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Beautiful Chaos
Changa (Smoked MAOI & DMT)
Citation:   squatch-wid-pipe. "Beautiful Chaos: An Experience with Changa (Smoked MAOI & DMT) (exp105683)". Erowid.org. Nov 24, 2017. erowid.org/exp/105683

3 hits smoked Changa (plant material)
I had had extensive experience taking large doses of psychedelics, but fate had always waved dmt in front of me teasing but never manifesting.

Christmas. This changed. Circumstance found me with a friend, urban shaman. He had created a large quantity of changa and freebase dmt. Ther were no scales involed with the dosages. our first experiences were taken cautiously in intent. I can only describe the dosages in my story as a quarter teaspoon of dmt freebase, sprinkle liberally onto changa mixture. This was my fear and loathing Christmas.

The friend who was to be my guide, pure minded and shamanic , with true and right intent, passed me the already warm stone pipe. Into the bowl he added a curious mix of dried plant material, from it came a curious aroma or a member of the sage family. On this plant material, shimmered crystals of an earthy warm yellow colour..... Together, a blessing was spoken.

My intent of simply journeying with an open mind and heart, his intent of introducing a new voyager to this realm with honest good natured, kind intentions. The darkened room was lit only with a solitary candle. It cast a dancing pattern of very mild light onto the ceiling, the flame of his lighter touched the material.

I inhale, the taste is earthen and herbalistic, definitely had something sagey about it. With hints of melting bin bags.
I inhale, the taste is earthen and herbalistic, definitely had something sagey about it. With hints of melting bin bags.

I hold my breath, and exhale.

I already can only utter the words 'oh... That's odd'; as my body begins to tingle from my fingertips upwards.The pipe is refilled before I have exhaled, and is offered to me again.

I take a second long draw. Carvings on the stone pipe are starting to vibrate. The edges of the pipe become so vivid, so clear, so defined. My body feels like I have electricity and energy tingling through every single receptor. Words, become... Hard to find.

I have a twinge of fear as I am holding my breath. 'is this going to be like salvia?' I shake this fear off, too late now. As the pipe is returned to my mouth, refilled again. I see a flickering glow in front of me. The shape of a rectangular item in front of me.
The red and orange of the glow captures my attention, and I hear a sound 'like a crumpled bread wrapper, or the crackle of a flame'.

The candlelight is beginning to pulsate, a sounds like a womph, womph, womph, as my heartbeat starts to gain momentum.
I am struggling to remain physically able, my guide smiles kindly and helps me by taking the pipe. My breathe is still held, the tingling encompasses my entire body. My vision, all of it, is starting to vibrate. I lay down. And for a moment, all I can do is just breathe.

Every single cell in my body feels like electricity, pure energy. I close my eyes.. There was no mandala. It was instant 100% immersion into an entirely different world. Infinite information, plummeting wildly through shapes. Tunnels into different rooms.

The intensity level is such that I have a momentary fear. 'have I done it this time?'.. The trip grows yet more intense.. My entire existence, reality is wiped clean. Replaced by an alien, hyperspacial matrix of colours, places. They become slightly macabre. As though it can sense me holding onto my 'self'. I try to direct my attention elsewhere in the vast place I am confronted with, but the chaotic writhing patterns quickly take me. After a brief moment of utter strobing trip, colours, patterns, places.. It fades to black.. It goes away from me into the distance.

(by the way, this is at 1 minute in)

From the distance emerges this purplish structure, like many many crystals formed into the shape of a goddess. She looks right at me, and smiles. I know I am dead at this point. I accept it. She looks at me and smiles with a sort of divine joy, raising both her hands, and blows me a kiss. I feel the kiss in the depths of my soul, a glowing radiant truth/ divine beauty. She physically was looking right AT me. Communicating with me.

She smiles this beautiful empathic smile and I hear without words very Clearly this feeling of 'hey, its ok.. We know your mind, but its ok, don't be frightened of being human' it killed me, to give me rebirth. As she blows this kiss , along with the feeling.. Comes the most beautiful imagery.. A billion frames per second of such intense beauty, colour, meaning... And then I am in another place. A room with infinite width and height, and there are beings there, they look at me. They smile and chatter manically.

I at this point remember just smiling and remember terrence mackenna *don't abandon yourself to amazement* Easier said than done. They were showing me things which have no actual tangibility in our physical world, not that we can control yet anyway.... Good example, a sphere with a cone sticking out of it, with bands of energized material projecting complex helixes both up and down, around. And out of this cone.

This thing then opens, and out hops out another weird creature, while simultaneously, the beam of rainbow helixes has reached the staff of yet another being, who is looking at me. I am certain he is my guardian in that place. His staff seems to absorb it and stop it from destroying the room entirely.

(this is maybe at 3 minutes in)....

After much much more beauty and utter perfect chaos, I find the intensity levels fading slightly.

The visuals under my eyelids fade out slowly... But I open my eyes, and realise I am still peaking harder than I have on any acid trip. The ceiling of the room we are in is non existent, it looks literally like someone has turned the ceiling into that of a cathedral while I had my eyes closed.

Nothing has spatial depth yet... I turn my head to look at my guide. He is smiling, but doesn't speak yet. He knows that I have no immediate way of explaining what I have just been through... I was truly dead, reborn. Interesting to note, during this experience my body was like... both a sense of supreme dissociation and supreme connectedness, I couldn't feel the limits of my skin, I could feel every element of the universe surrounding my like it was my skin. Slowly slowly... I returned back down.. Visuals fading completely, I was laying there in utter awe, complete mindboggledness... But the best part of it for me... Almost... Was the sensation of standing up. I physically felt my spirit foot touch the inside of my actual foot. Like I was putting my entire body back on like a glove.... Truly profound.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 105683
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Nov 24, 2017Views: 3,935
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Changa (816) : First Times (2), Entities / Beings (37), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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