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Clean Effects
Citation:   Agent_Kingcrest. "Clean Effects: An Experience with DOC (exp105880)". Erowid.org. Oct 12, 2017. erowid.org/exp/105880

1 mg oral DOC (capsule)
DOC experiment: March 28th 2015

Approx 1mg (somewhere in the range of 0.5mg - 1.5mg) of DOC in a gel capsule was consumed at 9:50am on an empty stomach (except coffee). According to sources, a typical dose ranges from 1.5mg - 3mg. It is reported that as little as 2.5mg is sufficient for a powerful experience that can last up to 20 hrs. Due to the potency of the substance/ long duration of effects and considering that current measuring equipment containing a small margin of error - a sub-threshold to lite dosage is used for the 1st experiment.

At around Noon, the stimulating effects started to be felt. As of 12:45pm, the effects could be described as pleasantly stimulating, but not jittery. Visual field is being modified but not yet quite into a CEV or OEV. At times I feel pleasant amphetamine-ish waves in my head.

1pm: Soft tremors (periodically) in my leg muscles occur, though coffee and room temp might be adding to the effect. I have had nothing to eat at this point, so I have a small bowl of cereal. The drug at this dose neither encourages or discourages hunger.

2:30pm - after walking outside for an hour, I am sitting down at home again. Visual geometry is slightly showing itself, along side heightened sense of colors. The effects are very much still creeping in, but to this point there has been no discomfort in this experience. Very clean feeling. Very slow come up. The head-space is nice - no anxiety or low feelings have emerged. I feel good, yet I don't feel 'artificially happy' or overly euphoric like one might experience with MDMA.

3:00pm - a joint was consumed. This seems to aid in making CEV begin to appear. Then a funny thing happened... I yawned. I yawned on an amphetamine based psychedelic? Seems counter intuitive. At this dose, this stuff is very gentle. I almost feel like I could take a nap, though I didn't test it. (see later notes about falling asleep)

4:42pm - After smoking a few bowls, and having some time to relax and close my eyes, the CEVs are really fantastic. Very clean still. OEV seemed possible if I was to stare at objects like a wall. At a point I began to see the patterns of CEVs appear as projected on external surfaces. While the dose I took was not strong enough to make them happen without coaxing them, I could easily how this would be no problem with only a slightly stronger dose.

(At this point I was no longer actively taking notes - so from here on the notes are being written the next day)

Around 7:30ish, Agent Raymond and I began watching Interstellar. It was around this time that my peak began the down slope. I was still tripping throughout the movie, but having my eyes open to watch the film, I was less entrenched in visuals, and mostly was enjoying the remaining head-space and heightened sense of colors in my visual field.

Around 10:30pm or so the movie ended. Agent Raymond left around 10pm due to another obligation. I finished the movie and then called another Agent on the phone for company. We spoke for about 45 mins, then the Agent had to call it a night.

Approx 11:30pm - Though I felt like I could sleep, I was having a bit of trouble doing so. It wasn't that my mind was teaming with activity, rather I was very relaxed yet wasn't releasing to the dream world. Somewhat surprisingly, I found myself getting sexually aroused and hungry as I layed in bed. I was pleased to find this and proceeded to eat some more cereal, and released my urges. I layed on my futon with a blanket while watching YouTube clips of Last Week Tonight, and then transferred back to my bed upon feeling ready for sleep.

Approx 1:30am - 2:00am I was able to go to sleep, though I was still rolling around to get comfortable occasionally and dealing with minor internal temperature fluctuation.

Sunday, March 29th: Approx 11:00am - I awoke with remnants of the DOC still active, but at a low level. More noticeable as I first awoke and was in a dreamy state. As fully awoke the effects were slightly still present yet diminishing. I'm about 95-98% sober, definitely in a functional state.

Additional Qualitative Notes: I found this to a very unique compound indeed. I had read mixed commentary concerning the body load. At my dosage, there was little to no body-load at all. Almost too clean! For me, the body load was only noticeable in 3 forms - 1. Soft muscle tremors. 2. Clammy hands. 3. Spacy head space.
Muscle Tremors: were not unpleasant and only happened periodically for brief moments. I suspect that cold outside temperature/drinking coffee contributed to this but it may have been present regardless.

Clammy Hands: Pretty par for the course. Psychedelics like mushrooms tend to mess with my internal temperature and give me clammy hands as a result.

Spacy Head-space: This was an interesting aspect that I'll attempt to describe. Normally, I get spacy on psychedelics drugs (like mushrooms) in the sense that at times I will have a hard time keeping focus on conversations or a continuous train of thought. Usually my rational for this is that my brain is so hyper with explosive thoughts and activity that it's hard to keep track because my thoughts are shooting off in so many profound directions. However, my brain was not exploding with activity. Despite this being a fully visual/audio psychedelic, it mostly feels clear headed and lucid. But regardless I would catch myself being a bit spacy and early on I was having slight issue with speaking articulately. At one point, Agent Raymond showed me an picture he had taken and I had a little bit of trouble discerning some details of what I was looking at. Again, nothing really out of the norm and it was never concerning but it's worth noting for those who would attempt high doses on this stuff.

Dosage/consumption notes: From this 1st experience I would suggest that a dose in the range of 0.5mg - 1.5mg is actually enough to elicit a nice experience. Taking it up to 2mg - 3mg seems safe if you want to push the OEV aspect, but smoking cannabis and having a little alone time to go off into the visual world has a good bit of fun to offer. Very fun drug but it's a long one. For those who like to sleep at night, starting in the evening is not advised. I highly recommend making a day of it - starting a 9:45am was a nice way to enjoy the whole day and get to bed by a decent hour for a Saturday night (approx 2am).

Final note: I really enjoyed how I experience no lows on this trip. I've come to expect anxiety or lows to creep in at times (usually in the come up of the drug), to which I then recognize it's part of the drug's effect, reflect upon my worries and focus on improving myself, then I'm usually on a pretty positive trip from there out. This drug didn't give me that. It was almost like the 'free ride' I sometimes get with LSD. In fact, some of the visuals were very LSD like. I wasn't feeling low, but I also wasn't feeling artificially high... I just felt largely even, normal and I was surprised by how clean the effects of the drug came on and left. If I could dial back the duration of the drug by about 4-6 hrs, it would possibly be the best psychedelic I've taken, but given it's duration - caution is advised. My fellow Agents being present really helped to make this 1st time journey into the unknown a smooth and flawless experience.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 105880
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29
Published: Oct 12, 2017Views: 4,437
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