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I Like It, Fairly Uniform Results
by KLR
Citation:   KLR. "I Like It, Fairly Uniform Results: An Experience with Diphenidine (exp105541)". May 7, 2015.

  insufflated Diphenidine (powder / crystals)
Diphenidine/ DPD, IUPAC Name: '1-(1,2-Diphenylethyl)piperidine'.

Tried on many occasions/ contexts. Fairly uniform results.

Pleasant stimulant. Moderate euphoria. Mild dissociation. Some empathy. Tendency to space out/ zone into things, e.g. films or music. Mood swings/ some crying/ weird moments. Mild closed-eye visuals (3D, fluid, immersive, non-fractal, coloured). Remained fairly lucid, except for spacing out on occasion. Didn't prevent sleep if attempted but tended to reduce inclination. Can make me feel pretty energised if I was feeling lethargic prior.

I enjoy this substance and ordered more after I ran out. I find it a little like MXE, but shorter duration and more 'standard' insufflation dosage.

I find that this chemical can be quite enjoyable in effect when snorted in small lines. It doesn't seem to need extra care in dosage beyond standard safe trial runs (i.e. take a regular bump, wait 30m, redose).

This one is pretty harsh on the nose but I've had worse. I prefer this method despite the burn because it's easier to correlate dose to effect than oral dosage (which varies depending on stomach contents, etc.).

Come up is about ten minutes. It has the same sort of vague punch in the face of MXE or K. The same pleasant masochistic feeling of having snorted something. It hurts a fair bit more than K. Take it slowly; don't huff it. The burn comes on gradually over about 10s and lasts for about 60s. It also makes the nose weep and there is some of the peppery feeling of snorting MXE in the sinus/cheeks/gums.

A pleasant energetic euphoria comes on. A little buzzy and weird. Mischief. It makes me feel flirty and playful. I feel sociable and creative. I can get stuff done on a few small lines of this. It eases shyness well. I'm in the zone. Let's go and party.

May create a sexual energy but definitely inhibits climax (plateau is intensified and prolonged, repeated plateaus; beware dehydration and friction; use lube!). Definitely lowers inhibitions without feeling out of control.

It has a little of the truth-serum effect to it. It can put me in touch with things that I'm suppressing, in the same therapeutic way that K can, but it isn't full of floaty divine magic. It's more of a trickster vibe. It can cause me to get a bit absorbed in an odd emotion and end up crying over things that I didn't realise I felt, and that may seem odd the next day, but it feels cathartic and dialogue between users creates feelings of bonding and empathy. When we cried, we cried together, and then afterwards we felt positive. The next day we were puzzled and laughed about the experience. It made me feel like I wanted to do things, make changes and reach out.

Main buzz lasts an hour or so. Small amounts (bumps) and redose a few times. It's mildly compulsive but when the night ends, I'm not pining for more. I'm happy to lie down and enjoy my last line fading into tiredness and weird dreams/ slight closed eye visuals in the same vein as MXE. I haven't managed a Hole from this. I haven't felt the drive to push it that far. It's a bit too energetic to want to try to dose myself to lie down.

It's not too bad on the after-effects. Drink plenty of water. I can feel it sapping my vitamins. Be careful with dental hygiene if using this several nights in a row. It stresses the gums.

It's fun, I like it and I'd keep it in my cabinet. The duration and dosage are fairly intuitive. The nasal effects are going to be a bit of a downer though, so be prepared to sit around wiping your nose as you come up and blowing it for two days after.

I've mixed with alcohol. Seems fine. A bit of cider really helps with the drip (the drip is peppery). Mixed with MXP. Pleasant combination but be careful of MXP dosing.

Caused no major problems with SSRI interaction or withdrawal after using for a few days in a row. A little listless for a day or two.

Does seem to alter perception of time (time goes so slowly on it, but in a fun way). You might feel like you've gone nuts and stayed up all night and then look at the clock and realise it's only 1am!

I think this chemical is an irritant to the urinary system and probably most bodily membranes! Be careful if using regularly as I had some dark, cloudy, almost fizzy urine after a heavy night. Again, drink plenty of water.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 105541
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 28
Published: May 7, 2015Views: 5,838
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Diphenidine (630) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Not Applicable (38)

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