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Candyflip for Sexperimentation
by PsychedelicGenie
Citation:   PsychedelicGenie. "Candyflip for Sexperimentation: An Experience with LSD & MDMA (exp105843)". Erowid.org. Jul 19, 2017. erowid.org/exp/105843

T+ 0:00
1 g oral Vitamin C  
  T+ 0:00     Vitamins / Supplements  
  T+ 0:00 1 hit   LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:05 1 cig. smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 1:05   repeated smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 0:00   oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 3:30 1 capsl oral MDMA  
  T+ 3:30 0.5 joints/cigs smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 8:00 1 capsl oral MDMA  


We had received a gift of some very mellow MDMA about 6 months ago. It was veeeery mellow and left us quite disappointed. I did some research and finally convinced my wife to take a break from her chemical sabbatical and go candy flipping with me.

I have mellowed with my weed intake over the past 15 years, moving from dedicated pot head, to once a month, stretching half a gram of indoor chronic every few weeks or so. I haven’t tripped in 7 years, and my wife in 12. We were WELL overdue.

As we arrived at the cottage, we could appreciate the remoteness of our temporary abode. The wild browns and yellows of the semi-arid landscape, was interspersed with the greens and occasional purples, greens and reds of the vinyards, ready for harvest. We might see the odd farm worker, but no one that we would have to engage in conversation.

We quickly packed everything away and put the goodies on the table. Today was the day. We were going to have our first Candyflip. I had done some research and learnt that the transition from the introspective LSD, to the expressive and sensual MDMA, was what gave this experience its name. The Candy bit? Who knows. Maybe because its sweet.

Five transparent capsules about 10% filled with a white-brownish crystalline substance lay in a little bag, next to the pale blotter squares. I’d done some research on timing and preloading, so we took a 1000mg Vitamin C dose with breakfast that morning, together with Vitamin B complex, as well as some antacid just before dropping. The plan was to take the MDMA 3 hours after the LSD
The plan was to take the MDMA 3 hours after the LSD
, as this should be around the time it’ll peak. Then we would take the other 2 MDMA capsules 2 hours after that. We’d also brought a bag of bananas and I was determined that we would be eating them often, even if we didn’t want to. This, we found out later, would work VERY much in our favour.

Our mouths twisted a bit, from the tangy, chemical flavor, as we put the small squares of blotter paper on our tongues.
We locked the cottage and took stock.
Water? Check!
Comfortable walking shoes? Check!
Sunscreen? Whoops. We’ll have to make sure we don’t stay out for too long in the African sun.
Hats? Check!
Identify 3 landmarks? Check!
Psyconauts away!

The blotters have turned to pulp and we swallow them. The grey of the dry shrubbery is looking more defined and multi-hued. The shrubbery texture is also looking more defined. So far so good. Maybe the blotters weren’t left in the sun. I’ve always been paranoid about getting ripped off. It’s not really as if there’s a refund policy. In anyways, we’re 200km away from our vendor.

We starting walking up the dirt road, towards the vinyards. The scenery around us is becoming more vivid by the minute. I wanted to turn around to shag in the cottage, or right there. She convinced me to keep on walking. I’d have liked to take opportunity to get down right and dirty, before peaking, since I know from experience that sex is the last thing on my mind, when out of my mind. But I’m reminded that we have the MDMA for that. I also know that she’ll feel cheated if we don’t complete our hiking mission. After all, its not THAT far and we have the entire day ahead of us. We walk on. I smoke a thin spliff of some very fine hydroponic weed.

Time has slowed down. It feels like we’ve been walking forever. It feels like I’m walking on a treadmill, with the ground rolling beneath me. We both feel how we’re each at the center of our own universe and how everything moves around us. We stop, the rolling earth feeling stops and we marvel at the interesting sensation.

The slow motion walking continues. We’re sure we’ve only walked 100m, but it feels like we’re wading through treacle, but without its sticky resistance. The scenery around us has taken on a plastic, cartoonish quality. It feels like I’m living an immersive 3D platform experience.

We have now trudged 1km. The Acid is coming on HARD and fast. All thoughts of sex forgotten, as the rush hits us occasionally. We’re thinking, if it’s like this in 45 minutes, how will the peak be? This stuff is AWESOME! We brace ourselves for quite a ride :-D

We are suddenly at the 2.5km mark. There was a lot of uphill and downhill, more up than down. We must have walked 4 times as fast than the first kilometer. We see the cottage and head for it. It’s time for the flip and to get down right and freaky.

The cottage’s interior was painted in a desert sandy color. The blinds were drawn, because we were gonna get naked, after all. This dreary color did NOT lend itself to sexy thoughts. We went sit outside, still clothed of course, where it was bright and shiny. We opened up a bottle of mellow red wine and sat and smoked cigarettes and just talked about what we were experiencing. I explained my feeling of being in a TV show, much to the amusement of my wife. We discussed the cartoonishness of the mountains and how the colors were so vivid and just a bit oversaturated, how everything looked more 3d, but as if in a very good Dali painting. We became convinced Dali must have been taking a LOT psycadelics. We discussed reincarnation and numerology and how our daughter has 0’s for all her karmic lessons. She’s a new soul and has no karma, as the numerologist told us so many years ago. We felt honored and humbled by this responsibility and missed her.

After laughing our arses off at nothing in particular, peaking, we decided to go inside again, I broke bits off a banana and shared it between my wife and I. As I was prattling on about something, out of the blue, my wife exclaimed, rather loudly, I must add: ‘FUCK! That’s blue!', making me jump a bit. I see the blue, even before looking around. She profusely apologized about her interruption, which gave me a fit of the giggles again. She looked so shocked.

