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Leftover Ayahuasca Extract Tek
DMT (freebase)
Citation:   FormerlyNormally. "Leftover Ayahuasca Extract Tek: An Experience with DMT (freebase) (exp105536)". Jun 4, 2020.

50 mg smoked DMT (freebase)
I had some reduced Acacia Confusa brew sitting in my fridge for a while after I made a large batch of Ayahuasca for myself and some friends, and was curious about what I should do with it since I wasn't quite prepared to subject my body to the Ayahuasca body-load again so soon. I decided that an AB extract tek would probably be my best bet.

I had a large half-gallon mason jar full of the thick syrupy goodness (about 150g worth of confusa boiled 3 times and then reduced), so I transferred everything to a large glass mixing bowl to combine my ingredients. I mixed in about 100-125g of Pickling Lime (CaOH2) and stirred until the mixture was roughly the consistency of thick stew and all the clumps of lime were broken down. When this was done, I transferred the mixture back into the mason jar, leaving a bit of room at the top of the jar for my solvent. While this was all going on, I had my crock pot full to the top with water and heating up. Once it got hot (Not too hot, solvents are flammable!), I took off the lid and placed the jar inside. After a minute or so, I began pouring Naphtha into the top of the jar until it was about full. After putting the lid back on, I proceeded to gently turn over and mix the liquids every minute or so while the crock pot heated up the jar. After about 10 minutes of this (more doesn’t hurt but 10 minutes worth is about all the solvent can pull) I poured the Naphtha off the top through a fine paper coffee filter into a Pyrex baking dish. The dish was then covered and put into the freezer to precipitate.

The next morning, I went to the freezer expecting/hoping to find a small amount of useable product. What I found was astounding. The entire surface of the dish was blanketed in fluffy white crystals. With my first pull I ended up getting over 400 mg, and my next few pulls gave me about the same. With my stocks of freebase newly filled up, I decided it was time to give it a try.

I packed up a small acrylic water pipe with two layers of ashes and about 50mg of crystals sandwiched between. Once I had meditated for long enough to calm my mind, I took the first hit. I immediately tasted the acrid plastic-y DMT smoke and knew I was in for something huge. As soon as I exhaled I took another quick little hit to ensure that I blasted off fully. Within twenty seconds of taking my second hit, the immensely familiar sensation of tightening in the muscles of my face and chest started to take hold. I began to feel as if a very gentle pair of hands was pulling me out of my body, and I did my best not to fight it. As soon as I left my body I began to feel it melting away, and the journey began.

I hurtled through time and space at what seemed to be impossible speeds, yet at the same time I knew that I had not really moved at all, that the adventure was just beginning. I came to a vast wall and I couldn’t move or see past it. A deep piercing voice echoed into my very soul from the wall: “IF YOU WISH TO GO FURTHER THEN, WHAT IS YOUR ANSWER?” Without thinking I replied, “Question.” As if this were a secret password of some sort, I felt myself being forced into a small chamber and shot through the wall as if through a cannon. I flew for what seemed like ages, until I crashed into a barrier of some sort and stopped abruptly. From where I was in my little interdimensional escape pod of sorts, I could see a small crack of light. I crawled from the wreckage of my pod, and forced myself through the crack. It seemed to take years to get through it, like I was a square peg trying to fit through a round hole.

Once I did emerge though, I was treated to the most incredible landscape I have ever encountered. The sky was like a pearl filled with crimson blood, and I immediately knew that I was not on my home planet anymore. There were trees (or at least trees are the closest thing I could compare them to) hundreds of feet high, and glowing in the most magnificent fluorescent colors imaginable. I was only able to look around for a few seconds before I got the feeling that I was no longer alone in my little forest clearing. I turned and caught a glimpse of a being so incomprehensible that the instant I looked at its “face”, I immediately felt myself cast all the way back into my body.

To this day I can’t properly describe the feeling that being made me feel. It was if I was so unworthy that I was not even permitted to be aware of its presence. A truly humbling experience to cap off what was by far the most profound and thought-provoking trip I have ever been on. I hope that this report can help some of my fellow psychonauts on the path to whatever it is that they might be seeking. As long as you have experiences and knowledge to share, your journey can never end badly.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 105536
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Jun 4, 2020Views: 1,953
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