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Better than Ritalin
by Darrell E
Citation:   Darrell E. "Better than Ritalin: An Experience with Armodafinil (exp105619)". Dec 21, 2016.

150 mg oral Armodafinil (daily)


It all started around November time when I was struggling in college, and was looking into getting some help with my ADHD. I had previously been medicated for but not for a very long time, not since I was 13 or 14 when I stopped as in the UK there super strict about even giving a diagnose let alone giving you something like Ritalin or Dexedrine unless youíre like 7 years old, and canít sit still.

I did see my doctor about seeing the specialists again, which he did send a referral but it was denied which I was was unaware of. My intention was to pretty much ask my GP if they could give me some ADHD meds for the meantime before I could get some professional help but of course the health system in the UK can be a bit fucked up sometimes, doctors and so on donít like to dispense drugs that easy.

So I had heard of modafinil better known as Provigil and how the army sent a shit ton of it off to the soldiers out in afghan to help them with fatigue. Struggling at school in combination of my doctor not giving a shit lead me to read some stuff up on Provigil and Nuvigil. I saw that other people had success with treating their ADHD with the stuff. I decided to buy some armodafinil for myself although it did come from Singapore in a different brand form called wakalert but as far as Iím aware itís all the same stuff.

First time:

When I first look 150mg of the stuff with a glass of water it look about an hour to kick in but I didn't feel particularly motivated but there was this very sort of nice feeling of inner calmness so I sat down, and watched some TV for a bit until I would get to work on some work I had been putting off for a while. Once I was on task the stuff really started to give me a mega kick; I felt as if I could type effortlessly on my computer for hours, and hours without getting distracted at all but like Ritalin armodafinil makes me sort of zombie like I just sort of sit down do all my work for the next month then do more work without eating for an entire day. I did need to drink a lot of water which inevitably made me need to pee a lot but that wasn't really a problem. All side effects did wear off over time just to say.

Over time:

I stayed on the stuff taking it every day in the morning, and sometimes in the afternoon for roughly two weeks but found that it was only really useful for binge studying. It did help at school I felt a lot more confident and able to do things a lot quickly as well as being able to stay on task without forgetting what Iím doing or ending up doing something completely different to what I intended to do when Iíd started the lesson. The effects of the stuff on me physically isn't really noticeable much less than Ritalin in fact which was good because I donít feeling kinds edgy on the stuff like I can if I take too much Ritalin. I went from having all assignments in all subjects on reds to green within those two weeks on all my subjects it was like a miracle I felt so happy and in love with the stuff. I wrote a five thousand word assignment in 6 hours over a Tuesday night and got the highest grade I could get for it too, it was if I had found something that could control my ADHD that was legal without prescription and better in some ways. It helped with my organisation and general well being as I felt as if I could finally do stuff better than I had been before.

I honestly cannot believe that the government has not approved the stuff to treat ADHD because I liked it more than Ritalin, and itís probably safer than the stuff for kids to use considering it isn't great to give a three year old amphetamines but I guess the stuff hasn't been around long enough to see the long term effects etcÖ

Does it have any recreational benefit?

Just saying I havenít really got much experience when it comes to recreational drug use other than weed. On new yearís eve I decided it would be a good idea to take a shit tonne of the stuff totaling to around 600mg which is fucking massive considering on armodafinil I would only take like 150mg, and I had only done so like two times. I took the four 150mg tablets over around 3 hours because I couldn't feel any energetic effects of the stuff like I would get if I took a rather large dose of Ritalin or Dexedrine (especially dex so I have heard) low doses of dex or Ritalin just make me feel calm or Ďnormalí but I always remember my parents giving me chocolate milk shakes with it in because I hated swallowing pills at the time. Anyway my school are pretty shit and one time they gave me like 4 of the pills crushed into the drank like all of it at once and it made me feel like a god haha which was weird considering Ritalin usually just made me a tired zombie. Dex I never really got a chance to get to know or do a lot of because my parents took me off all of the stuff when they suddenly realized how it changed me from a perky happy kid to a zombie who just sat and stared at shit all day.

Iíd say the effects of armodafinil are like any stimulant but not nice at all like the amphetamine family, and sort of euphoric at first but not speedy just heart palpitations, and dizziness. So I had the great idea of cancelling out that with a bit of booze which was a terrible idea because I felt like I was going to die or some shit so just for the record I wouldn't pop too many of these pills it is not fun which is probably why it isn't really strictly regulated like most stimulant like medications. Stupid ADHD impulsive moment/decision to do it to begin with to be honest haha.

Overall experience

I would definitely take armodafinil over Ritalin any day because it helped enough to help me do the stuff I needed to do without leaving me feeling kinda low or freaked out like with Ritalin. If given the choice by a doctor I would choice Nuvigil over Ritalin but because I'm a tight bastard, and donít want to pay for anything so long as I donít have to plus I would probably never get offered Nuvigil by the doctors since its more expensive than Ritalin and not even approved for it despite being better than it in my view. I'm going to buy a large amount of it until I finally go see the ADHD specialists which will be a few months, and they probably will offer me a Ritalin prescription but I donít really want Ritalin I want armodafinil now.

Exp Year: 2014-2015ExpID: 105619
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Dec 21, 2016Views: 9,616
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Armodafinil (507) : Performance Enhancement (50), Retrospective / Summary (11), Various (28)

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