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Remarkably Simple and Effective
Morning Glory
by Sendyourmind
Citation:   Sendyourmind. "Remarkably Simple and Effective: An Experience with Morning Glory (exp105779)". Jun 4, 2019.

50 - 1000 seeds oral Morning Glory (extract)
    smoked Cannabis  


Morning Glory Based on Suggested Extraction

A long, long time passed since I did a psychedelic of any kind, but as life moved forward and the various insanities of adulthood have stabilized, I decided to experiment with readily available botanicals. I've done several different experiments over the last year or two, but extraction of LSA's from Morning Glory was remarkably simple and effective.

I was a chemistry major in college, but even so, I don't have immediate access to anything fancier than the internet and coffee filters, nor do I want harsh chemicals around that would not ordinarily be present in the home of someone who tends to tinker with tools and paints.

My mindset with this particular experience was pretty simple: have a good time, find a (legal?) replacement for LSD, which was my favorite back in the day, and not mess with my normal routines of responsibilities. With reasonable notice, I can generally be free from 7 to 7, so I wasn't looking for an experience beyond 12 hours.

The seeds were easy to get and cheap on the internet. I believe I paid less than $10 for 3000 seeds. I'm actually growing some in my garden, too.

After grinding up the first 50 seeds in a coffee grinder, I emptied it into a glass jar as instructed. However, I then made coffee with the ground remains left in the coffee grinder. The effect of the resultant mixture was about equivalent to double strength coffee with a bit of a halo effect. No nausea or headache to report of.

The fifty seed end result was alcohol extracted with 100-proof Yukon Jack. I imagine Everclear or Bacardi 151 would decrease the length of time required to complete the final extraction, but I waited the full 3 days of suggested shaking and had a definite, but very mild, psychedelic experience. I have a very low alcohol tolerance, and it makes me nauseous at almost any amount, so it's possible this first experience was negatively affected by the choice of alcohol. The psychedelic effect came on in about 30 minutes and had a peak effect at 2-4 hours. Then I was sleepy and took a short nap during the second set of a Grateful Dead show on the Grateful Dead Channel (such a thing does exist). I was still dreamy and feeling at peace with the world for several more hours, but the effects were completely worn off by around hour 10. Other than the initial nausea associated with the alcohol, there didn't appear to be any physical or psychological ill effects.

The next week, I increased the dose to 100 seeds.
The next week, I increased the dose to 100 seeds.
Again, the coffee ground residue was imbibed with coffee with a similar effect as described above. Because the actual amount imbibed was close to the same, I did not expect this part to differ. I switched to 80 proof vodka for this final extraction and expanded the shaking time to 4 days to compensate for the decrease in ethanol content. Again, I experienced nausea with the initial intake of vodka, but it's impossible for me to tell if the seeds were responsible. I'm betting not.

The introduction again occurred at about T30, but there was a definite rising outside of one's normal relation to the universe beginning at about T90 and continuing to intensify to T180. I was curious if there would be the same communal sense with nature as, say, psilocybin, so I braved the Midwest winter to hang out in the forest. After a few minutes of wonderment, I was colder than I've been ever in my life and spent the next hour at home under a blanket (yep, listening to the Grateful Dead Channel). It was a very clean, but not too memorable, mild psychedelic experience. By T500, it was definitely over.

I did a few things differently with dose at 250 seeds. First, I increased the amount of Naphtha solvent in the first extraction. Second, I used more alcohol in the final extraction, BUT instead of immediately drinking the final product, I left out the shot glass sitting next to a fan for 3 days to evaporate some of the alcohol. Even so, the final solution upset my stomach. I have an abdominal illness that tends to make it upset, sometimes just because the day is Tuesday. I receive medical marijuana for this, and in states that didn't have medical marijuana, I received the pill form dronabinol (really, no different; about the strength of about a 1/4 gram marijuana cookie). I did not use medical marijuana during the first two experiences, but I was not enjoying feeling nauseous again, so I took two hits at about T15 and was immediately propelled into a dissociative state similar in intensity to low dose LSD. There were limited visuals, but I've never had strong visuals with psychedelics, so I'm probably not the best person to ask. At best, I experienced halos and shimmering. The peak occurred between maybe T150-300. I was pleased wit the long peak experience, and I was overcome with feelings of love. There was no euphoria per se. Of note, and this was weird, it was the hungriest I've been since being diagnosed with Crohn's disease.
Of note, and this was weird, it was the hungriest I've been since being diagnosed with Crohn's disease.
Effects completely worn off by T500. No speedy effects of any kind at any dose thus far.

At 500 seeds, all the steps above were repeated. Again, a small amount of marijuana was used (legally) to counteract the initial nausea. It occurred to me that there was an almost straight dose:response curve for Morning Glory seeds thus far. For the first time, I would say that this went beyond a 'minimal' psychedelic experience into a mild to moderate effect. Of note, there was no paranoia. There is still no speedy effect at this dose, but there was mild bruxism (jaw clenching). This effect was only minimally present at lower doses, but was obvious at 500 seeds. The effect was not severe--about equivalent to the first dose of a fairly standard antidepressant on the market--no better, no worse. The peak came on smoothly and lasted for several hours before waning off. Visuals slightly increased to include trails and some auditory echoing. Personally, I wouldn't use less than this dose, but maybe I was doing something wrong. There was still some residual sense of, hmm, community at T720, but I was clearly 99% functional and sleeping was no problem.

A week later, I had additional help with my responsibilities and a full day to myself, so I decided to try 1000 seeds using all the procedures listed above. Additionally, I evaporated the alcohol down with a fan for two extra days leaving a slightly cloudy, but thin liquid that could fit inside of a dropper bottle. In all honesty looking back, a few more days of evaporation and this could easily have gone around the street as 'clean liquid.' At 1000 seeds in 4 oz of alcohol, thoroughly evaporated, a few drops would be sufficient for a full moderate to major psychedelic experience depending on your definition of such things. Like liquid, the coming on was gradual and without paranoia. Energy level was high but not speedy. Jaw clenching was the only real side effect but not uncomfortable. I was still hungry! That was a major difference between this and LSD. Feelings of love and warmth dominated from T120-270 followed by pure mind expansion into mathematics and philosophy. Sex would be possible at this point, but that's not really my thing with psychedelics. Visuals increased to mild 'spinners' along with the trails and halos. Coming down was again smooth, but held on for many hours. Euphoria wouldn't been the right word. Blissful contentment?
Euphoria wouldn't been the right word. Blissful contentment?
I am still homebound with frigid temperatures, so music was about the best I could do for distraction (as if that wasn't enough...)

Overall, very happy for these experiences. I'll definitely do 1000 seeds again when the circumstances dictate. Medical marijuana is an excellent adjunct early in the sequence, but it will make me tired if I use too much. This does not have the energy levels associated with 'acid.'

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 105779
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 47 
Published: Jun 4, 2019Views: 3,080
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