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The Insectoid Sex Circus
Citation:   Switch. "The Insectoid Sex Circus: An Experience with 3-MeO-PCP (exp105519)". Jan 14, 2016.

1 line insufflated 3-MeO-PCP (powder / crystals)
The Insectoid Sex Circus and Other Odd Tales

I had a spontaneous opportunity to try 3-MeO-PCP over the weekend. Since the amount of personal reports about this peculiar substance seem fairly limited, I decided to submit mine. My previous experience with dissociatives extends only to ketamine and nitrous, both of which I am quite fond of. This was also the first research chemical I have guinea-pigged.

My night started out fairly uneventful and relaxing, sipping on a few ounces of herbal liquor and lounging around with my partner, who I shall refer to as 'F.' I estimate that it was a little after 11pm. F had taken his usual 4 ML dose of GHB and was thus not drinking alcohol with me. I had a pleasant booze buzz brewing -- cozy, mildly intoxicating, but lucid and clear-headed. We decided to go upstairs and see what F's housemates were up to. Little did we know we were about to embark on a strange adventure in what would feel like a distorted hypersexualized funhouse. F lives in a sex-positive, kink-positive, drug-friendly household, where occasional 'play parties' take place. Not only was this my first time trying 3-MeO-PCP, but it was also my first time in a play party setting.

We walked into the red-tinted bedroom where sexy upbeat dance music was playing and a group of five other people were flirtily playing dress up, strip-teasing, and having a seemingly wonderful time. Our friend M promptly presented us with a small mirror topped with two inviting lines of nondescript fluffy white powder. I don't quite recall the conversation leading up to taking the drug, other than M identifying the substance as 3-MeO-PCP, something I had not heard of. When I mentioned I liked ketamine, M smiled and noted that I might also enjoy 3-MeO-PCP. I've read a bit about regular PCP and its dissociative psychedelic qualities, though have never experimented with it. Normally I don't take substances I know nothing about, but on a rather uncharacteristic whim F and I decided to each insufflate one line.

Unfortunately I don't know the exact dosage we did, but M is trustworthy and knowledgable about drugs, and assured us the lines he had cut were a safe, standard dose. (In retrospect F estimated each line to be between 20 and 30 milligrams, judging only by the size of the lines compared to lines of K or MDMA. But we know how inaccurate eyeballing can be, and from the research I did the following day, I learned 3-MeO is quite dose-sensitive and active in the single-digit miligram range, so F's visual estimation of 20-30mg may be a bit high. Whatever amount we took, it didn't feel intolerably strong or overly toxic, but it certainly produced a very noticeable shift in consciousness.)

The powder stung a bit more than snorting ketamine; it was a mild burning sensation, but not unpleasant for me. I was lounging on a furry mattress, cuddling with F, basking in my mild alcohol buzz, watching the play party unfold while waiting for the 3-MeO-PCP to kick in. From here on out my memory and sense of time gets a bit fuzzy.

The first thing I remember is feeling a physical wave of comfortable heaviness. I could move with a bit of added concentration and effort but simply didn't have the desire to, so I just let myself sink into the mattress. I started to feel cheery rather quickly, which was probably a mix of excitement and anticipation from the onset of a new drug, in combination with the new experience of being at a play party surrounded by a small group of sexy friendly people. F stripped off my pants, leaving me in my shirt and underwear. Everyone else in the room had varying amounts of clothes on, performing a range of consensual acts on each other, from strip teases, to make-outs, to blowjobs, and each person was in a different altered state of alphabet soup.

My eyelids felt like sandbags, so I had trouble keeping them open. At certain points I actually felt the need to pull my eyes open with my fingers. When I was able to peer through the heaviness and register what I was actually seeing, I realized I was having strange dreamy visual distortions. The edges of my vision were blurry and out of focus, but the rest was quite sharp and crisp. There seemed to be about six of everything, morphing and replicating whatever was in the center of my vision
There seemed to be about six of everything, morphing and replicating whatever was in the center of my vision
, much like when looking through those insect-eye kaleidoscope toys. There was a slight high-pitched buzzing white noise similar to what I experience on nitrous, and the music was becoming so distorted that I was unable to comprehend different layers of the songs.

I felt like some kind of bug, with the combination of the white noise buzz, plus the insectoid visual distortions, plus the fact that I was laying down low on a floor mattress while looking up at several people who were standing tall around me. My visual perspective and depth perception was warped, my sense of time was completely dilated, and my tactile reaction time was off. I would get spanked and hear the slap, but didn't feel the stinging pain sensation until what felt like two or three seconds later. My legs looked further away from the rest of my body than they really were. One woman went down on me and I remember giggling loudly. I felt the laugh vibrate up my throat and out of my mouth, and seemed to echo in my ears for a few seconds. I could see her face between my legs, but the top and bottom halves of my body appeared disconnected at my waist. They seemed to be placed right next to each other, with my upper half/torso on the right side, and my legs adjacent on the left. Her tongue on my flesh did not feel human. It was mechanical, cold, and stiff, but still wet. It felt interesting but not necessarily pleasurable. I enjoyed it simply for the strange novelty of the sensation. There was a lot of sexual play going on in the background but I could barely comprehend it as it was all a visual blur.

