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A Puddle In The Middle of The Ocean
Citation:   tripper122. "A Puddle In The Middle of The Ocean: An Experience with LSD (exp105578)". Erowid.org. Jul 31, 2017. erowid.org/exp/105578

T+ 0:00
140 ug sublingual LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 11:30 2 tablets oral Hydrocodone (pill / tablet)
I'm riding shotgun next to my friend Chris. Connor and Ted are in the back. This will be their first night meeting my long time friend, Lucy.

We arrive and head straight to the basement, it's about 9:30. Ted airs his anxieties about tripping tonight, we talk him into it. The basement is spacious with a large tv and some black-lighted sublime posters on the wall, we are so ready. I put a tab under my tongue and we go for a walk. The others choose to wait. It is a temperate night in the fall and mostly dark. We walk around the neighborhood, Chris has a pipe and some weed. They smoke up behind some building in a small patch of woods and we head back to the street. I did not participate as I have given up weed. Rings and halos are appearing around houselights, most people are still awake.

30 minutes after leaving the house we are back. Ted and Connor pop a tab in their mouth and Chris contemplates putting it in water and re-dosing throughout the night. He ends up drinking it all. We turn on adventure time, pupils massive, bodies full of anticipation, we watch.

I am standing by the wall, flailing my arms claiming these jumping jacks will get me jacked. Chris seems very in control, I inwardly doubt that he is tripping while Ted and Connor giggle on the couch. By this time everything is green and red. I'm on the phone with a friend, asking him to come and hangout with us. Connor and Ted seem to be having the same experience as me, Chris still appears sober.

We are melting into the couch and each other, discussing what we had read online about LSD. I repetitively state, possibly in my mind, that I feel like a puddle in the middle of the ocean. Suddenly 'Chris, come up here' - we are all terrified. However, he returns, a champion, holding a large bowl of popcorn and bearing the news that his parents are going to bed. We rejoice and revel at the fact that Chris talked to his parents on LSD. I continue to doubt he is tripping.

I assume it is now hour and a half after I dropped and an hour after my friends did. We have now talked to many friends over the phone asking for food and company but receive neither. We feel content and blissful and Chris now shows signs of tripping. We begin to venture off the couch and around the room resulting in wondrous discoveries such as the floor being completely covered in Connor's flowing mullet, later identified as the carpet.

The idea of recording our experience in a series of quotes is born. While walking past an artificial plant Connor lifts it from the ground and spins in a circle, enthusiastically stating that he could 'dance one million plants'. I am in the bathroom peeing, it is beautiful, a stark white with a small green plant on the toilet bowl and a recessed light shining down on it. Ted approaches me from behind and requests a 'non-gay size comparison'. I turn him down and go about my business. Prior to this I had experience with LSD and others having bad trips but was not well versed and researched. We noticed Ted staring into the mirror, unaware of the danger this posed, we let it happen.

After watching the toilet flush multiple times we return to the couch and all seemed well. Ted sets up his phone on the tv stand to record us, we later find out it was facing the wrong way. Chris begins to show us scientific drawings and shit that he has because he's a smart guy. At the time they seemed fantastic, Ted takes his own shot at a breakthrough and writes 'pInk' on a piece of paper in pink marker. Later, Ted goes to the bathroom and returns claiming to have no idea who he is and requests to be called plant, reacting very negatively to the name Ted. He showed signs of ego loss such as speculating what his life had been up until this point and what he should do with it now.

I request taking a walk but at this point Ted is anxious and seemingly overwhelmed. After accepting that he was truly Ted he began to act strangely. He curled up on the floor when we suggested going outside. When I asked if we could turn the lights on he said he would scream, which he actually followed through on. Not taking the situation seriously I did not handle this as I should have. Standing by the door we contemplated moving the blinds, we were to varying degrees convinced that outside this door was outer space.

We then chose to watch trippy videos we had seen before. They took on a new layer of hilarious as we were catapulted into another peak by the psychedelic, whirling images. A plate of spaghetti flashes across the screen and about 30 seconds later Ted yells for us to check out this spaghetti, he operated on somewhat of a delay for a short period of time.

