Two Tabs of What I Thought Was LSD
Unknown (sold as LSD)
Citation:   Considered. "Two Tabs of What I Thought Was LSD: An Experience with Unknown (sold as LSD) (exp105598)". Apr 27, 2020.

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1 hit sublingual Unknown (blotter / tab)
  T+ 2:00 1 hit sublingual Unknown (blotter / tab)
  T+ 2:00 3 - 4 oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
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My DOB Nightmare

I've consumed a number of different drugs during my short time on this earth. DOB is the one drug that I will *never* consume again, as it ended with me in a coma and could have easily led to my death had I not been found when I was.

My psychedelics experiences include 5-Meo/DMT, Ayahuasca, Mescaline, LSD, LSA, 2CB, 25i-NBOMe; with LSD having been well taken over 50 times and often in very high doses of 1mg>.

Part of this experience had to be re-remembered post-trip during the weeks of my recovery that followed, and as such will feature at the end of my report narrated in the style in which I experienced them.

It was a warm, sunny Sunday morning, and the fallout from a friend's party the night before. I hadn't slept, having consumed speed and MDMA at the party
I hadn't slept, having consumed speed and MDMA at the party
and when K woke up, we both decided that it would be nice to buy some acid and go to the park - given the sunny weather it would be a nice way to wind down the weekend. So we left K's flat to meet her friend who had these tabs for sale.

Having met K's friend and brought the tabs, he decided to join us in going to the park, picking up his friend on the way. I took my first tab at 11am holding it under my tongue until it turned to mush. In my sleepless, joyful state I thought nothing of the metallic taste, reminiscent of a 25i tab. After two hours having consumed 3-4 beers in the park, and having felt only a subtle change in headspace [similar to LSA or a low dose of LSD] I decided to take a second tab. Within half-an-hour of taking this the effects really started to kick in and it was apparent that these were not weak tabs by any means: My stomach became taut, muscles tightened and body engulfed in an all over tingling. My visual field awash with bright aqua and turquoise patterns and thoughts a shifting paradigm between unabated arrogance and childlike confusion. This energy, euphoria and childlike excitement, was bliss.

We eventually decided to leave the park - the heat had become too much to bear and as we left I felt a rush of excitement in simply deciding what we should put in the bin and what was simply not our responsibility (chewing gum, tissue, plastic straws etc. that had already been there). These feelings took me back to my first trip on LSA and feeling the most intense excitement at the thought of tidying up.

After leaving the park K wanted to head back to her flat, I didn't particularly want to go but join her regardless - the walk there seems to take forever in the blistering heat and was extremely exhausting physically. By the time we reach her flat I was literally dripping with sweat, my white T-shirt saturated, and the visuals had intensified to where I could hardly see anything is in front of me; they've taken on a static like quality similar to the visual distortion from standing up too fast and getting a head rush. The details in K's face have become prickled with the heat, objects on the floor reduced to indiscernible static.

As I look out the back of K's second floor I become mesmerised by the large overgrown tree that takes on a jungle like quality with the heat - the sound of crickets and deeply saturated oily green leaves stir up feeling of nature and exploration - my visual haze fades and a wall of chill falls over me as I observe the difference between the hot jungle out there, and the now cool tranquillity in here. With the tranquillity and coolness my ego falls away. My cockiness, excitement and egotism replaced with quiet introverted thoughts and a willingness to simply observe. Social interaction becomes an alien concept as I turn inwards on myself. Subtle paranoia about having to converse with K creeps in, conversations seem only to be a tool for others to impose their power and will on me, and in this state I am ill-equipped for any power struggle / conversation.

[5pm Sunday]

Two hours later and I'm a flat downstairs from K's with two friends. K has left to go to the pub down the road while it's still sunny [it's around 5pm at this point]. An awkward situation had arisen that led me to being in this flat: K had invited a friend over who insisted that we go and visit my friends in the flat downstairs (who she also knew) - she did this by banging on the doors and windows to their flat in a very aggressive manner until she was let in. While I had not been banging on the doors and windows I felt guilty by proxy and could see that my two friends clearly wanted to be left alone. All while this was happening my trip was becoming more intense, at points I felt like reality was a grand play all being performed for me
at points I felt like reality was a grand play all being performed for me
. I was sitting on a sofa bemused at the hostilities and arguments taking place before me, the only audience member in a cosmic play of my design. The flat that I was in was the only universe I knew and anything outside of it no longer existed in my mind. At this point I knew I was beyond functioning. My memories of what follow become fragmented and blotchy.

[12am Monday]

I wake up in an ICU hospital bed with a kind looking chubby man at the end of it staring at a monitor. Coming out of both my arms are tubes: Two in my left and two in my right, two at the crook and two near the thumb. There is a tube also attached to my face near my nose. I notice a catheter coming out of my penis and instinctively try to remove it - the man insists I don't do this and removes it for me. I'm quite bemused by the situation, not understanding the severity of what has happened or how I arrived there. I am also still seeing the visual effects of the drug - posters on the wall near my bed fold up in a crumpled paper effect and there is a cold hazy blue glistening effect to the air. I look at the clock on the wall... I should be in work.

Not understanding the trauma my body's been through I insist in being discharged, and while trying to get out bed noticed cuts and bruises on my legs - I struggle to get to the edge of the bed and sit there realize that I can't walk. A doctor comes by and explains that it's not advisable I leave - I could suffer kidney failure and be on dialysis for the rest of my life if I leave now (my blood creatine levels were way above normal @ 54200). On this advise I decided to stay.