I sat up for the first time in what felt like hours, and my body felt extremely heavy and hard to maneuver. I wasn't stumbling or dizzy, just sluggish. My head had the tingling feeling reminiscent of a “brain freeze.” I turned to F and he said he felt like we were in a 'sharp metal insect circus.' I understood what he meant, and when he mentioned 'circus' I also thought it was like we were in a sexy funhouse full of distorted mirrors. I finally had a moment where I wasn't being touched or physically stimulated, so I could attempt to evaluate my surroundings better. Everything felt weird in a dark Tim Burton/Beetlejuice-esque kind of way, but more silly than disturbing.

F wanted to get some fresh air, so I joined him. Before I left, I turned to another lady friend on the bed, who was also on 3-MeO as well as GHB and possibly a few other things, and we shared a brief but deep make out session. Her tongue felt like it was two feet long inside my mouth and tangled itself around my own. I had a fleeting closed eye visual of a rollercoaster. I remember thinking of the phrase 'dragon tongue' because it felt rather serpentine and also powerful and ferociously sensual. It was one of the sexiest but strangest sensations I've ever experienced. Her tongue felt cold, fleshy, and moist, but long and thin, and much more erotic than the other tongue-related experience I had earlier.

F and I had a slow, slothy time walking down two flights of stairs. I needed to hold onto the railing for support. We made it back to his room and were finally able to sit alone together on his bed, and evaluate the effects of the drug in a much less stimulating environment. The physical body load/heaviness was extremely apparent at this point. I felt like I was carrying a hundred extra pounds on my limbs and face. There was also a tingling stiffness to it that reminded me of the body load I once got on a large hit of salvia. I had some nystagmus/'eye wiggles' that would continue until the following afternoon. My overall vision was difficult to focus, and I was seeing a lot of trails on the LED lights roped around the room. I drank some water and ate a few bites of rice, consciously thinking/hoping it would help prevent any hangover or unpleasant after-effects the next day.

The ability to clearly communicate was severely hindered, but still possible with great effort. I felt dissociated from my mouth and it was difficult to turn thoughts into actual words. F and I attempted to explain what we were experiencing, with some success.

We decided to try to wind down and relax, so we shut off the lights and cuddled. F had taken a bit of viagra earlier in the night and the effects had not yet worn off. We attempted to have sex, which ended up being hypertactile in a way that was totally distracting and not pleasurable at all. F was on top in the missionary position, our usual favorite. The sex didn't hurt, but the feeling of being penetrated was very mechanical and lacked any erotic or euphoric sensation.
the feeling of being penetrated was very mechanical and lacked any erotic or euphoric sensation.
The size of F's parts inside mine were totally distorted. He felt abnormally thin and long, like an artificial flesh pencil, and my insides felt super wide and squished down. While kissing, I could sense that our lips were locked together but mine didn't feel attached to my face.

Trying to keep my eyes open in the dark proved to be very distorting; I could make out certain contours and features around F's face and mouth, but they would duplicate and get all stretched out. I tried closing my eyes, but then I was seeing disturbing visuals behind my eyelids, which certainly didn't make the sex any sexier. The most noteworthy CEV was a repetitive 'herringbone'-esque pattern of interlaced dead crows. It was extremely high-definition. I could see about six shiny black crows in a horizontal line, laying flat on their stomachs, beaks pointing upward, bloody feathered wings spanned out, braided into other crows on either side, repetitively weaved into another line beneath it of more dead flattened crows facing the opposite direction. That pattern was repeating and continually scrolling upwards very slowly, playing like a video on loop when I had my eyes closed.

Also while we were having sex, I was very aware of all of our body hair touching, especially stubble around our private areas, which eventually took over my focus until we had to stop because it was getting too weird and uncomfortable.

I fell asleep eventually, probably around 4am, and got up around 1:30 the following afternoon, after sporadically waking up and falling back to sleep through the morning. My vision had a glazed-over fuzzy quality, my body/muscles were still a bit heavy, and my movements were still somewhat slow and sluggish. I felt a slightly nauseated all day, though that may have been from the fact that I mixed the 3-MeO with some alcohol. These effects did not subside until later that evening.

After that experience and also doing some research about this substance, I'm not very inclined to experiment with it again. I read a few reports that implied that insufflating the powder produces a significantly different experience than taking it orally or sublingually, so I am curious about that, but I found my experience to lack any real utility, purpose or insight. I'm thankful that I didn't have a bad/unpleasant time. It was extremely strange and interesting
I'm thankful that I didn't have a bad/unpleasant time. It was extremely strange and interesting
, and produced some novel tactile / physical sensations and odd visuals, but I had no worthwhile epiphanies, communication was difficult, and sex was weirdly unpleasant, plus I prefer to ingest substances that have been better researched, so there is really nothing drawing me back to try it again.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 105519
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Jan 14, 2016Views: 20,690
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3-MeO-PCP (558) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Sex Discussion (14), Combinations (3), First Times (2), General (1)

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