes and will myself back into normal. Although this time I was set on letting myself drift completely into this, because when I did open my eyes and come out of my 'dream' going back into that state I would start back at square one and need to build back up into the strong experience. On top of that towards the end of the experience It would become slightly more difficult to return to the closed eye hallucinations.

At this point I had no sense of touch of the sheets around me, my body on the bed or my head on the pillow, I didn't notice any smells and It was difficult to believe that I was still in my room. The world around me was turned off, shut out. The only thing that made it through to me was my music, oh how much of an impact music had on me. The music influenced my visuals, my thoughts influenced the music and I was on one hell of a ride. A song started to play I recognized, it was amazing, the song reached a level of godlike perfection I just couldn't believe how well it was made
the song reached a level of godlike perfection I just couldn't believe how well it was made
. Then I realized... This is not the same song. My brain was remixing this song into something that was incredible. This was why the songs I listened to sounded so much more interesting than what I remembered from last night. The beats hit and my body would feel it, the landscape I was in began to tune into my remixed song and changed colors that seem fit for the mood of it. I remembered at one point a relaxing song was playing and the space turned a light shade of pink and a carousel of colors spun in the center lighting up to beats, flowing seamlessly together. If color and music were to become one in some new dimension of sound and physical object that's what it would look like. This continued for the length of the experience my body feeling like it was slowly rising out of the bed with my traveling deeper into these deep worlds that were growing in intensity. With each new song my remixes became stronger,so vivid and real. With each new song a new space would be created, new objects came into my vision and my sense of where my body was changed moving from flat to a floating up and down position.

Throughout this I could not believe that I was alive, the idea that I was still on earth was something I had to convince myself of a couple times throughout the trip so I wouldn't need to force myself out of it. I could do this pretty easily, I had relatively sober thoughts when I chose to and could take a moment to tell myself you're still in your bed, you just took some ketamine and your going to be ok. At one point I became interested in opening my eyes to look around my roof to see what that would be like or if I would see the same things. I didn't though, it was dark in my room but my eyes had adjusted so I could see. The far walls in my in my room were not there, they were replaced by a blackness that I couldn't see where it ended, the wall to my immediate left was still there. And the ceiling was raised a couple feet. The music was still changed but the colorful visuals were gone. I knew I could have pushed myself back into normal and the wall would return but why do that when I was having so much fun. I closed my eyes again reassured and the colors came back just as profound as they have been. Unfortunately I can't remember a whole lot more of what happens, nor can I tell you how long it lasted, but the visuals in my head were ever changing, the music was always perfect and surreal and the length was very satisfying. If I were to guess I'd say an hour or 2.

I finally decided on opening my eyes when the visuals felt a little muted. At that point I had gotten so much out of the trip I was ready to be done. I opened my eyes will the intention of removing myself from the trip and my room was normal. My vision was still slightly blurred and it was difficult to focus on anything. The music was still interesting but not quite as dramatic as what it had been. I stayed there for a while longer reflecting on the experience thinking about whatever came to mind, a girl I've liked for a long time, my job, life and how much I wanted to explore the world. I came up with answers to problems or answers to what I wanted out of life and felt so enlightened by them. I was having really sober thoughts but my creativity was just through the roof, looking back on it I really wish I would have written down my thoughts to look at later
looking back on it I really wish I would have written down my thoughts to look at later
. I don't remember most of them and they were all real valuable ideas that weren't just unrealistic high thoughts. Shortly after I'd worn myself out with thinking I passed out, it was easy to fall asleep.

The next morning I woke up feeling great and really happy. My balance still did feel like it wasn't all on deck but that went away within an hour. My vision when I got up was a little strange, like my pupils were taking everything in and making them feel more intense than they were. Like my eyes were wider open that they are normally. But with the feeling of being off balance this also went away within an hour. I stayed up pretty late that night and woke up refreshed. The night before I fell asleep at 5, woke up at 9 and went to work feeling good.

So all in all this is an incredible drug that depends a lot on where I am and needs me to be laying down without distractions to shine. Nothing prepared me for just how far this could take me out of what was real. Since the experience I haven't had any cravings for ketamine, I was thinking about doing it again but actually found myself not interested in it. The experience was just so powerful I respected it and didn't feel the need to do it often. I haven't had any negative side affects, I've been good, if anything there have been positive ones. I've been happier and more interested in talking to people. Before the experience I was beginning to get a little reclusive. So all in all yes I'm very glad I did this, I wouldn't say life changing, but it made me happy. I don't ever go out of my way to write so I surprised myself with doing this.

[Reported Dose: "40mg"]

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 105504
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: May 14, 2019Views: 855
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