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Lady Nexus
by HereWeGo
Citation:   HereWeGo. "Lady Nexus: An Experience with 2C-B (exp105599)". May 6, 2018.

T+ 0:00
25 mg oral 2C-B (capsule)
  T+ 2:45   repeated smoked Cannabis  


11:20 pm (T-0:00)- I can't help but shudder as I swallow the capsule containing my 25 milligrams of 2C-B. I know enough about phenethylamines, and 2C-B specifically, to know the territory I am about to enter. Regardless, there is always an excited, almost nervous tension I'm sure a lot of people can familiarize with when first experimenting with a substance. 2C-B was one of the first research chemicals I had ever heard of, but I had only known someone actually possessing some once, until I was graced with two 25 mg capsules from a friend. I am grateful that my first encounter will be undertaken as someone who has experience with psychedelics, as opposed to a young teenager just interested in visuals or 'tripping out'. This is not to say I am expecting a deep spiritual experience or life-changing insight from this particular chemical. I just know the places I have been with my psyche the past 5-6 years will offer much more understanding than the mental set of a rookie psychonaut. Who knows though, hindsight is a biased instructor. I finish the rest of my water, and wait to see what this compound I have waited for many years to try has to offer.

12:00 am (T+0:40)- I have a reasonable amount of food in me, so the onset has been slow. I suppose it may be a little early to document the effects at this point, but I'm eager. The only noticable difference is that any shred of tiredness residing in my body has been relinquished. Destroyed, maybe. I hit an essentially cashed bong, curious if it will induce any visuals, with no luck. I 'suffer' (which is a horridly negative connotation) from HPPD, so the initial visuals of a trip are sometimes hard for me to recognize. I'm jumping the gun seeking visuals already, but I am excited for what 2C-B will bring to the table. I have the familiar phenethylamine symptom of a restless, bordering unsettling, energy. It's almost as if I have taken a small dose of Methylone; I'm not overly euphoric but definitely have a general sense of well being. I suppose I have a somewhat enhanced appreciation for music, but I am patiently waiting for things to take off.

1:00 am (T+1:40)- What a difference an hour makes! While the visuals are still underwhelming, a feeling of sheer bliss has been going through my body in waves. I can definitely appreciate the MDMA comparisons. Music is ineffable. Griz saxophone, coupled with his beats ranging from the grimey to the downright funky, is making me bounce around happily. I am slowly being enveloped into the visual realm of 2C-B. My peripheral vision has become hazier and hazier from the beginning of this paragraph, I will surely be having some vivid hallucinations soon.

1:30 am (T+2:10)- The empathogenic spark has become stronger and stronger. I can understand why Dr. Shulgin believed 2C-B has great promise for psychotherapy. 2C-B does not barge in and make its presence known, it is a gentle, almost passive compound. The visuals, surprisingly, have not increased much. The walls of my room, basked in the red glow of my gecko's lamps, have a sort of shifty energy to them, but not the overpowering fractals of an LSD trip. Perhaps this is the mild nature of 2C-B. Despite not being quite what I had anticipated, I am enjoying it.

2:05 am (T+2:45) I have decided to smoke some cannabis to set my visuals off. Smoking marijuana while tripping is something I've gone back and forth on. I used to smoke throughout a trip, more so for the flavor and process of smoking than any supplemental effects, but now I much prefer a bong or two only while peaking. The THC made what slight visuals I had more intense, undoubtedly, but its effects on my body are significant, almost what I would imagine serious opioids would feel like. A music shift to 40oz to Freedom proved to be important. What is strange to me is on top of the 2C-B 'roll' I can also somewhat feel the high of the plant, mainly behind my eyes, which is usually absent when hallucinating or rolling. Perhaps 2C-B is so good-natured as to coexist. The visuals after a couple of bongs are at least what I had expected from the 2C-B itself at this dose, but they still aren't intrusive. Spectacular closed eye visuals, seeming to be dictated by the music. After opening my eyes it is easy to tell how distorted dimensions are. Everything is rather hazy and it takes me a while to focus my eyes, but everything sort looks normal once I adjust. Hard to describe. All I know is I feel fucking amazing. 2C-B is fire.

3:00am (T+3:40) I really want to eat the other 25 milligrams. Damn. 2C-B does not render the user's mind useless. Taking it to the next level with marijuana just isn't the same. I still try with a bong or two, though. I feel a strong urge to lie down and not move, which I know is mainly from the flowers.
I feel a strong urge to lie down and not move, which I know is mainly from the flowers.
I am curious about the higher doses. What sort of creative thinking might come of the 40-50 milligram range, with such an even-keeled substance? It definitely will be a valued tool for psychotherapy, which is enough to make it a sacred compound. But what about the painter, the gardener? Who knows what influence such a mellow time could have. New ways to protect against the weather or combat climate change, I don't know. I am happy to save my other capsule for another day, to relive Nexus once more, although I will always wonder about 50 mgs.

4:20am (T+5:00) I smoke a fat bong of premium cannabis to console my sad feelings for not venturing deeper into the Realm of Nexus. I'm tired though, and maybe I will run into her again, who knows? I am probably underestimating the intensity of doubling the dose, anyway. The THC wakes me right back up, sending a rush of euphoria coursing through my body. It feels good to close my eyes and I'm still having awesome closed eye visuals, which are strange shapes and objects swirling around, seemingly controlled by the music. I notice my appetite has returned.

5:20am (T+6:00) The trip is simmering down and preparing to go to sleep. I feel like I could feast. My throat is terribly dry. There is no way I can sleep without a drink. Hopefully the CEV's subside and I can sleep soon. 2C-B has certainly caught my interest. Sublime's self titled album and Incubus' Make Yourself and Morning View albums will end this trip.

I was able to fall asleep about 30-40 minutes after writing the final paragraph. Unlike most chemicals, I was able to sleep soundly. Usually I will sleep for a few hours, and wake up still feeling wired from whatever I've ingested. I woke up around 11:40 am, had a large meal, and fell asleep until four o'clock in the afternoon. 2C-B knocked me out, I didn't feel spun out or physically exhausted.

It is seriously a wonderful compound. There are a few factors that may have diminished my experience, even though I still had a wonderful time. Maybe my buddy's scale couldn't quite register the difference between 20 or so and 25 milligrams, which would be critical. It could have reached a high enough temperature in my room to make the 2C-B less effective. Finally, it could be that my height and weight (6'5, 200 pounds) have put me in the ranks of those who hardly feel the 25 milligram dosage, a notion I was most ignorant in not believing to be true upon doing my research. I didn't see how such a potent dose for some could be relatively mild to others, but now I've experienced it. 2C-B is a non-confrontative compound that has changed my opinion on phenethylamines.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 105599
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: May 6, 2018Views: 1,817
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2C-B (52) : Alone (16), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3), General (1)

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