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Kat Nap
Ketamine, Acepromazine & Xylazine
by Kiki Crass
Citation:   Kiki Crass. "Kat Nap: An Experience with Ketamine, Acepromazine & Xylazine (exp105666)". Nov 6, 2016.

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I was interested in doing ketamine for a long time. This is an account of my experience using a cocktail of 100mg/ML Ketamine, unknown concentration of Acepromazine, and unknown concentration of Xylazine.
*** If you are reading this looking for super-exciting trippy as hell stories, you will be disappointed. I am submitting this to illustrate that I did a tiny dose and it still affected me in a big way. The short version of this story is that I got high and took a nap.

brief personal history -
I have a history of suicide attempts and depression, and a recent history of several suicide attempts and serious relationship problems. My life has gone through some huge changes in the past 7-8 months: big job promotion, bought a house, quit job and got a new one, broke up with a partner of 5 years, met a new partner who has scary mental health problems not unlike my own. My depression makes me very interested in ketamine because of 'K-hole' reports. I frequently feel like it would be wonderful to crawl into a hole away from everyone and everything in my life.

my drug history -
I am the furthest thing from a 'psychonaut' or heavy drug user or whatever. I smoke weed a couple times a month because it makes sex really fun for me. I have tripped on DXM three times, definitely not sexy for me but interesting. For most of my life I have been drug-free, I only started using weed regularly within the past year. Alcohol tends to make me self-harm but I drink every so often. I love to sleep, and I also love to not sleep. I'm mentioning this because most of what I did on ketamine was feel sleepy and sleep.

actual experience -
I had a big fight with my partner the night before I did this cocktail, but I had obtained the stuff over a week prior. I was alone in my house (except for cats), and also feeling particularly sad and alone but not entirely hopeless. I was considering my experience to be a cool thing to do on my own that could potentially even make me feel better. I shut myself in my home office away from the cats because I didn't want to trip over any of them or accidentally hurt them if I did freak out.

So, my dose was very small: 0.4ML of AKX. This means 40mg of Ketamine, plus unknown amounts of Acepromazine and Xylazine. I had also never done it before, or anything harder than DXM. I have zero fear of needles - I injected this cocktail into my calf muscle with a STERILE 29g needle. (I take cleanliness very seriously. I also watch a lot of Law and Order and the idea of a non sterile injection gives me the creeps.)

After injection I started watching one of my favorite movies, but within about 5 minutes I could tell I was high and my left foot was also asleep. I wasn't exactly freaking out, but I did take my shoe off to massage my foot because the prickly heat bothered me a lot. I couldn't concentrate on the movie so I turned it off, I noticed the room rotating very slowly around me. What I felt more than anything was an overwhelming desire to sleep as time went on and I forgot about the prickly heat in my foot. I know I lost touch with whether I was hot or cold because I am usually chilly in my house, and I was hanging out with one shoe/sock off. I noticed that my breathing became a lot slower than usual (duh, I'm high on an anesthetic). At some point I remember walking from my office to my bedroom, changing into my pajamas, and getting into bed to go to sleep. The sensory deprivation aspect of ketamine definitely manifested itself during this whole experience. I wasn't hot or cold, I couldn't perceive textures well when I touched them, and I couldn't hear. I don't think more than 15-20 minutes passed post-injection when I absolutely could not resist going to sleep. The best way to describe the whole thing was that it felt like I curled up into a little ball and gently rolled off a cliff into nothing
it felt like I curled up into a little ball and gently rolled off a cliff into nothing
. Once I got over my foot feeling weird I felt peaceful and neutral about the world.

I think I did my injection around 9:30pm. I woke up around 11:30 because my mouth was very dry, but I went back to sleep. I don't think I was high any more, just sleepy. No cool dreams happened but I slept very deeply. My housemate came home around 3am and woke me up. I felt totally normal but really thirsty and hungry. The day afterward I had a headache that started when I got out of bed and got more painful as the day went on. It's very possible this was caused by dehydration.

Sorry this wasn't super exciting. This material was extremely difficult to obtain so I probably won't do this cocktail again, and if I do I will have someone with me to make sure my breathing is okay. That was the only aspect I'd like to change.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 105666
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Nov 6, 2016Views: 4,425
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