Remembering post trip:

[6pm Sunday]

I'm in the [second] flat, the atmosphere is calmer now that K and her friend have left. I peer through the blinds to see outside but I can't see the outside world, just dull coloured cubes making up a wall where the window used to be, they're painted like the inside of a stick of rock, dull purples and oranges. This room isn't real, it's a matrix / fake area put together for me, so they can steal my bank details without me realizing- a fake room to keep me entertained. I look at bank card - I can't read any of the digits or text?! (Is it my bank card or Oyster card I'm looking at?) the whole card is pulsing with neon lights and energy, covering all the text. I pace the flat in a state of great agitation. All the rooms look the same. As I pass through the hall there a people sitting on the wall having a party - I don't recognize them [they don't exist]. The frames of the doors are now glowing neon and the air has taken on a thick visible liquid shimmer. Moving from one room to another is like looking a mirror facing another mirror: Infinite repetitions.

I keep on going to leave - going room to room - in a state of turmoil - I don't know what to do! ... As I leave through the front door of the flat my friend calls me back. I keep on thinking I have to leave, but my friend keeps calling me back. The fact that I haven't left is the common denominator - that's why nothing changes (what needs to change?). I get out the flat and into the main hallway. I have been here a few times and always pushed the front door to get out. I pull this time and the door to open to the world. Exposure! It's still blindingly bright outside.

I see a man walk by with a dog. Do I know him? Is that B? 'No' the man replies with a grin on his face. His reply sounds muffled ...I didn't even hear the question come out my mouth either. It too had sounded muffled [I spoke without knowing , becoming disconnected from my consciousness] 'I don't know Billy' he says - He seemed to find it funny that I had asked him such a random question.

As I walk through the rows of terraced houses I become a cop - head of a futuristic private police force - on a TV show. Rehearsing my lines for a big bust that will be televised - about to get someone. There are rows of houses to my left. I'm in contact with another officer who is in the ether, who is also me. I have clearly disconnected with reality at this point, not aware anymore of where I am, present dangers.
I have clearly disconnected with reality at this point, not aware anymore of where I am, present dangers.
Possibly talking out loud to myself. My sci-fi daydream has bled into reality and replaced it. I have totally disconnected with myself - Delirious is the word to use: No awareness of self and totally delusional.

I could see in my mind a person be ripped apart from the inside by a demented kitten that spread round its insides like liquid fire. I could both hear and feel this image; seeing thick yellow bubbling foamy pus and terrified screams (possibly my own) as the ramped demon kitten tears round the human with intense pain. My next memory: The presence of something vicious coming for me, being passed from one dimension to another like a hot potato, coming my way. Nobody had ever had to deal with something as horrifying as this. Before it happened it was unfathomable, unthinkable, had never happened. I was as if I was going to be assaulted for the first time in history, in a world where there were no physics. I was going to be the first of my kind bludgeoned to death by a crazed hammer wielding homeless man.

I'm in the front of someone's garden and lose my balance multiple times, but don't fall whilst walking down some steps - I look at my watch for some reason as I plunge. The grass is so overgrown that I cannot see my footing, and as I look up at the sky, it has grown dark as a grass visual jungle motif reaches up to the greying sky.

The world in front of me now has overlaying black grid, and coming towards me breaking through this grid is the monster. Unfathomable in strength. Ripping in two, sheer terror. It's a behemoth - Heading towards me - pure anger and it's going to literally rip me in half. It breaks free of the grid - totally breaking free. x1,000,000,000,000,000,000 stronger than any force and heading for me.

Fade to black, a total closed eye visual world comprised of complex black line grid geometries. A universe comprised of mathematical grids and dread. I hear the bleeps - police codes being said over this dark universe. 'Code 1... 6...' These sounds echo through the darkness. 'Hello, [Name] can you hear me?' '[Surname]' echoing off into infinity... *beep* 'We're here to help you [Name]' 'Hello, [Name] can you hear me?' *beep* 'We're here to help you [Name]' I can see all these creatures resembling triangular mice in the darkness clinging to the grids. A vague dull lights glints across the triangle offspring critters and disturb them as they sit on the grid [I assume this was a light being shined across my eyes by medical professionals on scene]. There are twelve families of Beelzebub coding and recorded every vile mental abuse in this world, incest, physical pain, abuse, self-hatred, and torment - documenting every form, every corner of its domain. All these bleeps, voices, so distant in space, echo and overlay, fading past the grids - They fade with the beings, the offspring, their billionaire overlords and their district police. There is hierarchy in this world - The divide between the overlords and lackeys tremendous. It's all mathematics and grids in this universe and I hear hundreds of chirping voices talking about killing and abuse firing off from every angle of my mind. This is hell. Grids upon grids of the darkest parts of the human mind.

If I have any message to be taken away from this, it's to be with people who care about me and that I can rely on, and know where my drugs are coming from. Just two tabs of what I thought was LSD from a person I had never met before could have been fatal in my case, and I have permanent scars to show for it, as well as the pain of hurting my loved ones.

[Reported Dose: "2 Tabs strength unknown", DOB suspected]

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 105598
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Apr 27, 2020Views: 2,615
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