There was a pot of lilac colored lobelias on the table. They were no longer lilac. They glowed electric blue, like a neon light. The walls were plastered with blotches electric blue. I inspected the glowing lobelias closer, suppressing repeated giggles while doing so.

I notice the green of the leaves behind the blue aura, but moving out a bit, I see it being overpowered by the blue, turning the leaves in a silverfish grey. It was almost as if I could tune my eyes to filter the colours. I could see, in vivid detail, the different hues of blue in the flowers. I notice the original lilac, but also the darker blue where some them have partially wilted. This must be what people with Tetrachromia see (besides the overpowering blue, of course). The electric blue hangs in a haze around the plant. It radiates out of it and fills the room.

I can’t help but feeling that the energy behind that colorful Tourrettes attack had created a lasting energetic impression on the room, summoning the essence of blue to the room. It would have been interesting to have an experiment with two other people. One tripping and one not, but both not having witnessed the ‘FUCK! That’s blue!’ outburst. I was assured at that moment, that the room will forever be blue in all future occupants’ peripheral vision, like an aura. Sadly, the next day, the lobelias were mostly back to their lilac, but we could still see a faint trace of blue against the walls, two days after.

We were supposed to drop the Molly by 13:30, but were having so much fun on the Acid, that we decided to enjoy it a bit more on its own, get our money’s worth, as it were. Finally, we decide, it’s now or never, so ‘Down the hatch’ goes a tablet each. Sexy time has arrived. This was our goal after all. We go for a shower. Walking around naked in the room, we realize we don’t feel very horny and the dun colour of the walls was not helping. But Dammit, we were determined to try having sex, while candy flipping
Dammit, we were determined to try having sex, while candy flipping
, so we, decide to wait five minutes to let the MDMA start kicking in. I smoke a joint, but put it out half way. It tasted disgusting and I didn’t want to get fuzzy. We start cuddling and kissing. I go eat a wine gum, because my mouth tastes like crap, both to me and to her.

The Molly has definitely kicked in. She’s rubbing my short hair, saying it feels like a cat’s fur. I look into her beautiful ‘Molly Eyes’. We were going to take photos, with makeup for her and everything, but we decided against it.

We talk, we snog, we pet, we caress, we even shag a little bit, but don’t finish. Yes, I’m one of the lucky ones that can get it up on MDMA. My erection faded every now and then, but immediately raised to the challenge at the smallest hint of stimulation. I was thinking that this was possibly due to:
1. I had taken ibuprofen (400mg) at 10:30, for my back
2. The Joint I smoked helped a bit
3. The candyflip combination helped

We have another banana. I got all gushy and told her how much I love her, what a wonderful person she is. She bawled her eyes out, but happy tears. She calmed down, but I couldn’t help myself from telling her more. She cried some more, with me lovingly talking her through her emotions. I finally got myself under control to stop talking and lighten the mood. Less talking, more cuddling. We don’t get a Molly rush at all. We’re were not being very active, after all. We didn’t feel much of a peak. It was all pretty mellow, but in a nice, light pleasurable, as opposed to a euphoric kind of way. The Acid gave much more of a rush while it was peaking.

Lying there, we cuddled and basked in the afterglow of the comedown. We were supposed to redose at 17:30, but decided against it. We were thoroughly enjoying the come down. We discussed all things sexual, openly. Now we’ve been a very sexually open minded couple, so there were no surprises. She once again said that she’s happy to just go with the flow and rather be submissive and be told what to do. She was not one to take charge and say what she wanted. I decided to take the lead completely then and she promised to comply with my every request, even if she wouldn’t do it before. There were some things that she has been reluctant to do before.

It was now dark outside. Much more conducive to some more erotic activity. We popped another Molly each. We went back to the bed and immediately get into it. I got to try some stuff with her and thought “This is fucking X-MASS, birthdays and everything wrapped up in one.” We had the most amazing sex. It lasted for hours. We just stopped to relube, whenever remembering about it. At some stage during the doggy style hard thumping, I started rushing a rushing on the Molly. I felt as if I was entering the collective consciousness nook reserved for MDMA sex. It was a bit of a trashy, non romantic space and I could feel how so many people have gotten to this space, but never planned it. I had a moment of paranoia, flashing back to a dream of having taken 100 pills and realizing my doom. I took hold of my thoughts and we took a break.

It took the longest time to orgasm, but when I finally did, it was well worth it. It was the longest and most powerful orgasm I’ve ever experienced. I got a swollen testicle or 2. Luckily the swelling went down in 30 minutes. I’m told that I had a vacant grin on my face. I must have come for 30 to 40 seconds. I took a few minute breather and smoked a joint.

I took the last remaining capsule and we went back to bed. I’m not sure how long it took, although it did not feel long, until my wife was also able to orgasm, with my help of course. We cuddled and talked until at last we decided that we were now tired and needed to go to bed.

Evening done. We sleep.

My wife woke up

I woke up.

We were tired from lack of sleep, but apart from that we had no after effects at all. We were fully emotionally functional. We still saw the blue in the kitchen, but the glow around the flowers had faded.

We were worried that we might hit the dreaded depressive episode later that week, but even a week later, we were fine. In fact, we were very fine. The constant hornyness only faded after about 3 days, but the elevated mood lasted at least a week. Still being upbeat, it has not subsided much.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 105843
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 37 
Published: Jul 19, 2017Views: 6,227
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LSD (2), MDMA (3) : Sex Discussion (14), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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