Going outside was a bittersweet decision. The night was beautiful and the grass lush and damp. Ted sat in dog poop. The others then smoked another bowl in the front yard. Ted decided to run down the street and we found that terrifying experience enough incentive to return inside. At one point Ted grabbed my phone without us noticing and called a girl I was talking to at the time explaining 'don't tell Alex but I never took any acid, he'll be angry with me' he told her he believed we were conspiring against him. Shortly after coaxing him into unlocking the bathroom I saw him staring into the mirror. The facial expression he was making did not match the reflection. I will never forget the horror of thinking I had caused one of my best friends to go insane.

After leaving the bathroom he called my father, the time was 3 in the morning. He left desperate video messages to himself describing a key to life, trying to make the trip something it wasn't going to be. This lasted a fair amount of time.

We were at a lull near the end of the peak or starting to come down when we ventured outside again. I then noticed Connor had become anxious when thinking about his duties tomorrow and worried that this may never end. I wished it wouldn't. I vainly attempting to explain that we don't have to worry, this is chemically induced and that until it wears off and our city wakes up we have the world to ourselves. Connor obsessively stared at the LSD time chart on a reputable website. Chris later brought to my attention that he believed Connor to be anxious for much of the night and that could've been possibly what negatively impacted Ted.

I decided I would take some responsibility as an experienced tripper and take them on walks to ease their worries as we came down. The soundness of my decision-making is debatable as I split up the group. I worried that Ted would run away and not only would I be at fault for supplying and pressuring him into acid but also being the one watching him when he got lost.

Walk 1: Ted and I ventured onto the street which was illuminated an ample amount by lights outside houses. I spoke with him about the beauty of nature. I told him that this is the pinnacle of our lives right now, spending the night with our friends tripping. I desperately felt the need to convince him that he had to enjoy this because we would remember this moment forever, which I believe I will. While admiring the beauty and getting farther from the house Chris and Connor resided in I began to fear Ted believed we were out to get him and would try to kill me. Obviously this suspicion was greatly increases by the acid. We returned to find Chris on his laptop and Connor staring at the time chart, worried he would be this way forever. I believe Ted was significantly calmed down from our one on one time.

Walk 2: I took Chris for a walk and had a similar experience as I did with Ted. Describing natures beauty and the wonder of what God had created. He expressed to me that he felt very in control throughout the trip. He acted as if he had a significant amount of experience. We spoke about the potential for this chemical and what we could do with it. We were both eager to repeat this experience.

Walk 3: I convinced Connor to go on a walk with me. He was my closest friend and the one I had been friends with the longest. I desperately did not want this walk to end. We spoke about how this would end and that we would be fine to do what we had to the next day. He was much calmer after this. A slight rain had started and being fans of Chance the Rapper we sang a few bars of acid rain. I was in awe of the beauty of God's world. I gave him my sweatshirt and walked around the mist, my cold feet on the road and chilly torso meant nothing as me and my best friend walked around the most peaceful neighborhood on earth, in a light rain during our comedown.

Upon returning everyone was in high spirits, we layed around a Bluetooth and listened to Chance the Rapper, discussing what had happened. Ted apologized for ruining it for us. He blamed himself while none of us did. I blame myself to this day for his and Connor's bad experiences. We returned to the couches, while they tried to sleep, I desperately did not want my trip to end. A bottle of Gatorade filled with water sat on the floor and Connor drank it, it didn't taste right. I tried a small sip and could not place the flavor. Ted tried it and loved it, gulping down half the bottle. Connor panicked thinking it was the water Chris had put his tab in. After Ted had drank a considerable amount of the water we concluded it to be water from a swimming pool.

We parted ways around 8:30-9 am, time had somehow seemed to be dragged on forever while simultaneously flying by. Connor and I had a field trip that morning. Returning home I still felt a glowing body high and had minor visual distortions. I parachuted two Vicodin to attempt to keep the trip alive. I believe this is what caused my visual distortions and body high to persist until 3 pm.

As a consequence to this trip Connor is no longer interested in psychedelics. Ted is on the fence about another excursion into the world of LSD. Chris and I have used the fear that resulted from Ted almost losing his identity as motivation. We are now incredibly well versed on all drugs, especially those we plan on doing. Chris is very interested in tripping in the future and my insatiable thirst for psychedelics and transcendence are stronger than they previously were.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 105578
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Jul 31, 2017Views: 2,905
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LSD (2) : General (1), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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